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New Pizzeria Hits River City

By Ruben Tuesday, Citizen Journalist –

MASON CITY – Mason City’s inventory of locally owned restaurants just got a little bit bigger and a little bit better.

If you’re looking for something different, and are into supporting local home grown businesses this might be the place for you. Co-owners Michael Holzman and Dan Koch opened Olive’s Pizzeria at 620 S. Monroe Ave., just west of Shopko.  The restaurant opened on January 9th.

Dan and Michael met while they worked together at Community Motors. Michael’s family was in the auto business as he grew up, and has known the Skarlis family for almost his entire life.  Dan, who is from Hawkeye, Iowa located in the Northeast part of the state, grew up on a dairy farm and has a background in agriculture.  While at Community Motors, Michael and Dan discovered that their passions in life were pretty compatible. Dan, who was interested in owning his own business, and Michael’s passion of being around and cooking great food, went hand and hand.

Michael spent three years in Palm Springs, CA in the restaurant business where he learned the Italian art of pizza making, with brothers Jimmy Caci and Bobby Milano.

Fun fact: Mike and Dan didn’t ask for any financial help or assistance from the city and employ five people.

The Pizzeria’s Kitchen Hours: Mon-Tue 11am to 7pm, Wed-Fri 11am to 9pm, Sat 4pm to 9pm.

Closed Sun. but available for private parties.

Check em’ out on Facebook.

What they are saying: “A few bro’s and myself stopped by Olive’s Pizzeria Friday night. First off the bro’s and I dig the locale of the Pizzeria, it’s refreshing not having to drive halfway to Clear Lake. The music in the Pizzeria is pretty dope! From Sinatra to The Doors, we were feeling it. We ordered and slammed two 16inch NY style pies. Olive’s pies are also available for all the bro’s, doe’s and peeps on the run, with a special take n’ bake dough. All pizza’s at Olive’s feature 100% grande cheese, fresh veggies and quality meat.  Might I add, we all enjoyed the Zaa, and will be back for more. ”

 Olive’s Pizzeria’s stats: 

Awesome location.

Juke box.

Pizza pasta and far more. (salads)

Gnarly lunch deal, two slices and a 24oz soda for $5.35.

Beverages, micro brews, beer on tap, wine and sodas.

Gluten free dough.

Brick lined oven.

Hand Crafted – Take n’ Bake.

100% Grande Cheese and fresh veggies.

Locally owned.

Phone ahead or Take n’ Bake (641) 423-1550.

Contact Olive’s Pizzeria, Email

(PHOTO) Dan Koch (Cook) – left  and Michael Holzman – right:

See menu… click for larger view:




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Hey sue why dont you research the Caci’s from palm springs and buffalo ny, mike was with them in september. Son Joey will be at Olives sometime this spring, stop in for a slice.

if it doesn’t have the classic justino’s pizzeria salads, than i am not interested!!!

FINALLY a small hang out place with beer and great pizza. Best pizza in town in my opinion. Priced great for how big the pizza is and the quality of it. Friendly staffing and great enviorment.

I have to agree with Katie. Stopped in this weekend, best pizza in town! The place was BUSY! Way to go on the new business.

max who?

As long as Michael keeps the kid home and not running around the place like a wild child like he did at Chicago Dog. Hire a sitter. I can’t wait to try the place out!

Niiice. Thanks for the info will try it soon! Nothin like a pie! Cool name whoever Ruben Tuesday is? Who cares Finally a young with it spin on something. Only NIT would be hip enough for that!

well mike, good luck maybe you’ll stay in bus. if you pay your bills & try not overcharging , think about it !!!!!!!!

Just a quick question….Didn’t Mike H use to.. own/ run/ manage/was a partner in… the “Chicago Dog” then it was “??????” then it went out of business???? Having been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, working for both privately owned and a national chain… locations in MC and CL and in small town North Iowa and also out of state…I WISH THEM GOOD LUCK and hope it goes well, cause we need more locally owned restaurants and restauranteurs. WORDS OF ADVICE…this area is so fickle and you screw up once with a customer and they will never return…When I was in business, they said 1 customer that has a good experience at your location will tell 2 people, BUT 1 customer with a bad experience will tell 10 people…GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF YOU AND I HOPE YOU HAVE A SUCCESSFUL JOINT BUSINESS EFFORT… by the way.. I am no longer in the restaurant business because I got “burned out” and chose another course for my life…Again…WAY TO GO AND WISHING YOU THE BEST and hope to enjoy that pie soon…. 🙂

Oh, for crying out loud, Reuben is a good kid. Let him be.

Haven’t been there yet, but we’ll give it a try.

Hope everything works out for these guys. Somebody trying to make a living and doing it on there own. Best of luck guys!

“What they are saying” Who the hell talks like that?

I can tell you the pizza is great!!! Good service, good, fair pricing and excellent staff too. Hope only the best for this place. Check it out when you can, you will be glad you did.

pot smokers?

or artists/musicians . . .

Ok. Kudos to a new business as they are starting off…but I want to mention something I consider to be important. Stella Artois beer sucks. I had one once on tap in a pub in Portland, Oregon near the neighborhood I lived in. The bartender was touting it as “The Cadillac of beers”. Granted, I normally drank superior locally brewed micros, porters, stouts, pale ales, ipa’s etc…but I decided to let this jive talking turkey take me for a ride. I paid the severely overpriced $4.75 for the glass of draft, took a drink and waited. Man it sucked. No better than Grain Belt or Olympia in my opinion.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I see the Stella Artois mirror hanging in the background, and it’s representative of the quality of products one may find in the establishment.

My advice is to take that mirror down IMMEDIATELY, remove Stella from your roster, and we’ll pretend this little incident never happened.

Peace and good luck!

Ohhh Peter, Are you one of those guys that thinks it is really important what people think of you?? Why on earth would one of the many beers they serve have anything to do with his success? Let alone the mirror they have hanging in the background. I suppose you dont like the brand of TV he has in their either? Let me guess, you once watched TV on a Samsung 15 years ago, and it was a little fuzzy. So Mike, what do you say we get rid of that TV, and pretend it never happened. Hurry and save your business… What a load of BS.

I still work at community Community Motors on a full time basis during the day. Mike H

Your not lazy thats for sure! I hope your new pizza place works out for you!

Agreed with Jules. The gentleman listed worked at Community Motors. Not Mason City Ford. Big difference.

I highly doubt that. Those people are working in clear lake from what I heard at church.

Clear Lake… They cant support a bar on water! Give me a break.

Excellent Pizza and probably will be a franchise in clear lake by next month.

Do they serve any Kosher products?

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