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EDITORIAL: President Obama is not our king

The Gazette Editorial Board, CR Gazette –

The latest chapter in the China-Iowa story unfolds Wednesday. China’s Vice President Xi Jinping, expected to be China’s top leader by 2013, will visit our state to renew friendships that took root when he visited Muscatine and Des Moines in 1985 as part of Iowa’s Sister States program.

The reunion undoubtedly will be cordial. Gov. Terry Branstad, who met Xi the first time he was here, helped arrange the event during a trade mission to China in September.

Building on our personal and official relationships with Xi and China is important to diplomatic efforts.

And make no mistake: This visit also is about business. Both Iowa and China have much to gain by building on an already robust trade traffic. China became the No. 1 customer for U.S. farm products last year, buying 14 percent — $20 billion worth — of all ag exports. China is the world’s largest importer of soybeans and cotton, and some trade analysts expect the world’s largest country to become a major corn buyer soon.

All of which is of huge significance to Iowa.

On Wednesday, China’s Consul General Yang Guoqaing made it clear how important Iowa is to his country.

“Iowa is the heart of the farmland in the U.S.,” said Yang. “This is our most important bilateral relationship in the world. The friendship will be profound forever.”

The U.S.-China relationship certainly is not dispute-free. American complaints about unfairly high tariffs on some products and requests to relax beef import restrictions imposed because of “mad cow” disease likely will be on the agenda along with food safety and security during the first U.S.-China Agricultural Symposium set for Thursday in Des Moines. Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, now U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, helped set up the event when he visited China in November.

Relations are also strained over U.S. complaints about the giant nation’s human rights and environmental record. And the huge amount of our debt held by China is another sensitive subject.

Those issues are important. It’s also clear that both nations need each other to prosper, and Iowa’s role in strengthening the relationship in positive ways is of national importance. Iowa’s enormous productivity and trading power and our long tradition of leadership in civil rights are showcase assets that can be leveraged.

And we’re pretty friendly, too. Welcome back, Vice President Xi Jinping. Let’s talk.

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did this site ever have credibility? let’s forget that they are the world’s largest communist country, that they exploit slave labor. you go, Terry! literally… GO!!! Iowa and the rest of the U S would be far better off without you!

I read this article twice to try to connect the title with the story line. Did it come this way off the wire with that title or was the original title crossed off and This one added on with Peter’s or Blodgett’s handwriting done in crayon?

I agree. This site is losing all its credibility. This article has nothing to do with Obama. I feel Obama is doing more good for the country then the Bush’s ever did. Both Bush’s invaded Iraq for personal gains. Halliburton, black water.

obmama is doing MORE harm for this country than you will ever know. He, and he alone has spent this country into extreme deep debt thinking all along that spending is the answer to our economic woes. No country can spend itself into prosperity. In the words of algore, everything that is up should be down. And everything that is down, should be up.

Next to jimmy carter, obmama is the worst president we have had in a long time! This clown has got to go!!



If Obama was the answer, just how STUPID was the question!!

Other than a display of bias by the writer, what does the title of the piece have to do with the content? To the Gazette I would say keep your opinions to yourself. I am able to form my own. Just report the facts, please.

MrToot, unfortunately we are at the mercy of anyone (individual or corporate) with an opinion. Some are like behinds, filled with various levels of crap, and different in size! Everyone gleens their own version of the facts that fits their perspective! Some just make up their own! Toot Toot!!!

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