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How To Spring Clean Your Office Space

A clean office space is conducive to work, and without a clean and tidy environment, your team are going to struggle to stay on task, motivated, and relaxed. It’s well within your best interests to keep the office spotless, provide bins for waste, to have a janitor come in each night to clean down the premises, and to ensure that the air quality is fresh. There will come a time when the office is in need a spring clean, and appliances will have to be replaced, and it could benefit from a new lick of paint and some new carpet. Each year, schedule a time to review the premises, and ask your staff cohort what they think needs changing and improving. and planting flowers or complex ones like adding extra floors or moving walls around. When you’re undertaking a major renovation, consider using the services of the folks at to handle the waste that has built up during the renovation and then have it removed safely from your house.

Be Ruthless

If any items aren’t working as efficiently and quickly as they used to, then they need to go. All of the processes you use in your office and as part of your business need to be streamlined. So, if a fax machine, photocopier, or even a stapler isn’t working at its full potential, then it should be replaced and responsibly dispose of. Consider using a dumpster to accumulate the waste you have, and then have it removed safely and in consideration of the planet. Hiring a dumpster from Dumpster rental Denver is one such place that can help you in your efforts to spring clean. If something can be fixed, then, by all means, try and fix it. However, if something is a lost cause, it may be best to part ways.

Provide Bins

Of course, as a business owner or manager, you’ll have to be providing bins for your employees to put their waste into. You’d be silly not to, and your offices would soon resemble a trash heap. Have you considered adding more bins, recycling bins, and more conveniently places bins such as in the staffroom, next to the photocopier, and one under each working desk? If so, then you’re off to a good start, and if not, then try and add more bins to your workplace.

Professional Clean

It’s safe to say that as a business owner, you’re fairly busy and likely tied up in many projects that require your full attention. So, with this in mind, consider having a team of professional cleaners to come into your office and give it all a good deep clean and polish. A deep clean should be carried out at least once a year, and preferably every few months to abolish stains, and to disinfect the surfaces to try and limit the possible spread of illness and infection. If you wish to carry out the clean yourself, then complete it over the course of a weekend so that it doesn’t disrupt working times, and try to use natural cleaning products that don’t have a harmful impact on the environment.


Workplace ventilation is hugely important, and poor air quality could see you lose staff members extremely quickly. Good ventilation is crucial to creating an enjoyable space to work from, so to help improve the office space you should use plants. They help to filter the air around you, and set to work even in small confined spaces. Some of the best air-filtering plants include aloe vera, spider plant, the weeping fig, Boston ferns, bamboo plants, and peace lilies.


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