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Op-ed: The importance of voting (by Peter Children)

I know, I harp a lot about voting; about the importance of going to the polls to vote your choice in all matters that offer that option.  There is nothing more important if you live in a collective society than freedom of choice.

As you move through your day and are confronted with the events taking place not only locally but internationally as well, you can easily see the turmoil taking place in the Arab world where thousands are dying daily for the chance to govern themselves…just to vote.

Although there are no one on streets here with guns and mortar trying to suppress you, know for a fact that there are other ways to do that very thing with out guns and mortar.  In this community we have recently experienced the defeat of a measure to allow a waste to energy facility from being built.  This was done by opposing the city administration who were hell bent on putting it in regardless of the consequence to the health of the community.  It was a prolonged fight that was headed by a group of citizens who would not give up, and in the end we can now all breath more freely now.

Wasteful spending was recently brought to the attention of the citizens living here who support this community through their property taxes.   This issue involved painting symbols and stripes onto pavement.  This administration awarded a contract to an out of town firm to implement this task rather than having it done locally.  They made their argument which in my opinion was concocted to appease the citizenry when in truth we all know differently.

Normally a city council in this town would have checks and balances built into it, there would be more discourse, more for and against, maybe some give and take….but not here, not now.  This council is in lockstep which is never good for the voters.  When you throw into this mix the current mayor it only exacerbates the situation further.  Don’t forget the Fire Department and the Sanitation Department are in the sights of the Beermister, as is the remodeling  of his temporary home in City Hall.  All of that and more will hit that table soon….and will it be the Globe Gazette who will step up and say enough is enough?   You know that answer. It will be expose at the very place you are at now. If I am going to risk watching the next council  meeting I have to go back to my doctor and get my nausea medicine prescription re-filled first.

Peter Children

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