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Opinion: Trout can swim free now that he is out of Eric’s sinister net

Brent Trout will no longer be bullied by Eric Bookmeyer

In Sunday’s Globe Gazette, John Skipper lauded his friend Brent Trout, it’s as it should be. My personal feeling for Brent Trout vacillated back and forth….I saw him locked into an impossible situation. The hardest part of his position was brought forth by Bookmeyer, a.k.a. The Dark Prince.

The political spectrum of our city has a weak Mayoral and a City Administrator form of government. Their duties are plainly stated, however, I think The Dark Prince bullied Trout in order create an atmosphere more conducive to his own advantage….and I think Trout’s surrender to these incidents were done as a way to avoid a confrontational atmosphere in City Hall.

Then there were wisps of conversation that indicated The Dark Prince wanted Trout’s job. With The Dark Prince in that slot it would be tantamount to having hurricane Harvey here on a permeant basis. It would be a curse, a pox on our city. Unthinkable cannot describe it. After serving two terms in that position he has nothing to point to that would serve as a landmark moment….on the contrary….even going out he has conjured up a hotel which this city doesn’t need and a ice rink that has the capacity to injury this city financially for decades to come. He was instrumental in selling Southbridge Mall to a man who allegedly has or had three arrests warrants out against him for non payment of labor.

We already have an ice rink at the Fair Grounds; if $500,000.00 were spent there it would make a wonderful transformation. If we followed The Dark Prince downtown it is said to cost between $18,000,000 and $36,000,000. What you are witnessing is a man suffering from egoism….a desperate last grab to create what in his mind would serve as a legacy. He wrote his own legacy page by page. One of which described what became a common occurrence when had to be carried out of taverns because he could no longer stand or walk.

Eric Bookmeyer bullied citizens, businesses, city employees, old people, hair stylists, city council members, bartenders… the list goes on and on. At least one man – Brent Trout – is off the list, finally.

The fact that The Dark Prince suffered from what outwardly gave substantial evidence of alcoholism became secondary. The primary issue was the galling fact that he had no regard for the office he held in this city. Another page had to contain the story of when he accompanied a council person and drove around this city to visit the advertisers of North Iowa Today to ask them to cancel their advertisements. By doing that he felt by choking off the revenue needed to operate….would result in closing down the publication he hated so much… the very one you are reading right now. If I am right I think what he had done was prosecutable. What we had here was a Mayor and a council person trying to destroy a viable business by closing off their cash flow. If one didn’t know better we could find similarities of that when compared to Trump’s attempt to shut down the Russian investigation by firing Comey the Director of the F.B.I. Didn’t work for The Dark Prince and didn’t work for Trump.

There are many more pages….part of which might be scheduled for a book. I urge you all to vote no on the Renaissance project; I urge you to vote for Max Weaver…. and I urge you to pray for all the people in Texas whose lives will never be the same.

Peter Children
Mason City, Iowa

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Until you can say your names it’s easy to slam people.
I would like a list of scams Weaver has pulled on the city.
Where you been, the last year’s have been hell on our city and lives of the people..
Vote Weaver! Y’all know better by now.

John Kendall
Professor Political Science

Another worthless diatribe from the biggest hater in Mason City.

Although I didn’t write this with hog confinement pans in mind. My heart goes out to Northwood…..dealing with environmental hazards that would put many lives at risk, maybe with symptoms that won’t appear for decade or more in advance.

Sounds of the trucks coming to this country every day from Mexico filled with produce, fruits and vegetables of every sort. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why these facilities couldn’t be built in Mexico along with the production process situated the long side of the inventory of hogs. They can be tracked up here in refrigerated trucks. Mexico has a cheap labor that companies like procedure looking for, they could process the meat or cheaper probably without health benefits.

I Believe the wrist to the community are catastrophic and the only one to school offered my thoughts are the ones who are raising the hogs.

So there are SOME clean waterways eh? 20 to 1 if you gave them an HONEST chemical test (ALL) not the DNR 3 chemical test they would fail ! PS -just because we have have some clean ones is NO excuse for the 750 POLLUTED ONES ! Avoid the problem -side step – deny – use whatever term you choose – kicking the can is going to bring serious problems if there not here already.

I apologize for they typos, used the voice activated procedure and failed to proof it.

Oh, so that’s what it was huh? I thought someone had injected your veins with air and you were on the verge of having a stroke.

Whatever Weaver did while sitting st that council table had sound reasoning behind it.

so, list all of his “accomplishments” in his previous stints in office. We would like to see that detailed list of actual accomplishments. We bet that his history is filled with more conflict than any actual solid progressive decision making. he’s as underqualified as bookmeyer turned out to be. and who wants a bum-looking person representing the city to outside businesses?

