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Park Inn expects to be “in the black” by end of 2012

MASON CITY – Historic Park Inn operator Steven Noto said Tuesday night at the Mason City Council meeting that he expects the hotel to be operating “in the black” by the end of 2012.

The hotel is owned by a non-profit called Wright on the Park.  According to their website, the hotel is managed by HPI Partners, LLC which is based in Mason City and owned by Noto.

The Historic Park Inn opened last August after a multi-million dollar renovation.

Noto claimed that the hotel has generated about $1 million in tourist revenue and has brought people to Mason City from all over the globe and nearly every state in the union.

View photos of Wright in the Park’s opening celebration from last summer, here.

Watch Noto’s presentation to the council:


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take X multiply that by Y add V divide by Q minus P multiply by 13 =profit DUH!

Ya! What matt said. How hard is it to understand that kind of economics. DUH! Well said brother and….Damn North End!

one million dollars sounds like alot of money but what did it cost to operate what were their expense’s might not have been so great after all. We need all the facts before anyone can decide if this was a good deal or a money pit.

Do the math…there is no way 10,000 people came to MC to the park in. How many rooms? How much per room. There have been many days when you could have shot a cannon through the parking lot and not hit a thing!

If 10,000 people came to the park in, and a majority was a couple, that alone means there were, at the most, 5,000 paid nights at the Park Inn. Nuff said?

Wow really ya think it’s just rooms that are adding to the only revenue? Ya got be stupider than everyone thinks u r!!! That place holds tons of wedding, parties, business meetings for other companies!!! There is no other place as classy and ran smoothly than HPI!! Way to go Steve and all of the awesome employees he has under his management team Tracy and Mellisa!! U two along with other wonderful staff Carla,Mick, Shelly, even the housekeepers are such a pleasant important role in this awesome place!! I am so glad I ha e been a guest in the past and will continue to visit if I’m called to Mason City to work with another company located in Mason City!

Suck, suck….gag, gag. Give me a break. You better swallow all of that or your going to have that burning feeling in your eye again.

Sure there is a way. Given 27 rooms, and fourteen are rented daily in a one year period taking into consideration most are double occupancy. Now 14 rooms per day is over 50% occupancy at that hotel. Obviously, your main days are weekends.

Ten thousand guests is not hard to imagine in a one year period.

I think it is a joke as well. They can throw out any stupid number they want because no one will call them on it and if they were called on it the books would be cooked. 90% of the community doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Park Inn, the Music Man Square, some home where some guy was born that nobody cares about except some bluehairs. Better get up to speed MC or it will just get worse….if that is possible.

Iowan, this type thing, staues in the park, musci man square, are not going to keep this town alive. It is on life support now, and this STUFF aint gonna keep anybody here.People are sick uf this type thing for the blue haired bloody mary gang.
This city, and all funds, need to go tward attracting JOBS, JOBS,
Wait tell we see the school enrollments this fall, I think it will shock many people how many folks are fleeing this town. They can not afford to stay! Its just that simple. This type of spending is not ging to keep ANYBODY here.

And what will attract a company to bring there business to our town? The tumbleweeds? No restaraunts? No shops? Poor schools because enrollment is down? Everybody seems so damn smart, lets get some ideas flowing here. WHAT WILL BRING JOBS TO THIS TOWN???

I, too, am not a Noto fan but believe me…I see it everyday. People coming from all over the country and beyond visiting the Hotel, shopping (yes, spending money) and eating at our LOCAL restaraunts. Here is the real deal people: I was raised here and am choosing to stay and raise my young family here. This is home! I want to be proud of the place I come from and not see it whither away like some towns. Why is everybody so negative? Where does it get you? What do you want to see done with this town? Do you want it to improve or die away?

It has been dying for 30 years!! Take a look at the census records!! Then start at Sears and drive north through town on Federal!! Student population is 150 less per grade! But we have the Park Inn and Music Man Square!! Yipppeeeeee!!!!!

I had my doubts about the park inn making it, so I’m glad that they are. But words and lip service are cheap. So where would one go to see where that million was spent. We always hear that this much money was made on tourism in this town, but we never see proof of where it was made. I have a hard time believing any type of business/government (make you feel good)lip service.

I am not sure about you, but it is not outside the realm of possibility to spend $100 aside from my room while traveling. In Baltimore it was closer to $150 a day. In NYC it was about the same.

Three meals for example is darned close to $60 if you go on the cheap (Denny’s, Perkins, or some other no-name genaric dive like it ). However, why do the same old, when you are around ethnic or fine food (read; things that cannot be found in Mason City, which is a lot of things)? That is what travel is all about. So realisically, $90 – 100 a day for food is more like it (You aint gonna walk into Shula’s in Baltimore and order a grilled cheese sammich! – Same goes for Neptune Oyster in Boston).

If I am with a group, which 90% of my travel has been, there are events, car rental, gasoline, incidentals.

Sure we don’t have the same class of resturants as out east or in Canada, but there are some decent places where $40 per person is the norm. Who would leave Mason City without visiting Northwester Steak House? No one I know.

So the estimate is not really that far off.

If I were from out of town and had never eaten at the Northwestern Steakhouse before, I would probably eat there – once.

Being that I am from Mason City and have already eaten there before – once. I will never eat there again as the food I was served was beyond nasty.

X 2 and no divide, maybe add a PP tho. Whatever, +1 for me.

A million dollars in tourist revenue is not nearly enough money to cover the operation of the hotel for that period of town and his ststement means nothing. He said they “ESTIMATED” $100 for each visitor. That ides not mean they spent it at the hotel and it is just a guess. How many of those guest would have come to town anyway. I know our class reunion stayed there and they would have come anyway. Can our council really be that stupid. The next thing you will hear is that they need operating money and want our taxes to pay for it. They could have used the 40K they wasted on statues.

I meant time and statement. Not a good typest.

Here’s the start of the taxpayers keeping it open! Mark my words…

Obviously manipulating the numbers to paint a rosey picture BUT I agree, it will definitely fall back on the taxpayer to support and maintain…again.

With all the money coming from the bar & restaurant I sure hope part of this will be on the tax roles. If you do your homework not all should be tax exempt. Check it out Matt with the Assessor’s office.

Check it out yourself, you can email them as well as anyone I’m sure.

will see next year after all the newness has passed. And I too don”t believe a word that comes out of this man mouth!!!!!

don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth

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