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Branstad and Reynolds again claim Medicaid “modernization” gives patients “more choice, access, and accountability than ever before”

Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds

DES MOINES – Today, Gov. Terry E. Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds (who will soon be governor) released the most recent data showing Iowa’s Medicaid patients allegedly have more choice, access, and accountability under Medicaid Modernization than ever before.

The pair said in a statement that “patients have more choice than ever before fitting their individual needs, more access to services including twice as many doctors and nurses, and real accountability that will improve the health of more than 500,000 Iowans.”

Medicaid Modernization has brought “real accountability” to the Medicaid program tracking nearly 1,000 patient health outcomes–something Branstad and Reynold claim “Old Medicaid” never did. Since April 1, over 230,000 patient health risk assessments and outreach efforts were conducted identifying risk factors to a patient’s health helping them live “longer, healthier lives”.

The statement goes on to say that “ensuring our most vulnerable Iowans have patient-centered coordinated care is a cornerstone of Medicaid Modernization. More than 38,000 adults and children with high-risk health conditions, now have a health care coordinator assigned to them integrating their care including more than 25,000 patients with behavioral health conditions.”

See the data they released, here.

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Terry has a philosophy that the more you praise something and say it’s good, the better it will be. About every two weeks now, he makes a statement how great it’s going. He was at a Q&A the other night in Waverly, I think, and a guy asked him how hospitals and the administration could work together better and he got a little upset because there was “nothing wrong” with Medicaid Modernization in Iowa. He doesn’t want to acknowledge the problems. He told the guy to take it up with his aides.

Don’t bother Terry with the facts folks. He is in la la land just like most of the right wingers on NIT>

Stopped by and see you are still blogging away. I also see you are still hanging on to your “right wing” conspiracy nonsense.

I would think by now you would have figured out that there really isn’t a left or right ideology. Didn’t this election teach you anything?

Quit buying into the fake news and silly notion that there is a left and right. And I suppose you still hate Trump and believe all the BS the Media and Communists made up about him.

America first.

It has been well documented & factually verified that one out three Trump supporters are just as stupid & ignorant as the other two.

You are talking about the winners here Buttercup. You are a loser and shouldn’t be allowed to play with the adults in the room.

@ Mr. Delete-Very adult like thinking there. Nice idea.

We are talking about winner here and you are a loser Buttercup. So, suck it up.

I don’t believe I am wrong in considering Terry a right wing guy. Ask him. He will say the same thing. Of course, he will figure out a way to spin it so it comes out that he is correct in all that he does and, therefore, so are all the right wingers. This man backed Mr. Trump and now the soon to be president has made it clear that his administration won’t be a ‘friend’ to renewable energy. I am eager to see how Terry swings this around to show how this will help Iowa. By the way, I don’t subscribe to fake news. That has been proven to be an alt-right and Russian tactic to alter the election.

More of the same, only on a National level from Trump. Nice job voting against your own best interests. Trump only cares about getting the oil and gas industry as rich as possible (look at his cabinet) not whether or not Grandma and Grandpa can afford the medicine they need.

Suck it up Buttercup. You lost because you are a loser and a whiner.

Butter Nuts

Damn the luck, the stupid old coot was not in the obits this morning.
Oh well, we can always hope for tomorrow.

Dumb Ass!

I have been told by several people on medicaid how difficult the process is. One guy told me he has been billed $6,000 because medicaid didn’t pay on time. I know several that have gone to Mercy E.R. and been told they have to drive all the way to Iowa City. This is very hard for them as their transportation is not in good shape and it cost them a lot to drive there. Not to mention the problems it creates for families. Most end up spending time in the hospital alone. Mercy is supposed to be tax free because they are supposed to treat everyone, but they don’t.

Mercy is tax free as a nonprofit, not because they have to “treat everyone.” If a patient has no insurance accepted by Mercy, Mercy will treat and stabilize. Mercy does not turn them away. However, it is in the patient’s best interests to go to a medical facility that does accept their insurance rather than ring up thousands of dollars in bills that the mco will not pay as it doesn’t have a contract with mercy. I think United is the mco without. A mercy contract. If you want to go to mercy switch to one of the other mco’s and quit complaining about mercy.

My son’s doctor bill hasn’t been paid in almost a year. I keep getting letter in the mail saying he is overdue for his yearly exam and shots. I called to remind them he’s already been seen and the lady at the clinic said it’s medicaids crappy adjustmemts. This governor is a joke. This does not do doctors, clinics or patients any better.

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