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MCPL holds Supernatural Presentation

This news story was published on November 12, 2011.
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MASON CITY – Yes, The Mystery Machine was outside the Mason City Public Library this past Saturday. It was not Scooby Doo and the Gang, but the Supernatural Research Society of Iowa (SRSOI). “We do our Best Work in the Dark” is their slogan.

The Mason City Public Library hosted the SRSOI Saturday, November 5th. They gave a free paranormal presentation for teens and adults in the Mason City Room.

They had a guest speaker, Randa LeJeune, who restored and owns the most haunted house in Des Moines, the Hill Top Manor. She spoke of the ghosts that have been seen and the reason why they were there. From being built on an Indian Burial ground to being located on the site of Iowa’s worst lost of lives in a fire. The Coronado Apartments fire left seven people dead and five spirits remain on site. She talked of the deadliest train wreck, in Iowa, where the train whistle can still be heard even though the tracks are no longer there. She had many interesting stories to tell.

The Supernatural Research Society of Iowa was planning to set up equipment at 8:00 pm in the library to see if they could pick up any paranormal activity going on there.

The Supernatural Research Society was formed in 2008 by a group of individuals who share a passion for the paranormal. They are a non-profit organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, with experienced members who donate their time and resouces. They do not ever charge for their investigations and advise you never to use any group that does.

The SRSOI reseach private homes, museums, businesses, unused buildings, property and cemeteries for evidence of supernatural occurrences. All cases are taken seriously and they will maintain the confidentiality of their clients.

With the popularity of shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Adventurers, Paranormal Witness and A Haunting, there is no longer a stigma attached to individuals who are experiencing paranormal activity. “Ghost Hunting” groups can be found in every state and is world-wide. Depending on the poll, studies have found that between 33% and 57% of people in the United States believe in ghosts; about 20% have seen a spirit.

The equipment the Supernatural Research Society of Iowa use are laptop computers, monitors, parabolic microphones, infra red lighting and camcorders, digital thermometers, electro magnetic field detectors, and global positions systems.

If you would like their services go to, or find them on facebook or email them at

What to Expect if you call for their services: “Our team will arrive promptly at the designated time and begin a “walk-through” tour of the property. During this time, we will become familiar with the layout and you will be asked to show us the area where you have experienced unexplained sights and sounds.”

“The team will begin to set up equipment, take electronic readings throughout the area as well as numerous photographs. We communicate with each other via two-way radios. Once preparations are completed, we will announce the next sequence of events, such as quiet time, questions, and experiments so that everyone will know how to proceed”

“The length of our investigation depends on the level of paranormal activity,” says the Supernatural Research Society of Iowa.”

Their Case Manager will contact you to acquire information about unusual occurrences experienced in your home or building. Depending on the age and location of your property, the Archivist will also research the historical background of the building or property and genealogical information on the owners.





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