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Opinion: Fluff piece by John Skipper offers thinly-veiled jabs at Max Weaver

Today there are several entrées on the menu being offered up by John Skipper. Having eaten at his restaurant before I have a general idea of what I can expect if I decide to place an order.

There is a fluff piece outlining the two opposing candidates vying for the Third Ward seat. I know Weaver….I don’t know his opponent, Masson, but I know he’s persistent and often persistence pays off. Doesn’t necessarily make that candidate any smarter but having your name appear three times on a ballot ignites the subliminal factor which stores the name in your subconscious. When you see it often enough you have a tendency to think it might be alright… doesn’t mean it is. In truth, you are rolling the dice on someone you know little or nothing about. This community did that same thing with Eric Bookmeyer and look where it took us. I know it’s not a Mayoral position, but a vote, even one vote, can be life-changing. We saw that with Prestage. It should be a lesson learned.

Advertising on television is often sold in 26 segments; it’s been decided it will take that many impressions to implant it into your subconscious. Remember, you are not present every time it appears. Weaver is another story…. he’s “home cooking” with a doctrine based on the history of this city. He’s a “front line fighter” for this community he loves and has served as a covert operator in decimating what he believes will be harmful or too costly for the hoi-polioi living here.

He was a major figure in organizing the opposition to defeat Prestage from locating here. He held enclaves at the Public Library for like-minded individuals who looked to him for advice on how to save this city. It must have had credence, because when I open my windows I can’t smell pig shit.

Max wants development here without bodily waste, but with livable wages and health benefits. If he’s at that table there will be no secret meetings behind closed doors. You can take that to the bank… any bank.

Word was there are a few families here who felt the ice at the Fairgrounds wasn’t quite good enough for their children. They wanted more elegant locker rooms… you know, just like the ones you had growing up… real fancy with upholstered furniture.

In John’s regular Sunday column he states that government moves one step at a time – I can accept that. What he handed out today was on page 227 of Governmental Studies and Phrenology as it relates to Compulsive Deception, volume IX. This is standard issue for small town administrative councils. This mid-century collection consisting of 11 volumes has been out of print for nearly 60 years. I would like to know how John Skipper came to this particular issue. Almost every volume was bought up by Third World dictatorships.

I thought John’s offering today was inerrant and somewhat complacent leading up to the big votes in our community that lie just ahead. The critical part he forgot to include was the illegal closed door meetings the Dark Prince conducted while in office. Soon it will be over… the Fat Lady will have sung her song and the fate of a community will be locked in place for the next 4 years… May God help us all.

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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I heard that Matt is thinking of running. I bet Max’s shellacking may give him pause. And way to go Peter, keep putting out endorsements. With your track record the bond vote is sure to pass.

Awwww he hurt your one feeling. Wimp

You are just mad you can’t keep up with dialogue from Weaver. Or know as much. It also is you got the truth about your self and that always hurts. People hate to hear it. But for kicks lose the hate and hope he is in.

Dialogue?!?! There is no dialogue from Max. Dialogue infers two way conversation. That guy has no interest in what others have to say. He’s a grade A blowhard.

When Prestiage flew in here in their own private plane, they brought a container of cash with them so heavy it took a fork lift to get it off the plane. It was parceled out in envelopes with designated names on each envelope. But none were handed out until victory could be proclaimed. What is a town like this worth? There are 14,000 houses here. After 18 months they’d all be listed for sale. The commercial properties would just slowly rot away. now the same people who drove Prestige in from the airport want to stick it into you good before they move out…..Please vote no.

Ok after this post by the incompetent child, we all call you out. peter, on your accusation of money being waived as a bribe. your post is a clear example of your lack of factual knowledge of the topic. you must of just returned home after drinking yourself into a drunken stupor, probably with the mayor of your fine city who you continually accuse of the same. time for your medication and bed, dick head

In major construction projects those cash contributions are called cost overruns and they turn up at every major projects that would parallel what Prestige was doing here

hey, peter we are offering you an open invitation to take a tour with us around the countryside and show you how wrong you are about hog production in iowa.

One clue: Masson turned down any talks or debates with Weaver.
Really? Tells you everything you need to know.
Go vote Weaver now

You can’t debate Max….. he know it all. Just ask him and then spend the next three hours listening to a rambling monologue of egoism. Circus Maximus. When all is said and done, more is said than done.

I agree with ringling bros. You cant argue with a bully

I don’t know if Weaver is a bully, but he is a narcissistic dumbass.

