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Op-ed: I read the blogs (by Peter Children)

I read the blogs, I shift through the dribble written by the Mayor and or his friends which could be the original three that have been in a trance the longest.

Truthfully I am not a political animal, I followed the 08 election closely because I wanted Obama to win, I wanted a person of color in that room behind that desk before I died. I am only sorry some of my friends did not get to see it.

For the most part people have short memories…they quickly forget, I am here to make sure they don’t forget. I can see through the smoke and mirrors, and that doesn’t make me popular, but by now it must be quite obvious I am not trying to be liked…three or four people like me and that’s more than enough for anyone.  I have a daughter and a girlfriend  that by itself is plenty.  Don’t say I don’t have a daughter because I do, maybe if you ran DNA tests on your kids we might find out I have more than just one. Look at your children closely, if you have a child who is better looking than the rest……. that’s the one to test.

Most of you are not quite awake, you think because Bookmeyer is in the mayor’s office that makes him smart? Illinois has had three Governors go to prison, do you think they were smart? We have congressmen sending nude pictures of themselves over the Internet, do you think they are smart?  Turn on the fans and get the smoke out of the room and wake up.  Jimmy Swaggart once told his audience; “you people been baptized so many times you’re waterlogged.”  I think many of you have been in the ether so long you’ll never wake up.

Peter J. Children



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I agree with what you are saying. We can’t blame either party without slapping the same labels on the other party. I (and many other people I know who consider themselves liberal) wonder how in the world Pelosi keeps being re-elected in California. She is a detriment to the Democratic party and to our country. Her only concerns seem to be self-centered. On the other hand, many of the Republican party’s strict conservatives (sic: Tea Partiers) can be thrown into the same cauldron as Pelosi. My way or the highway is not the way to run a country.

I totally agree that he has not had much success in getting his programs going because of a totally disfunctional congress. You named republicans who certainly have a responsibilty to cooperate with the democrats but, if you want to name names, Harry Reed is the absolute worse one in the senate and then of course you have Nancy the Witch Polosie who is an absolute idiot. In other words, there is plenty of blame on both sides. The real issue is they can’t trust eachother anymore and WE certainly can’t trust them to represent us. What in the HELL is wrong with us that we put up with these people we elected not doing what we want them to do. Throw them all out of office. Put in term limits and lets get our country back.

I meant what I said; I am tired of only rich white men in that office. Obama has two prestigious degrees from Ivy League colleges, he is a constitutional lawyer, his wife is a lawyer…he will go down as one of the brightest Presidents this country ever had. Ever hear of Eric Kantor? How about John Baner? These people have fought against everything thing he wanted, what about the comgress?

Peter, he may go down as being “EDUCATED” but not one of the brightest. You can have all the degrees in the world, but still lack common sense.

I have absolutely nothing against people of color. I would never vote for anyone just because he is white or because they have money. I did not vote for Obama although I did think about voting for him. I though (and I was right) he could never do the things he said he was going to do and therefore was a liar. He proved me right in his 1st week in office when he signed the tax increase against cigarettes. I don’t smoke but a tax is a tax and he vowed he would not raise them. I have voted democratic in the past but not since they have become socialist. I vote for the person, not because of color but because of what they can do. I currently am not impressed with any of the republican candidates.

Who did you vote for and why? Peter’s reason is just as valid as those who would never vote for a Democrat. Or those who vote straight ticket anything. I once knew a lady who voted for a candidate because she thought he had a cute butt. Stupid reason? Yes. But, does it really matter who is in the White House? Politicians are politicians. Their only reason for running is to be elected. Once they are in, then they will do what they please and for whom they please.

I’m not against color in the oval office either but we sure got the wrong one and to think anyone would vote for that ass again is ludicrous. Too many pilgrims are smokin their socks these days.

What is wrong with you?? You really should seek some help. Maybe 5 East was the place for you. You wanted someone of color in the White House?? What a terrible thing to vote someone in for. You got what you deserve. A president who is tearing down our great nation. You are just as stupid as the person who told me one time, they would never vote for Dole because they couldn’t stand the sound of his voice. People like you who must have smoked way to much dope, should not be allowed to even vote or live in society with the rest of us.

There’s that 5 East reference again. Everyone likes to think they can put someone in the psychiatric ward based on their personal opinions and views. The only people who should be going up to 5 East are people who are in acute psychiatric distress or have a brain disorder…a true brain disorder. Not differences in how one thinks. I get sick and tired of people throwing that term around. Unfortunately, due to the lack of competence for people who work at Mercy, many people have found themselves on 5 East precisely contrary to being in true psychiatric distress or having a true brain disorder…which is what I attempt to bring to the public’s attention. 5 East SHOULD not be used in this capacity…so stop loosely throwing around the term, as if you have any input in the matter.

Sorry Peter, but that is your uneducated opinion. While I am not a fan of throwing about the phrase of “5 East”, there are people there for a good reason. Reasons that the staff there can back up with cause, not supposition nor opinion.

The “elite” will be getting their name in lights. They are called “pixels” and they can be found right here on

I know for a fact Children hs never been married, I also know for a fact you need not be married to father a child

what was this comment supposed to mean?

The self proclaimed elite of this community have never cared about anything other than having their names up in lights. If that means screwing over the rest of the citizens than so be it. I worked for a person that would have claimed the creation of the earth if he could have figured an angle. He was a lot like Drunkmeyer and surrounded himself with incompitent cronies who would grovel at his feet. I actually was able to find humor in the situation knowing eventually it would catch up with him and it did. When he took his final trip out the door the rest of us had a nice party. We will have our time again.

Nice work Peter…you always get the dummies going. To read their remarks is agonizing when you have a brain. Seems I remember you in about ’56-’57. Ooooh NOW I recall.

Were you ever married?

How old is your daughter?

I figured out who Peter Children reminds me of in this column…Maj. Frank Burns. “I didn’t come here to be liked.” “Well, you came to the right place.” and the other comment “The men hate me, don’t they?” “Just your guts, sir.” Weak-chinned and weak-minded. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, Major Children!

peter, I wish I had some of what you are on. I need a escape from reality

So hilarious! So so funny! Peter you made reference a long time ago about peoples girlfriends/wives maybe you have HAD them, I’ve been waiting for the next comparable did it. Everyone better check! Hilarious. It also is funny how all of the freaks who have been caught as you have mentioned are just like the Bookmeyers and his followers. It is funny that they think because cool open minded green do the right thing not racist people are goofy. It just isn’t true. I’d be that sort of person any day of the week before a rich loud mouth know nothin controlling drunk. Picture who you hate people and if they were doing/behaving this way you would have a fit! Really turn it around and see. Soooo funny!! Time will tell all! So funny!

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