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Des Moines police report they arrested 47 after protest became violent Saturday night and Sunday

This news story was published on May 31, 2020.
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Des Moines, Iowa

DES MOINES – Des Moines police are reporting they arrested 47 people after protests became violent Saturday night and Sunday in the downtown area.

According to a Des Moines police spokesperson:

Our City is proud to share its streets with the thousands of people who peacefully brought their heads, hearts, and voices together to endeavor for equality, unity, and justice. Many came from our diverse neighborhoods. Some traveled a great distance. All brought compassion, empathy, and a determination to make not just Des Moines, but our world, a better place.

A small group tried to steal that. A small group with an agenda of destroying not only property, but progress.

The men and women of the Des Moines Police Department, together with our law enforcement partners from around the State and metro, put themselves squarely and firmly in between those who brought violence against our community. By the strength of the selfless and courageous service of those officers, we restored order.

The mayhem has the potential to drown out the voices of the peaceful participants who wanted to be seen and heard as they stood alongside our community leaders. Now, more than ever, we must stand together, strengthening our resolve to continue on the path to a better tomorrow for all.

Below is a summary of activity that began in the early evening of 30 May 2020 and ended in the early morning of 31 May 2020:

A crowd of nearly 300 protesters gathered at the Des Moines Police Department at approximately 7:00 p.m., 30 May 2020. The group began to march through the streets of the Downtown and East Village neighborhoods.

The group approached the Polk County Courthouse, 500 Cherry Street, and began to throw rocks and bricks at the building. There also appeared to be an effort to ignite a fire. Police intervention initially was presence only, with guidance given for the group to disperse. The group refused those orders, surrounded a contingency of officers, and began to throw rocks and other items at officers. Tear gas was deployed.

The group moved to the Iowa State Capitol. Rocks and bottles were thrown at officers. Fireworks were intentionally detonated in the directions of officers. Tear gas was deployed.

The group moved to the Court Avenue Entertainment District. Rocks and bottles were thrown at officers. Tear gas was deployed.

The group refused commands to disperse, remained in the Court Avenue Entertainment District, continued to attack officers and began to break windows, overturn trash cans, spray paint the walls and windows of businesses, and forced entry into a grocery store.

Before order was restored, in excess of one dozen businesses were damaged.

Police made forty-seven arrests for charges ranging from Rioting, Failure To Disperse, and Criminal Mischief – 2nd Degree.

Two handguns were recovered.

Additional information will be shared as it becomes available for release.

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2 Responses to Des Moines police report they arrested 47 after protest became violent Saturday night and Sunday

  1. Avatar

    mint Reply Report comment

    June 5, 2020 at 8:44 am

    Food will be the psycos next card, they have destroyed the majority of farm land on purpose, using weather modification technology, Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030

  2. Avatar

    Joker Reply Report comment

    June 1, 2020 at 1:43 am

    First the pandemic. Then Destructive gathering across the nation. Rolling massive lay offs across the board. Credit card restrictions on the way. Bankers are reaping the whirlwind for some time to come. How’s that suit you Mr Greedy. You know things like this usually come in threes.