Let’s see, we need knowledge and experience. Like him or not it’s Max all the way. We all have seen what has happened in this town without Weaver. Come on folks, drop your hate and brighten up, you have to vote for Weaver today. Couldn’t get worse.

classic line here, “couldn’t get any worse”, is a perfect phrase to use in supporting a fooling loudmouth trouble-maker like weaver. you will once again be tabloid fodder if weaver is in office. look forward to reading about his entertaining but unproductive rants while representing the ignorant citizen of mason city

Bod! You do know that the members (crime family) Demonic democrap party are traitors to our American values and consist of nothing but liars and thieves.

Max is not the problem at all. It is all the elitists and big shots that run city hall from behind the scenes that either buy, pressure, or run their own lackys for city council so they have control over who can and can not locate in Mason City.

The hog plant was a fluke and the real reason the folks didn’t want it was because of all the foreigners that would follow that plant here. The foreigners that come here today do not want to assimilate. They bring a culture of hate and non conforming behavior. All you have to do is look at all the trouble they bring to the other countries they have settled in. That issue is really that simple. Assimilating foreigners is a big challenge and should be a high priority goal but that is for a whole different discussion.

As far as jobs and growth goes for Mason City you can forget it until the Chamber and all their elite Country Club buddies choose to allow decent work to come to Mason City. We have been screwed over for decades in this town. This negative BS has been going on long before Max Weaver was born. He is just the current scapegoat.

Is Watchdog special needs? Before I lay into how incredibly stupid everything in this post is, I want to make sure that posting on NIT isn’t the one thing that makes his day…

Actually, the dog is spot on.

This guy sounds like a Chamber Rat!

Prestage was no fluke. Think about all the different needs of a business. Which major need of Prestage was Mason City able to offer? Hint, it’s the very same business need of the cement plants or the old brick and tile plant.

I find it comical that some of the people here dislike Max because they say he is ‘unprofessional’ during council meetings. I would bet that a large number of those people who feel that way voted for our current president and have no problems with his unprofessional approach to the presidency.

I think that the real reason may be because of his past tenure as a representative on the council. He has shown time and again that he does not bring positive, structured ideas to the table that are even worthy of consideration. And eventually he shows just how incompetent he is at working with others in resolving differences which results in embarrassing drama for the city. Why would anyone continually vote for a person who shows this selfish and unprofessional attitude. I’m certain that people who voted for trump may have serious reservations for voting for him a second time if they thought he was unprofessional and an embarrassment to the country. So my professional advice is to elect new blood to your council and put the past councilmen to pasture. It’s time Mason City stops embarrassing North Iowa with their poor choice of leadership and move on to new representatives with progressive ideas.

I understand your point and it is valid. Max would probably be better for this city in his current role as someone who questions the establishment and holds them accountable. A council person can do that but eventually will earn disrespect from other council persons who want to get something done.

When a candidate basically says, let’s quit trying to grow and just be better at getting smaller I know that he is not going to help Mason City be a place where my children can return after college.

So, go Masson!

Oh so basically you want your kids to return to MC with a pig plant for their job, another expensive hotel, hockey arena they can only use 6 months out of the year, and of course plenty of downtown bars to keep them drunk.

Happened to see that Skipper article, wow, just wow. These Globe fluff pieces as Peter calls them are just attacks on people the Globe doesn’t like, made to prop up adversaries of the true citizenry. The bad news for John is, his Lee stock is practically worthless, his job is in jeopardy, and his paper will soon be gone. The writing is on the wall, his fluff and insults are not working and are probably helping to sink his own job.

My bet would be if ICE ever comes to Albert Lea or Austin the population will take a sudden decline and a lot of job openings for all the bused in welfare cases to MC – Oh hell ! That’s just a dream (dreamer) once you work for the government you never go back to reality.

The worst part is these dreamers and illegals you are talking about hate this country and are here for only what they can get.

Go to Hampton and check out that town. There are so many there they don’t even ATTEMPT to learn ENGLISH and ASSIMILATE!

They just started there own Mexican Newspaper.

This is the result of not enforcing our immigration laws.

B.S. You are so full of it. Dreamers came here because their parents brought them so the kids could have a better life. They don’t hate this country but I would bet they hate people like you who spew racial comments without thought and believe that your opinion matters. It doesn’t. As for the problem with learning our language, that won’t be ‘solved’ until we have the capabilities to teach ESL more effectively. I would bet if you moved to Mexico you would find an American neighborhood to live in and wouldn’t venture far from it because you wouldn’t know how to converse in Spanish. And, if you were shunned by the majority of the Mexican population, why would you want to learn Spanish? Wouldn’t you rather be around people who appreciated you and understood you?

