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Dating Success: Nerds Can Find Love Too

This news story was published on December 25, 2019.
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If you try too much, you’ll probably end up disappointed. In most cases, this is what happens when we undervalue, misread signals, or become too much when trying to win somebody over. Finding a partner to spend the rest of your life with comes with its highs and lows. For geeks, gamers, and nerds, it gets more challenging and can result in numerous disappointments. Below is a list of tips on how you can understand the basics of a stable relationship and how to utilize the data to make it work for yourself.

Be Realistic About Love

One thing that you should understand is that love is part of the experiences we have in life. However, life cannot survive on love alone. When seeking a spouse, do not expect the relationship to depend solely on love. If you are seeking your true love, it should be an individual that you can tolerate and help each other grow. Consider your potential partner as a new part of your family at all times and weigh the chances of making it through. Also consider what your gut tells you!

Value the Important Stuff

To get a perfect love pairing that will last for as long as you are alive, you need to respect your partner, show kindness and appreciation, and have similarities. Having similar interests and habits makes it easy to bond, feel comfortable, and understand each other better. You can try online dating if you are not yet comfortable approaching different people in public. Luckily thanks to the internet, finding a spouse is a search result away, check here. Do not always consider great aesthetics and material things. Have an open mind and do not build a type for yourself.

Stick to the Basics!

Currently, the majority of individuals are quick to hook up, turn up, have sex, and end up breaking up the relationship because “it doesn’t feel like it’s working out.” This is a common experience among anyone, especially in this era full of technology and software. If you want to show someone that you are interested in building a serious relationship, start from the basics. Get to know them better, go on simple dates, and do not be in a hurry to get to the sexual level. Make the intimacy have value and don’t make the relationship feel like a one-time hookup.

Build Realistic Hope

If you have gone through several breakups, you may be feeling hopeless. Do not let past experiences tie you down, especially if you are trying to build something new. If you take two steps back into the past and one step forward, you are less likely to move on. Take pride in the fact that mistakes help to build us. Consider your broken relationships as examples of what love is not. With such a mentality, it is easy to create something pure and long-lasting. Also, make an effort, but avoid it being a one-sided habit. Your lover should also partake and offer the same energy if not more to your relationship or marriage.


Science teaches that when it comes to finding and maintaining love, hope is the key aspect. Most people do not make an effort because they do not see the point. Change such attitudes and be willing to give it a try once in a while. Also, be real, and you can expect to attract what you offer.

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