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Op-ed: Why people run for office (by Peter Children)

There are many different reasons why people run for political office; not all of them are good.  Admittedly they are not all bad either.

Some people like being in the spotlight, some like whatever authority the position brings with it, some want the salary, others want to hand out appointments that they are allowed to….and some want the “perks” that come with the office. To some just to be able to tell you just where you must park your car is a rush of adrendiln that causes the blood to race to their groin.

Some people have a true calling to serve others, to make the place they live a better place for everyone…..however that number is small.

We have an election this November that hopefully will bring some long needed change.  We all know familiarity breeds contempt, especially in political office. I think most would agree that two terms in any office is enough to get done what you set out to do. If you cannot achieve it by then, let someone else give it a try. Fresh blood and faces are not only healthy but essential to good government.

To settle into a position for a quarter of a century is unthinkable; especially when there are no visible signs of achievement to point to that could offer even a modicum of evidence that the time  was well spent..nada, zip, zero.  There will be no farm building named after our longest running Supervisor, Mr Urdahl at the Fairgrounds, unless it be the hog confinement that signifies gluttony.  These are not cradle to grave jobs, these are positions that are meant to show leadership qualities.  There is little chance of any of that happening here.  Urdahl has sat in that chair since the government offered land grants to clear and settle the frontier.

I urge you all to vote; use the “two term” rule if you are undecided, with exceptions of course.  To re-elect Bookmeyer would be suicidal.

Peter Children


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