It’s the immigrants responsibly to learn English and when they fail the fault is theirs alone. I never received els training when I moved here nor did I ask for it. I’d rather not ever set fot in Mexico If i can avoid it but if I did your can be certain I’d pick up Spanish too, because not bothering to learn the local language is almost as rude as it is stupid.

OMG, boda you live a sheltered life. I have met many many dreamers in my line of work and you are so misguided. Even though their parents brought them here their loyalty is with Mexico. You do NOT come first in their eyes. Drink a little beer with them like I have. Hang with them as I have. I speak Spanish well and work with them. You lady have no idea what you are talking about.

Boda-you are sure nieve. I talk to all kinds of people who came here from somewhere else. All they are interested in is our welfare (thanks to Democrats). Their loyalty is to their parent country. I also talk to people from Chicago and they tell me they are not proud of our country but don’t mind living off American tax payers. Get out in the real world before you spout off.

LVS-You are responding to a post that says the same thing you are saying yet you are calling the poster naive (Correct Spelling by the way)??
I think you are starting to lose it my friend

LVS isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, he’s just a tool.
He did something similar yesterday, then tried to say that he was commenting to someone else.
When several people called him on it, he tried to lie his way out again and then finally he deleted everyone’s comments.
As for LVS starting to lose it, he never had it.
He’s always been an ignorant fool.

Give it a rest and get a life LVS. Day and night trolling this site is no way to live my friend. There are treatment programs available.

“There are treatment programs available.” – Snyder

While this true, in LVS’s case it is not an option.
As Ron White said (and this was right after meeting LVS)…………. “you can’t fix stupid”.

If any one of you could come up with a name of any of those ‘America haters’ then I might give credence to your imaginings. I stand by my post.

Boda-you are sure naive. I talk to all kinds of people who came here from somewhere else. All they are interested in is our welfare (thanks to Democrats). Their loyalty is to their parent country. I also talk to people from Chicago and they tell me they are not proud of our country but don’t mind living off American tax payers. Get out in the real world before you spout off.

Boda-you are sure naive. I talk to all kinds of people who came here from somewhere else. All they are interested in is our welfare (thanks to Democrats). Their loyalty is to their parent country. I also talk to people from Chicago and they tell me they are not proud of our country but don’t mind living off American tax payers. Get out in the real world before you spout off.

Pete – SPOT ON ! As always great refreshing words . Anyone who has been around Max Weaver knows he is a straight shooter and well informed/street wise and the proud owner of common sense and TRUTH. The opponents are the liberal/DNC type crooks that spoke of treaties to the native indians of years ago – all the while doing their best to exterminate them for a profit. Anyone that says Max is not street wise and honest also voted for the biggest crook/liar of our lifetime – Hillery Clinton. Scuzzzzzz society of liars and thieves.

Austin, Mn – population 25,000- has Hormel -a Pork Processing Plant -and last week they announced a new Hy-Vee Distribution Center would be built there in 2019. Weaver was on the Council when Target chose Cedar Falls over Mason City. In 2008, Max Weaver -while on the council -requested City Staff bypass the Iowa Economic Development Group and contact Toyota direct for locating in MC. Now Toyota has Iowa on the radar for a NEW Mazda plant that will require 4,000 employees.

What does this tell you? Be realistic and vote for Masson!

PC makes a good point. Your anonymous post makes no sense. You say say something about Max Weaver and Toyota like he did something wrong. He didn’t, he only wanted to get Toyota to locate here. We all know the people like you and your elite group don’t want growth and good paying jobs for Mason City.

It is so obvious you attack the person and promote only people you think you can control to keep Mason City in the bass ackwards position it is in.

It is you and all you anons that are really negative and harm our future.

The first thing one notice when they come to this site is it there’s only one person here who identifies themselves with their real name and that is me. I’d like to know what you’re all afraid of I mean this is not rocket science here we all live in the same town or at least I think we do and as such I think our goals are or should be pretty parallel with one another. So what’s the big deal here with the fake names? We had a horrible Mayor for eight years. We suffered the indignity’s that he threw in our face in one tavern after another , too drunk to stand up…..made a spectacle of himself in more than one place in this community I’ll be glad to see the backside of him

I personally think that he has the audacity to try to get the city administrator position that would be a real nightmare. A lot of you put emphasis on Weaver and I think it is very superficial and that you’re focusing on his wardrobe and not on him as a person. That’s a mistake but then you are all,familiar with mistakes.Your rhetoric which is on display here smacks of prejudice

Unfortunately I can’t vote for Max. I would if I could, but, I live in the wrong ward. I have known him for a long time and yes, he is a little different in his looks and his approach. But, he does his homework and then tells it like it is. A lot of windbags just can’t stand the truth. If you want truth and honesty vote for Max.

