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MCPD responds to gunshots on North Federal

The Mason City Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies responded to gunshots on North Federal Avenue in Mason City on Tuesday morning.

Mason City police said Tuesday that officers were sent to the zero block of 14th Street NE Tuesday morning at 12:23 am on a complaint of possible gunshots.  Mason City officers were assisted by the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Office and Iowa State Patrol.

A .45 caliber shell casing was found in the parking lot behind Alley Katz, 1342 N. Federal (pictured, right).  Neighbors reported hearing what they believed to be gunshots in the area behind the bar.  At this time no one has come forward as being an eyewitness or a victim of the gunfire.

During the course of the investigation, officers discovered that the bartender on duty at the time at Alley Katz was intoxicated.  The employee, Sarah Cook, 26, of Mason City, was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

Sarah Cook


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Lmao. It really does amaze me how much people judge. BUT, guess what? None of your worthless opinions made me or broke me. I am the happy owner of several businesses and am well respected by the public these days. Everybody makes mistakes but it’s if we learn from them that matters. I would go through each of your weird comments and speculations and respond personally but I know all of what was said about me isn’t true. My children are great, well taken care, i’m clean, have businesses, and i’ve never judges anyone. Stay Humble

Where are the fathers of these kids to allow them to live on top of a bar, are the fathers even known of these kids

It;s bout the same as if daylane was still running things up there??

Shy was the best thing that happened to his bar. There was no fights that went out of control and there was a great amount of structure behind the bar, and I’m happy to see that she is BACK behind that bar again. The sad thing is this has nothing to do with shy at all! Pretty sure shy has never gotten arrested for drinking, and I know that for a fact because shy is one of the most responsible bartenders for NOT drinking on the job. Keep your comments towards the one that brought this on to herself.

What the hell does this shy. Girl have to do with this? Who cares about her…the blonde was the beat bartenders I’ve ever had. Respect is number one when it comes to customers. I thought shy if she is the black haired fat one…was a bitch. Owner did good in getting rid of her so what’s the hold up with getting rid of Sarah.

yeah i guess the owner is defending her, and the only reason she wont fire her is because sarah rents an appartment upstairs. so its all about money with the owner. nothing more nothing less. when you own a business it should be all about your customers not employees who cant take care of their kids. she is behind on child support and never sees her other kids….what a classy mom.

Sooo john, who exacly do u think u are talking shit about sarah like u kno her personaly???? That’s my sister and if u wanna sit there on ur lil computer talkin shit on the internet how bout u tell me where u would like to meet me in person so we can hav this chat ourselves??

alley katz bar has a facebook page and the owner checks its every day. maybe we should let her know how we feel.

yeah its called alley katz bar

i think the city needs to start a petition to shut the bar down. the owner is keeping sarah on as bartender and has no want to get rid of her. the only way things are going to stop is if we the poeple stop it ourselves. kathy is obviously retarded and doesnt care about the customer at all! just making money. and yes it is true the bartneders are NOT at all allowed to call the cops for anything. the owner lets people drink in the bar after 2 am after the cops leave. their hood vent in kitchen doesnt work and their is a carbon monoxide leak. they water down there booze to save moeny. i have heard from a couple of people that sarah got bent over a car by two black guys in the same night. yeah this is really where i want to go to have fun….i mean get pimped by the bartnder….SHUT ALLEY KATZ DOWN. save our town and our children.

I once went to this place before it was Alley Katz. It was a great place to meet people even if the music was too loud. That was many, many years ago. Ever since it became this magnet for trash and lawlessness no one in their right minds wants to go there, except for thugs and idiots. It is a beautiful building on the outside, but what goes on in the inside and back parking lot is ugly. I am thinking it needs to be shut down…it’s obvious the owner cannot control the clientele so it’s finally come to the point where the people of Mason City have to man up and close Alley Katz’s doors for once and for all.

Sarah dont deserve her kids ik her shes not responsible and kathy the owner needs her bar shut down she doesnt care who gets shot stabd or beat she just cares about money ik sara was told not to call police on any fights to say that it in the alley or on 14th st. so police report wouldnt say alley cats on it to protect her bar what about protecting our citizens from harm ur security i watched them tell people to try and fight them they intimadate people they start fights. SHUT DOWN THE BAR FOR GOOD MASON CITY BEFORE SOMEONE GETS KILLD.

It’s because she hates all white people, she only likes black guys, It’s called she dirty filthy, I wouldn’t even let my dog near her, If the owner would get rid of her ??

so i just went up to alley katz to see what all the talk was about and kind of funny that this sarah cook girl is still working there. what the hell is wrong with the owner!? sarah abviously has issues of her own with booze and probably shouldnt be working with it. talk about bad for business…

look ive visited this bar on multiple occasions and everytime i go i see a fight or hear someone starting fights there are constant complaints of guns going off i think this bar should be shutdown obviously it is causing to many problems because people arent smart enough to keep there guns at home

i hope the onwer realizes that she had great help when the blonde was there. i will never go in there again because im affraid of sarah and her possy….its like you have to be blakc to get a drink in this bar when sarah is there. this girl doesnt deserve to work with the public in this town.

i had heard that she was pregnant i thought you werent allowed to drink while pregnant. god pray for taht baby. but doesnt anyone realize she has two other children she never sees. any mother would worry more about their kids then getting trashed at work every night. not very mother like at all i would i say.

the blacks from Chicago and Detroit fighting over which one’s are tougher only proving that they have no place in civilized society.

Oh good, she had a kid & she’s a drunken bartender…. I feel much better about her now. Hope she makes the changes necessary for her baby’s sake.

little do you people know htat she has a 1 year old daughter too so you guys need ot watch what u say about people you dont know. i do know her and she is really nice and she made a mistake so what. everyone does including all of you so stop being rude for once and think about what you say.

So did she plan to keep getting drunk before supervision her baby after work?

I don’t have to watch what I say, to you or that skank either. If she wants to jeopardize the lives of her children she will, and evidently she has. She looks like a crack whore quite frankly. I can’t believe that if your such a law abiding citizen you’d be defending her, but more like your no better than she is. So go ahead and open your mouth…removing all doubt as to your foolishness.

Too bad she can’t be convicted on stupidity because she certainly fits the bill!

She looks like a winner.

Shy might have been nice, but you can’t run a bar with a thief at the helm.

You need to change the wording of the caption beneath her photo. She might be not guilty, but just by looking at that photo, you can tell that girl hasn’t been innocent for years.

If only shy was still there!! She knows her job 🙂

If shy was there everyone woul be happy 🙂

Yeah it would be a white christmas

It’s no wonder no one decent goes to that bar she refuses up serve the nice looking individuals that go there. Rude lady little does she know I’m a great tipper! Awful lady.

im glad tht trick is in jail bout dam time

That’s real appropriate.

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