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Jesus would be ashamed of the words you utter, Mr. Tornquist

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Scott Tornquist
Scott Tornquist

Every time Scott Tornquist tells a lie, an angel loses it’s wings.

If that’s true, there’s a whole lot of crawling going on up in heaven.

OK, maybe Scott Tornquist didn’t outright lie when he said that the idea of diminishing the Human Rights Commission from 9 members to 5 came from the commission itself. It’s true, that months ago, the commission did vote or come to the conclusion that 5 members would be better than 9. Their reasons seemed plausible. Mostly, the commission could not reach a quorum at their meetings (you need a majority of commissioners to attend a meeting in order to vote on any agenda item.)

As a staunch Christian who loves Jesus with all his heart and soul, supposedly, and a robot-like intellect, Mr. Tornquist should be able to decipher the difference between a lie and a distortion of the truth. In the eyes of Jesus, they are the same thing: Just a lie, which the Bible forbids. But maybe that’s simply an inconvenient reality for Mr. Tornquist, for he knows, if he goes to church Sunday he can just ask for forgiveness for misleading the people of Mason City, and Jesus will forgive him.  It’s like the lie never happened.

Eric Bookmeyer's quest to destroy the Human Rights agency in Mason City is nearly complete.
Eric Bookmeyer’s quest to destroy the Human Rights agency in Mason City is nearly complete.

The real truth, the truth Jesus would have wanted Mr. Tornquist to speak of, is that this commission is a fraud. If Jesus walked into a Mason City Human Rights Commission meeting, he would violently overturn the tables and warn the imposters in the room that their greed and deceit might punch them a one way ticket to the Great Lake of Fire, that same luxury resort that keeps Mr. Tornquist awake at night clutching his crucifix, tears streaming down his cheeks as he begs for forgiveness.

Jesus would have lectured Mr. Tornquist that the commission made the decision to be complicit in the further destruction of the Human Rights agency, yes, but that the commissioners themselves were appointed by the Great Mephistopheles Himself, Eric Bookmeyer, and that the council then gleefully approved all of them. These Disciples of Big Business most certainly have a hate and disdain for the common man, the down-and-out, the troubled, the socially and politically disconnected, the single mom who can’t afford to send twenty bucks to Mr. Bookmeyer’s political campaigns and is therefore a worthless second-class citizen. The commission is acting in concert with Mr. Bookmeyer and his city council. When the commission acts, you can be certain it was well-rehearsed previously and approved by the puppet master, Mr. Bookmeyer.

Jesus might also remind Mr. Tornquist that the commission couldn’t get a quorum at most of its meetings because the commissioners were not showing up.  Mr. Bookmeyer certainly choose dedicated public servants.  So dedicated, in fact, that they thought it would be appropriate to charge ten bucks to attend an under-publicized sham of a Human Rights symposium tucked away in the third floor of the rat’s nest they call the North Iowa Commerce Center.  The commission was, no doubt, smart to cannibalize itself since it literally has nothing to do now that it no longer investigates Human Rights cases.  It also does no intake of cases.  All that’s left for the commission to do now is, once every quarter, hold a dog and pony show where Human Rights are “discussed” or “presented”.  It matters not who attends, or if anyone attends; they just need to conduct their “outreach”, which shields them, they feel, from criticism and wipes away the filth of their sins.  The commission can stock its resume with these events and build the appearance of having a care about these matters and more successfully defend itself from critics.

Jesus would whisper into Mr. Tornquist’s ear that in reality, the idea behind all this is to quietly put the Human Rights Agency to sleep.  The job given to Eric Bookmeyer in 2009 was to guide the Human Rights Agency into a warm bath like a sick patient, give it some sleeping pills, and then slit its wrists.  Death would soon follow, and the dollar slaves could then run rampant and trample those in their way.  Big business could get done, big landlords would no longer be hassled.  The people be damned, while the likes of Mr. Bookmeyer and Mr. Tornquist roam free like rabid pit bulls to victimize anyone in their path.

