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5 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Work Social Event 

Every business with employees should make a push to host occasional work social events. These are a great way to get out of the usual work setting, allowing employees to network and build relationships with each other in a relaxed place. 

However, the effectiveness of a social event is dependent on the event itself. If it’s awkward and poorly organized, this can simply lead to employees feeling uncomfortable and bored – and wishing they never agreed to attend. To prevent that from happening, and to ensure your employees have a great time, here are five ideas to inspire your next work social event. 

1. Take the food to the next level 

Everyone loves food. Great meals can go a long way to improving the mood of your employees and pushing your event into the ‘memorable’ category. 

One way of doing this is to hire a gourmet catering company. This is important if you are running an event that has no on-site food facilities. With a gourmet caterer, you don’t have to worry about your employees going hungry – or trying to serve up food on your own. You can consult with the caterer, pick a menu that best matches up with your event, and let them do the rest. 

You may think a gourmet caterer is only suitable for a more upmarket gathering, but there are various situations where they can help to enhance your event. Delicious food is always a winner! 

2. Go with a game night 

With any work social event, you want to avoid them being formal and conservative occasions. These events should be an opportunity for employees to unwind and be comfortable expressing themselves. 

Well, one way to add a large dose of fun is to opt for a game night. There are numerous directions you can go with this idea. You could play board games, attend a bar arcade, set up team games for some healthy competition, and so on. As long as it gets people socializing and invested, you are going the right way. 

3. Workshop 

A work social event can also have an element of education attached. This is the case with a workshop. Adding practical learning to the experience, a workshop allows a group of employees to develop or learn a new skill – whether it is directly linked to your business or not. 

4. Movie screening 

If you want to run a social event but are looking for a budget-friendly option, think about screening a movie. This can be done from the comfort of your office. Pick a fun flick – the worse it is, the better – buy a few bags of popcorn, and prepare to do a running critique of the film. 

5. Get creative with an art contest

Another cost-effective route is to run an art contest. See which employees produce the best artwork. Along with getting the creative juices flowing, you get to have a laugh at any poor creations – particularly if you do quickfire rounds where employees are against the clock. 

Add a couple of bottles of wine to the proceedings for more fun. 

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