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Police nab man allegedly burglarizing cars in Mason City

Evenson in cuffs as he is arrested Wednesday morning
Evenson in cuffs as he is arrested Wednesday morning

MASON CITY – Police are still investigating, but have a man in custody that they say was breaking into vehicles in Mason City.

The man in custody is 29-year-old Jamie Lee Evenson, unknown address. He stands charged, so far, with two counts of felony third-degree burglary and is now in the Cerro Gordo county jail.

The incident unfolded early Wednesday, when police took reports of a man on a bike with a black backpack looking into cars on the city’s east side.

“We are still taking reports,” a police spokesman told NIT. “Appears he was entering unlocked vehicles and possibly breaking into others while riding around on a bicycle.”

Police officers photograph a black backpack for evidence
Police officers photograph a black backpack for evidence

A number of law enforcement officers arrived on the scene sometime after 7 AM, near South Louisiana Avenue. There, they had Evenson in cuffs as they searched the nearby homes and yards for evidence.

“I also overheard (police) laughing after finding a pocket knife in back pack and a mag lite flashlight,” in the black backpack, NIT is told by a bystander. “Cop in uniform told me earlier they were looking for a black shirt, and he now just told me they found it.”

Police say more charges may be coming, “so I can’t give you the final draft yet. We have reports from 800 block 12th NE to 1400 block 6th SE to some on South Illinois.”

Evenson, Jamie Lee
Evenson, Jamie Lee

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Rocks it all starts there

I am sure this is the guy who I chased out of my garage a month ago. Now I have a name to go with the face that I had at gun point for a spit second before he bolted.

What is your purpose for even taking the time to make that ridiculous comment? I bet your the same Anonymous who wrote that someone’s name was the part of reason for their behavior. It is so stupid its funny…but damn man you throw in some wacky . And they are never anything worth responding to and do nothing other than make heads shake or humor B movie type fans. I’ll take it. No matter how dumb, its pretty hilarious . Nevertheless; the officer is just fine, it is the angle the photo was taken at.

My car was broken in to and I’m very glad he’s been caught, he went through all of my belongings and searched my entire car.

Who in the hell is the cop in the top picture?
He seriously needs to lay off the freakin’ donuts.

Catch you looking in my car buddy I’ll take you for a ride in the country and give you some old fashion education on what happens to scumbags who try and still from me.I live on the east side and I quess you can call yourself lucky it wasn’t me that the cars belonged to.Cars are on my private property you would of been tagged and your *ss would of been mine.Would of been great way for me to start my day.

I bet you the bike laying there is stolen,what do you bet?

This isnt his first rodeo and if he keeps getting a slap on his wrist it sure the hell wont be his last.

Thanks to whoever reported this thief. Everybody needs to be aware of whats going on around them, instead of living in a daze. If you see something odd/unusual in your neighborhood or anywhere on the streets, report it. That’s what the neighborhood watch used to be about.

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