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What Are The Benefits Of Non-Emergency Medical Transport? 

This news story was published on May 22, 2020.
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Non-emergency medical transport can help many people who, due to financial, health, or logistical reasons would otherwise not be able to attend their medical appointments or return home from a trip away to be seen by their own doctor and local services. 

Although it is clear to those who have used the services just how important they are and what the benefits are, for those who might be considering whether or not to use them, or are thinking about finding out some more information, here are some of the main benefits to using non-emergency medical transport. 

An Understanding Of What Is Needed 

If you or someone you care for needs to attend a medical appointment or to be taken back to their homes, even if that means taking a flight, and they are not in an emergency situation in which an ambulance should be called, then flight coordinators from non-emergency medical transport services will be able to help them. 

One of the biggest benefits to this is that the non-emergency medical transport company will have everything that might be required to make the trip a lot more comfortable than if experts were not involved. They will know, for example, exactly what is needed in terms of the best way to move the patient, whether that is on a stretcher, in a wheelchair, or with assistance. They will also know how to make the patient more comfortable during the flight, ensuring that they are as pain-free as possible. This will help their mental health as well as their physical health. 

Fully Qualified Staff 

If you choose to transport a sick friend or relative to their hospital appointment or check-up without using non-emergency medical transport, you may not be able to give them the care or attention they need. If they become more unwell during the journey, for example, or if they need a dressing changed, it could be that you don’t have the skills to help them—they may become extremely uncomfortable or develop painful symptoms if they don’t have someone with them who can help them. 

Another benefit, therefore, of non-emergency medical transport is that there will be a fully trained and qualified staff member with the patient, who will not only be able to ensure that their journey is a comfortable one, but who will also be help should any medical assistance be required on the journey. This means less stress and worry for the patient, who will know that they are in good hands. 

You Won’t Become More Ill

For some, although they know they must visit a doctor or hospital for follow-up care or other appointments (or if a problem that they have had for a while becomes more painful or makes them sicker when they are away from home) the lack of available transport means that they might choose to wait, perhaps in the hopes that the symptoms will disappear on their own. This, unfortunately, is often a bad idea and can make you much sicker than you were in the first place. 

Using non-emergency medical transport means that you don’t have to worry about missing appointments; you know you will always get there, even if you have no transport yourself.

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