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What Can You Use Solar Energy For

There are many benefits to using environmentally friendly alternatives around the home and in the workplace, and they are coming more to light every day. If you are looking to take your green relationship to the next level, you might have started thinking about solar energy

The question you might be wondering is, ‘what can you actually use solar energy for around your home and office?’ The answers may surprise you, so read on to find out more.

Heat Your Water

Did you know that solar panel energy can be used to heat up the water you use to take a bath or shower? This can be remarkably energy and financially efficient if you have a whole family to wash. First, you have the collector panel. This is the panel that people can spot on roofs and is what ‘collects’ the energy from the sunlight. They do not need to be tied to the roof, but that location is commonly chosen as it is the more direct path to sunlight with limited obstacles in the way. Small pipes keep the water warm and circulating underneath, as if the water was in a greenhouse, ready for use. 

If you have an extensive holding or access to a large area, spaces in places such as open fields also work well for solar panels, especially if you do not want the panels to be installed on your home. You can contact the experts at to find out more about having solar energy for the home.

Use Solar Power for Cooking 

Solar power energy can also be used for cooking! If you are camping or having an outdoor adventure, a solar-powered cooker can be a lifesaver when you want a hot drink or meal at the end of a long day. 

Solar-powered cookers work by directing sunlight into one point, so it is able to maximize heat and energy in one area. This is the point that is used for cooking whatever you would like, though some food will definitely work better than others. The insulating materials encourage the heat to pass through the food to be cooked, and there are also other mechanisms such as a convection current, which is used to heat up any cooler areas. 

Recharge Batteries 

Rechargeable batteries are very important for the environment, as it cuts down on waste.

They can also be extremely handy, as these days, you are more likely to have a cable handy than you are to be able to locate some batteries. 

Fortunately, you can also use solar energy to recharge batteries when you are most likely to need them the most and are not near any electrical outputs. Use something as simple as a solar-powered bank to charge anything you need up – just keep it on your dashboard or on a keyring out in the open in the daytime. You can also use an actual solar panel. There is just one thing to consider here, the output of any solar energy must be a greater voltage than the one under charge.

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