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Iowa couple gives up pit bull after two vicious attacks

vicious dog

WEST DES MOINES – An Iowa couple gave up their pit bull after the animal viciously attacked two people.

West Des Moines police say that on Sunday, December 1st, Martin and Kari Misner of 9th Street in West Des Moines voluntarily signed over their pet pit bull Teyo to the care of Furry Friends Refuge. Teyo was responsible for two bites to humans causing the City of West Des Moines to declare him vicious. The vicious dog attacked a woman and later a mail carrier, causing the post office to suspend postal services to the neighborhood.

In going up Teyo, police say, the Misners relinquished all ownership rights of Teyo to Furry Friends. The Misners contacted the West Des Moines Police Department and stated they loved their dog Teyo and wanted to keep him but knew the decision was bigger than them and wanted to do what was right for the neighborhood they lived in. The Misners were cooperative with the Police Department and the City throughout the declaration process. Furry Friends will evaluate Teyo’s health and behaviors over the next few weeks. They will also begin a training program aimed at teaching Teyo proper behaviors and reaction around other animals and people. Upon successful completion of the training and evaluation process, it is possible for Teyo to be placed in a facility or home outside the Des Moines metro area.

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‘it is possible for Teyo to be placed in a facility or home outside the Des Moines metro area’

That’s reckless endangerment.

Rots are much more dangerous than Pits.

Pit Bulls are still responsible for the most fatal attacks in the U.S. by far, killing 284 people over that 13-year period – 66 percent of total fatalities.

That’s despite the breed accounting for just 6.5% of the total U.S. dog population.

I have a dog that looks like the picture. Makes similar faces when he plays. He’s gentle and sort of stupid. Hes built like a tank and capable I’m sure. The biggest danger he poses to anyone or anything is sloppy kisses. You’re more likely to want to hurt him than him ever being aggressive. He always needs to reassure everyone he loves them to the point of occasional annoyance. The ignorant shitbird above saying these dogs maim ppl all day long is apparently unfortunately ignorant. Ppl like you pose more of a threat on a daily basis perpetuating all types of misinformation and fear mongering. You’re a pathetic human being. Grow up. I bet you have other enlightened and informed opinions that the rest of us may find hilarious,?!

Dogs are animals. And are subject to retaliation.

What kind of dog was the real dog.? Pit bull is not a dog breed. It is a dog put into a pit to fight.

Why isn’t the dog uthanized?! Are they waiting for someone to get mauled to deah which is what these dogs on a daily basis!

Some of the nicest, friendliest dogs I have ever been around, have been Pit Bulls. They get a bad rap from the scum that used them for dog fighting. Like most other dogs, how they behave is dependent upon how they were brought up(just like kids).

You are a DIPSHIT.

No, he’s not. You are a IDIOT for saying something like that. All dogs are trainable if raised right.

The way this website is designed to create conflict is hilarious. I was calling the guy who claims pits are all killers a dipshit. Not the nice person who also said hes a dummy. Instead of putting comments under the original post in order they just continue to stack up making the conversation impossible to follow. This is just one of many many shortcomings on this stupid biased page run by a slob who cant be bothered to even keep accurate no less up to date information on either this or his fb page. Dont let the intent of this site flourish. It mainly only exists because some impotent whiny fat nerd has a superiority complex and enjoys watching people fight over thing’s. He then posts biased stories and makes sure the comments section stacks up oddly as well as censoring some comments completely. I love pits. I dont love nits.

Why was this picture picked to display? He bit, he didn’t attack.. how about a picture of the real dog instead of a dog that probably looks a lot meaner than the actual dog is. Tell truth not fantasy please.

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