Matt Marquardt
Matt Marquardt

This is why the Great Defender of the People, Matt Marquardt, ventured into the rat’s nest last month.  He entered the den of thieves and pretenders at 9 North Federal Avenue to engage the enemies of common sense, human dignity, the Golden Rule.  What ensued was a nasty battle of wills and intelligence between Marquardt and these treacherous, cowardly trolls.  Yes, the vermin did all they could to bring Mason City’s Jedi Knight down.  Things got ugly.  But he held his own, his connection to the Force too powerful to be broken or tempted, and proved just how corrupt and rotten the system is in Mason City.  Jesus would have been proud.

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Max Weaver wanted to have taxpayers fund a strip club….. wow there’s some real family values. Spose Dad would bring Mom & kids with on or leave them home while he pays/plays with the hookers? Matt can only WISH he was half the man Eric & Scott are. That’s what ticks him off. He’s not & he knows it. All his propaganda hasn’t got him anywhere. LOL!hehe.

Right Matt! You are the best!

But please let’s not forget the very FIRST HONEST defender of the people and doing the RIGHT thing…


Weaver was feeding his own pocket and totally corrupt just like Marquardt and Foster.

You’d have to be a dope not to know it

Scott is not Catholic so I doubt very much he would be clutching a crucifix.

Keep on it Matt. No one else is going to expose the truth to the citizens of Mason City. I’m glad we have someone like you that is tough enough to stand up to them all and keep us informed of their wrong doings.


As much as nothing has changed I fear the next city council elections will render the same outcome. We will whine, complain, be outraged and then those that vote will vote and those that do not will not and we will have the same outcome. The same people on our city council and the same mess we have today. I also voted for Jodi Draper. I see her at the school volunteering for programs. Asked if she will run again. She smiles and says right now I am focusing on what I can do. I fear it is no.

@Matt-At the chance of being called a ass kisser again, I will be right beside you. Jodi is a fine woman who would do a excellent job as a council person. After the uncalled for whipping she took in the last election I wouldn’t blame her to much if she doesn’t run again. Maybe if enough people ask her she would consider it.

She was very pleasant and sent me a nice Thank You card when I gave her a donation. When I offered a donation to Max, he said, “I’m fine.” Seems odd for someone who wanted to line his pockets with cash….

I think Bob Tail is hoping for legal action… want to be careful just what you wish for….you just might get it. Why is it that the truth is never invited to the party? What is it that frightens people when truth is introduced into the conversation?

You can’t get drunk on your ass In public then think you are invisible the next day.

My regrets to Charles Dickens, and whoever wrote the bible…

I would say, you keep talking about people like this without any evidence. And you’ll probably end up wishing you hadn’t.

Just some good advice…

This is ” in your face” truth. And there is only one place to find it. It is refreshing in its deep contrast from the bullshit coming out of Washington avenue. Please never stop providing hard hitting truth.

Excellent Matt-I have a idea who wrote this as I am pretty sure I recognize the style. Turncoat will never change. It is time to get rid of that bunch and get someone in there that will represent all of the people.

Odd how you seem to agree with Marquardt on everything… When he appears to be a liberal democrat, and you seem to be a hardcore right winger…

@Bob Tail-I belong to no political party. I am an Independent and think for myself, unlike the lemmings who profess to belong to either establishment party. I agree with Matt on the local situation because he is right. I see our city coming apart with slumlords and power plays in the local government. I reserve the right to support whoever I want. I supported Matt, Max, Leonard and especially Jodi in the last election. This is the last time I will justify my feelings. Philly doesn’t count.

It is time to get rid of that bunch and get someone in there that will represent all of the people.” –LVS

You see LVS, all of the people means ALL.

@Philomena1-Don’t worry to much about. You are not now, nor have you ever been one of the people. Are you back in the basement yet? I have a lot of money bet that you will be home in the basement before Christmas.

You’re right to a degree LVS: Philosophers have always been a cut above the general population…that’s why many of them spend their time in conservatories writing books, or up on mountaintops pondering on how best to help the suffering masses below.

@Philomena1-and, most of them are a legend only in their own minds. Just like you.

you are completely delusional-not sure if that was supposed to be a sermon or a scene from star wars

Excellent, Matt.

Two thumbs up. Marquardt’s writing at its best.

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