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Op-ed: Speak freely without fear (by Peter Children)

There are certain things that get my attention, I don’t know how many of you recognize the same thing, probably none would be my guess.  When writing opinions for this audience I am acutely aware of which subjects trigger your interests the most. Politics rank at the top or near the top. Local issues more than state or national, and that is because we live locally… this is where we are therefore we are more cognizant of our surroundings and those things that effect us in our own environment.

Opinions on these matters are a healthy way to express our selves, new ideas and thoughts are the innovations that give birth to new and more efficient ways to get things done.

We show more interest in our local government and are more opinionated than on the state level.  Any mention of local officials usually brings out vigorous exchanges of both pro and con relating to job performance……..yet the anomaly in all this is the glaring fact that 80% of you do not vote.  Go figure, you all run off at the mouth, spew vile comments, insults, and envy that belie your real intent. You think because you said it from behind the screen of anonymity that it should be taken seriously…..go to the Globe and see just how that works. No name and address and phone number, no comment.  The letter to the editor section of the Globe never seems to be crowded, and most offerings are about church dinners and coming events taking place in the park.

This site has done more to make this community come to terms with the truth than the local paper has in the last forty years. I limit it to forty years because before that time there were other people sitting behind those desks that were not in bed with city officials; they did not make excuses for bad government.

Do not be fearful of voicing your opinions under your real name, do not be ashamed of your real thoughts and ideas; this is America, there is no other place on earth like this country.  Here you can speak freely without fear, but when you do….make sure it is the truth…..

Peter Children

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