I’d like to see a list of Weavers accomplishments too. Seems he’s actually chased away existing businesses (IC systems) which is something no other mayor has done to my knowkegde…

Are you including in your sound reasoning comment the time Weaver suggested bringing strip clubs downtown?

hahahahahaha well, maybe you have a point with the strip clubs. as ironic as it may sound mason city did have a robust economy when there were several strip clubs and porn shops in the city. maybe he could rebuild those 2 industries for the city, laughing as I write this, he does dress for the part as a patron of those types of establishments. still laughing at him

I doubt we will be laughing when he is elected back onto the city Council. And he will get elected……

you’re wrong, we will still laugh as we watch him act like a bully and put his foot in his mouth on a regular basis. and still nothing will be accomplished because of his disruptions.

So, what have you ever done in your life? Weaver stands up and tries to make things better but, you just sit there and snipe at your better’s.

we’ve done and accomplished way more than weaver has and we never have to resort to demeaning others to get the task done. we know the meaning of the term compromise, rather than the childish ways that max demonstrates. like we said, just what did he ever accomplish while serving his previous terms? Honestly, there was never anything done by him other than to promote strife and conflict to the task at hand. so if you want another term filled with drama and probable embarrassment, max is your guy. Just remember, your neighbors to mason city are watching and tired of how the citizens of your town conduct themselves.

Bla, Bla, Bla. Are you ashamed to list what you have done? Just saying you did something means nothing.

We’re not running for office so we have no need to list our accomplishments. Weaver does and so should his radical followers. We’re tired of the people and city government of mason city giving our area a black eye

There isn’t enough room on this site to list Max’s accomplishments. You on the other hand must be a liar because you have none.

when we say accomplishments, we are talking positive growth to the community, not just his activist approach to topics or projects. Having knowledge and knowing how to transform that into positive progress are two different things, you idiot. We are still waiting for that list of positive productive economic results that is the result of him. Furthermore, if he is so great as you claim, why hasn’t he stepped into the public eye and released his platform of what his ideas are to bring to the table as representative of your community? Maybe he could start by cleaning up his junkyard and be a better visual example for the city.

I want to see Mason City grow and create great job opportunities for the region. Weaver is not the guy to make this happen and his childish tantrums at city council meetings have been a detriment to economic development in this community. He has nevered offered ‘solutions’, he only belittles and bullies others who have ideas for progress.

You just can’t stand it because Max tells the truth (something you know nothing about) and exposes people like you who are trying to cheat the taxpayers out of their money for your own gain.

Good luck to Trout as for Bookmeyer he has done nothing in 8 years for this city. He had a lot of big talk about being a recruiter but proof shows that’s all he is a lot of talk. He could never manage.

Putting Max Weaver back in office is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. He was a disgrace the last time he served and we know he has not changed his ways.

Max Weaver…

There probably isn’t anyone living in this city who is more knowledgeable when it comes to city government and community affairs. Max is obstinate and a little rough around the edges but he will show up to help before the rest of us know that help is needed ? He is conservative with your tax dollars, never has been reckless with debt. Needs a haircut and a shave and his clothes have holes in them but they are clean. He has new clothes hanging in his closet but he’s saving them for his funeral….When he says something, you can take it yo the bank…..any bank.

sorry, but his history in city politics shows nothing but conflict and bullying resistance; and the unwillingness to work with others. if you want mason city to go forward positively, find better people than those who have already had their chance to serve the city. And as an example of his nature is his unwillingness to take time to make a statement when he filed his paperwork for candidacy. His refusal to make even a simple statement should speak volumes to his hidden agenda

Putting Max back in office will be the best thing for this city and for all its citizens. VOTE MAX

didn’t know that this was the comic section, max is a clown

Max Weaver is a fool, an even bigger fool that Peter Children. Weaver is a toxic idiot who is only out for himself, enamored by the sound of his own voice.

I am not in the dark, I wrote that thinking my name would appear

Just what does that mean? I don’t need your name but why don’t you explain why you hide from friends and neighbors, unless of course you have no friends. You must have neighbors unless you,live in the woods? It’s easy to criticize shrouded in darkness protected from being criticized yourself

Bad choice of words – You would have a hard time finding a non polluted waterway in Iowa that’s not polluted like most parts of all levels of so called government.

there are hundreds of clean waters, maybe you should go outside and travel around to find them instead of just sitting at your keyboard believing everything you read only because it fits your agenda

People who voted for Trump (who won by the way) will never follow the advice of a Trump hater. Your article was discredited when you attacked Trump. That is to bad because the rest of the article was decent.

Pretty sure the article was discredited by anyone of average or better intelligence just by knowing its published by NIT.

You obviously do not like N.I.T. So, why don’t you go away and stay away. We don’t like you either.

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