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OPINION: Ron Paul “true champion” of constitution

From Jason Stone –

I’m so disgusted with all the quote “Christian Celebrities” listed on the following website:, and organizations like YOU Family BLeader for marginalizing the absolute best & by-far most Sensical, Authentically Born-Again Christian, Ethical, Republican Candidate in the 2008 AND 2012 runnings, right off-the-bat before even giving him a snail’s chance. Huge numbers of SHEEPLE apparently did absolutely ZERO research and just blindly followed & trusted exactly what you instructed them to do… completely ignore this guy (because after all… you know he’ll never win the office of Presidency, right?). Thanks to folks like you, Evangelical Christian Voters played the proverbial political game, going for the man (or woman) they thought would have the best chance of beating Obama, rather than getting behind the candidate who is The TRUE CHAMPION of the Constitution, and the most Pro-Life candidate Americans have likely EVER SEEN, having delivered over 4,000 babies as an OBGYN, and vowing never once to ever perform an abortion. A man with the most Ultra-Consistent & stellar voting record on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE that you proport to care about. How could you dare even suggest that he doesn’t support Traditional, Biblical Marriage? He completely supports the Marriage Protection Act, and he’s been married to but-one woman for nearly 54 years! He has NEVER ONCE voted for a single bill that is UN-Constitutional. He’s NEVER been involved in any kind of ethical scandal or illegal activity… you can’t say that about many other Politicians at all. Shame on you for not exposing who this Congressman TRULY is, and just playing games with semantics to try and make it LOOK like he is anything other than an outstanding Bible-Believing, Pro-Marriage, pro-life, pro-liberty, Constitution-supporting man of God! Don’t let this happen again next election cycle in 2016, and don’t be so simple-minded that you throw the Baby (Saver) out with the (GOP’s mucky) Bath-Water. I’ve been talking about Ron Paul all along for cryin’ out loud!


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