Unfortunately I can’t vote for Max. I would if I could, but, I live in the wrong ward. I have known him for a long time and yes, he is a little different in his looks and his approach. But, he does his homework and then tells it like it is. A lot of windbags just can’t stand the truth. If you want truth and honesty vote for Max.

Well Mr. Children since you know ever as you can read in this editorial that is nothing but drivel and have a problem with everything that is wrong about our city….. Instead of hiding behind your so loved computer why dont you throw your hat in the ring and run for council or even mayor if your ideas are so good? Or is that someone is to scared to get rejected? Just sayin!

Trust me, I could care less about what Weaver (or anybody for that matter) wears. His conduct is unprofessional during council meetings and when involved in city business and that reflects so very poorly on this community to potential employers. He doesn’t have a realistic vision for how this city can grow (Toyota isn’t coming here folks).

So, mr. children, you are concerned whether a person has his name attached to a post? I find that highly irrelevant and speaks volumes about your lack of character. You should be more interested in what a person has to say than what their name may be. And even if there is a name attached, can someone really trust that is their true identity? Hell for all we know you are not even who you say you are. You accuse others of prejudice but you, sir, are also guilty of the same. Your continual degradation of the agriculture industry is proof of your ignorance and old-fashioned viewpoint on the topic. And for you to even make such a connection of Skipper’s article to Weaver reeks of even more prejudice against Skipper and his thoughts on topics. We will wait patiently for you to actually publish an original article that is totally unrelated to a topic skipper writes about and prove to the reading public your skills as a writer. In the meantime you better hit the bars with bookmeyer, as you are 2 of a kind.

Keep plugging for Max, Peter. Your endorsement will likely sink him. Two choices. One is a known “aginner” and the other is a unknown younger newcomer. I think we give the newcomer a try.

Another piece of total hogwash from P.C. This is proof yet again that there is a super negative contingent in this city bent on destroying any future we might hope for while pumping themselves up as saviors, all knowing. altruistic gods of governing. Stuff it Children, you and Weaver are cut from the same drab cloth, sad and clueless.

Here, here! The negative nellies in this town are insufferable. Worse yet, they effectively set city policy by way of their childish tantrums at city council meetings. I’d like to think there is a apathetic majority in this town that can someday be inspired to get involved in local politics so that this town may flourish again. Until that day, all progress will be turned away at the door by the likes of weaver and children.

We need healing and peace to prevail with our new City Council. Too much damage has been done and we do not need a Council person who loves to grandstand, and hear himself talk. Believe me, I have asked him questions nd if he doesn’t agree with you you are a Piece of S—-t !! His acting is superb, but make no mistake..he spouts off about being a man for the people..that is laughable. It’s all about him ! Look at me ! And, tell me this. If he cares so much: Why is it each time he loses he goes away for 4 years, with the exception of Prestage. The only time he is interested in the City is when he wins… We are so beyond needing a guy with arrested development . We need stable adults that understand the importance of what this City is facing and implications of getting it wrong again.

Agreed, no more recycled failures like Max Weaver.
Weaver likes to play the devils advocate on just about everything, he thrives on controversy.
No more of anyone that has served as city council or Mayor and that includes Bill Schickel.
After all of the past controversies & failures over the past decade plus, we need a fresh start. We need to move forward and not regress into the past and that is what we would get with Weaver & Schickel. We need some new people & leadership in our city government, no more bullshit & inadequacy from the past.
And the past is where Peter Children likes to live……

I agree with you on Schickel. He has had many opportunities and has done nothing. If Schickel is re-elected we need someone like Weaver to keep him honest. There are very few if any qualified young people who are interested in running. The forum I attended showed me that Masson is one of those people who tells you what you want to hear and then does something else. You don’t get that from Max. Max hits you right between the eyes and tells you like it is.

We do NOT need healing and peace on our council. What we need is honesty and truth. If you want healing and peace go to a church and listen to the dogma.

I respectfully disagree. But, what I actually meant by that was council persons who are reasonable, stand-up people, who understand what has happened here and can move us forward , acting on the will of the majority of our citizens ! What happened to Alex Kuhn, may be rest in peace, has not been forgotten. This is where the continued healing and peace come in. No more bullying, no more all about me, no more intimidation, team effort..not ranting about how wonderful we are ! As much new blood as possible ! And, a consensus builder. Who can inspire people to get involved again ?? There was a time before the bullies and the Chamber took over !! Let’s really take this seriously..just because you can out about someone, doesn’t mean you are the one for the job !

maybe the citizens should stop the bullying too.

Ok, put it that way and I can agree

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