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Algona auto races announcer utters racist remarks as onlookers cheer the hate, bringing worldwide shame to Northern Iowa

ALGONA – An Algona auto races announcer recently uttered racist remarks as onlookers cheered the hate dripping from his muzzle, bringing worldwide shame to the racetrack and Northern Iowa via widespread media coverage of the outrageous incident.

According to a statement via the Kossuth County Speedway:

“On July 15th, 2021 a statement was made over the public address system by a fill-in track announcer at Kossuth County Speedway (KCS) regarding the National Football League’s (NFL) discussion of playing the Black National Anthem before football games. Unless you are sitting in the stands (which track management is not), the public address system is not easily heard. The comment was brought to track management’s attention by a post made later on social media. Kossuth County Speedway and the Kossuth County Fair Board do not condone the comments made by the fill-in announcer. We do not tolerate discrimination at our racing events and welcome race fans of all color, gender, religion, and creed to join our racing family. We also want to clarify that these comments were not made by Chad Meyer, the usual track announcer at KCS. We acknowledge that though this is an isolated incident, that does not make it okay. Going forward, we wilt no longer be employing the individual who made those comments as a fill-in announcer at any of our track events. We will not comment further on this incident because there are no further comments to be made: it was not okay, and it will not be happening again. Kossuth County Speedway looks forward to proving to our fans, drivers, and crews that we can and will do better.”

The Kossuth County Speedway apparently thinks “doing better” involves protecting the name of the now-fired announcer, as they refused to release his name. However, according to, “The Fairmont Raceway in Fairmont, Minnesota has since identified the announcer on its Facebook page as their longtime track announcer, Lon Oelke. Not only did the Minnesota raceway’s promoter Jon McCorkell say that Oelke will “absolutely be announcing” their races on Friday night, but added that he would receive a standing ovation going into the national anthem. McCorkell noted that he agreed ‘with all of Lon’s comments and opinions’ with others chiming in with their support.”

In a video posed to the Internet – but since removed – Oelke said to the race patrons that evening that he had “a social service announcement” to make prior to the national anthem being played. Oelke lashed out at anyone who “won’t stand for our flag” or “take a knee” during the national anthem.

“I’ve got four words for you: Find a different country if you won’t do it … Get the hell out of dodge,” Oelke trumpeted as the crowd roared in approval.  He then uttered racist remarks involving skin tone color and “blacks” in the National Football League.

Worldwide coverage via countless media outlets brought the local incident to millions, bringing shame and confusion to non-racists who dwell in North Iowa.

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I can’t understand why so many people care about others behavior during the national anthem, yet nobody cares that the U S Olympic officials hand the athletes the U S flag and the athletes wrap it around their body and drag it on the ground. Spectators in the stands are sitting on the flag. What has happened to proper respect and etiquette for the U S A flag?

Isn’t that the truth.

at this time in our country, it is not wise to speak the truth

Amen. the dems/libs practice that well

Speaking the truth? Yes, the libs/dems do that quite well.

Lon is a patriot and told the truth – Don’t like the truth- Don’t go to The Fairmont race track – I think I will enjoy my travel time to Fairmont and the dedication to LON more this weekend – Tired of your so called racist BS – Like he said GO – GET OUT and that also means America. Take your commie in charge with you to his preference Chinaland – SO long -goodbye soyboys ! By the way how about the name of the copper that shot the miltary veteran lady at the capitol building – Protect your own scumbags.

Would not expect anything else for an uneducated redneck racetrack announcer.

Go back to your opera Missy

That’s the best comeback you got……so sad….Very disappointing

So…it’s over your head.

^^Nope, you are just weak….very weak

“This is MAGA country.”

Fat Ass Orange Man started this hatred!

Blame him for your breathing to

No, it was Obama, the Great Divider that started this hatred.

That community instigator pushed racial divides, class divides, and gender divides. The Democratic party got their monies worth out of him, and he and his wife became quite rich while in The Whitehouse.

Boy, I miss Mr Trump!

BOWEL MOVEMENT!! That’s sum it up perfectly

The Marxist BM movement is as corrupt

Free country. Free speech. Don’t like it, move somewhere else. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Don’t offend the wokies…

Racist POS!!!!

You know who is the biggest racist of all?…Mother Nature…because she made all the DIFFERENT races…we didn’t do it, she did! Does that make her a racist POS??


DUMB ASS redneck POS!

Hey, guess what? I love America and I am staying. I don’t care if you think I need to move, or that I hate this country, or that I am a communist/marxist/socialist or whatever your buzzword of the day is because none of them are true. I am staying because this is my country and I will do whatever it takes to make it better. I won’t be bullied by the likes of you or your kind. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it is wrong. More than likely, if you don’t like it, it is the right way to live.

I wish you morons could distinguish what is and is not racist. Then maybe your dream world could become reality. NOT!

Several sponsors pulled out. This might kill that track, thnks to one stand-in dumbass.

not everybody is woke…we will survive

Who pulled out? I have money that I will spend elsewhere.

Track announcers get paid to say who won the last heat, who’s driving in the next heat, any promotions going on, and when the concession and beer stands close. Nobody asked for his stupid opinion.

Same for O’Biden then

Nobody asked you for your stupid opinion either. First, the track over-reacts, now you…See how that works?

kinda like you huh?

I know you are, but what am I? Duh.

snowflakes, buttercups, and sheep, oh my!!!

What sponsors pulled out? I wanna know, so I can vent my disapproval at their over-reacting woke-ness. See how that works?

Yeah, the guy shouldn’t have said those things, but EVERYBODY reading this knows Exactly what kinds of exasperation fuel rants like the one the announcer did. If you’re not fed up with a few (many) of the things going on every day and night, then you are not paying attention.

How bout those of us who agree with the track, boycott all the businesses that stayed with them? Then everybody looses.

‘Loses’ is the word you’re looking for. And, even more over-reacting is what you’re suggesting. So, you don’t see how that fails? The announcer said things he shouldn’t have, but the Algona track’s heavy-handed, virtue-signaling reaction only made it worse.

(LOOSES???) This right here proves the kind of people that support that POS racist announcer. All rednecks, high school dropouts, racists, fat ass orange man supporters.

Don’t give this racist more credit then he deserves! He probably never went to school!

Yes. If a Conservative disagrees with you, call him a racist and you win, Jussie.

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