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Want to bow hunt in Mason City parks? Turn in an ap

Hunt in parks
Hunt in parks

MASON CITY – Mason City police are now accepting applications from persons interested in bow hunting within designated parks within the city.

In October, the Park Board approved hunting in Parker’s Woods, MacNider, Murphy and Georgia Hanfor parks as well as Highland Park Golf Course. Rules and regulations have been established by the Park Board and police.

Application packets may be picked up, and dropped off, at the Mason City Police Department, 78 South Georgia Avenue, Monday through Friday from 8:00 Am to 4:30 PM. Applications are also available for download on the city’s website,

A limited number of hunters will be allowed in each area. Selection will be established with a lottery drawing.

Police said that bow hunting is allowed on any property within the city limits with prior approval and application through the police department.

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This activity is Safe and will be monitored though the application process. It is not like you are going to see thousands of arrows flying in the air.

You sure about that?

Why don’t you go for a walk and find out.

I’m a cellar dweller…that would be outside my habits and comforts.

no comment

you just did.

You will be in Colorado anyway, so what does this hunt matter to you?

I want to know my fellow Iowans are evolving past the cruel barbarity and reckless abandon of inner city hunts. The deer have sought refuge in our city limits, and we should be gracious hosts.

There will be more than enough room in your mommies basement for all the deer you are so concerned about once you un-ass the area and move to Colorado as you promised.

Peter, you spent months trying to convince us that you were the most intelligent person alive and then you say stuff like this.

There’s been enough chronic wasting down in that basement as it is, I couldn’t wish for more. Free the deer, and put a hard boiled egg on your thumb and set out a warm bowl of tomato soup for the crows in Central Park while ur at it. (In memory of haldol victim Roger “high step” red jacket)


Just like safe driving will be monitored thru the application process. Baloney….. it all looks good on paper.

Just like safe driving will be monitored thru the application process. Baloney….. it all looks good on paper.

I think a hunt at the golf course makes sense. It’s a large area that isn’t used during the hunting season. Doing a deer hunt in Parker’s Woods is just stupid. The area is so small and has a trail through it.

My son walks those trails alot and does see deer there all the time but I do admit it is a small area for bow hunting, just sayin.

This is a TERRIBLE IDEA! You will also be taking the parks away from citizens who use it for other uses. This was never discussed by OUR community, they just did it…Again!

Hey Matt stay away from these areas it will just give these CLOWNS an excuse to take you down!

Why does it seem that our leaders are becoming more and more DUMB?


I don’t think this is a good idea but of course it’s already a done deal. I really hope they put a lot of stipulations on this hunt. Warn the public in advance. I walk the wooded path that runs along Willow Creek thru Parker’s Woods all the time with my dog. Am I or my dog going to be in the path of a hunter’s arrow? Not a good idea!!!

Be careful make sure you & your dog have reflective clothing at least!

Just another ploy by the corporate insurance companies to kill more deer _ Saves them alot of money honey!

I agree this is ridiculous; stray bullets and arrows travel great distances. Can you account for every child who may be hiding behind brush? Every homeless person who may have sought refuge in a patch of trees? My prior point stands: Why just because you see some extra wildlife around do you automatically want to kill it? I enjoyed seeing several deer around Menards the other day. It’s obvious they are seeking shelter from upcoming deer season. Brutal and heartless.

“It’s obvious they are seeking shelter from upcoming deer season.” Are you a deer whisperer now too? Do you really talk to the animals Philly, really?

Think of all the meals these deer could provide if some of the meat is donated to the needy. Would you be against that too? How about if you volunteered to help process the venison so that it could be turned into meals for the needy. That’d be kind of Buddhist wouldn’t it????

Buzz your not understanding the point. “ITS DANGEROUS TO HUNT IN A PARK” there is ALOT of people around. The city is just asking for trouble in so many ways.
It seems like ‘Someone’ in city hall likes to hunt that’s probably why they passed this idiot idea!

“Alot” is not a word. I can tell you have never bow hunted. Let alone, a lot.

NO I have never ‘bow hunted’ before. I don’t kill animals. I don’t care what Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City does I don’t live around there. Its a bad idea and it affects everyone’s safety.

ALOT of ignorance around here!

I understand the point completely and thoroughly. Ask the city leaders of Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Iowa City (to mention but a few), how many injuries to the public have happened as a result of these urban deer hunts.

How many of you went to the Park Board meeting when this was discussed?

@Buzz-You just can’t fix stupid. Look how long we have been working with Philamena. Of course Philamena (he/she) is a somewhat deranged individual. He/she even managed to piss “maybe” off and “maybe” is about as understanding and reasonable as someone can be.

If #maybe is reasonable and understanding, then he certainly can understand how important it is for Americans not to be snakecharmed into electing more Republican obstructionists who have no plan, export jobs, widen the gap between rich and poor, and build more prisons to incarcerate humans at slave prison wages. He can also understand that veterans and future soldiers are FAR better off when Democrats are steering the ship. #maybe has a lot to be thankful for from Dems.

you are so frikken stupid peter, you really need help. I may respond to some of the stupid things you say but I am done debating you because you can’t change a brick wall.

@maybe-As I said, you just can’t fix STUPID.

That is a good point but a bogus argument. Failure to attend any public meeting does not trump ones right to express an opinion.

“That is a good point but a bogus argument. Failure to attend any public meeting does not trump ones right to express an opinion.”

I couldn’t agree more with you and your statement. We all are entitled to our own opinions. My opinion is; these can be and are safe methods used to control urban deer populations. And just because people didn’t attend the Park Board meeting, doesn’t mean the board didn’t deliberate long and hard on their decision to allow this hunt.

@anonymous…While I appreciate your opinion, I pointed out the other cities that have urban deer hunting only to show people that these hunts can be and have been, held safely. And, these cities are by far bigger in population too.

I’ll ask the question again; How many of you went to the Park Board meeting when this was discussed?

I am not saying that it is a very bad idea, I am saying that the bow hunters have to be careful. I had the shot of a lifetime years ago, a buck refused to come out of a thicket so I finally got a clear shot and when I released the arrow the wind blew a small branch in the way. The arrow hit the branch and went straight up and then hit another branch and went down and hit the deer in the spine below the neck and dropped him right there. A ricochet can send the arrow in another direction.

@maybe-the last time I went deer hunting I had a perfect shot at a large buck. It looked so alive in the early light I just couldn’t shoot. Instead, I took out my camera and took it’s picture just so I could show everyone I could have shot it.

Yeah but Buzz people around here are not that smart so that makes a huge difference. I didn’t attend no park board meeting because public opinions fall on deaf ears anyway.

What a joke! How “severe” is the deer problem within the city and how did our leadership come to the conclusion that hunting in town is justified? How many deer/car accidents have we experienced? What is the cost/extent of property destruction caused by deer? Any human fatalities or health risks? Perhaps they are really Talliban dressed in deer costumes for Halloween, makes about as much sense.

These hunts should have been for the handicap or disabled!!

So u are saying that we should hunt people with disabilities? So, like you are going to go over to Opportunity Village and NIVC and start shooting??? What in the hell are u thinking???

Statically, bowhunting is probably safer than bowling.

Many other cities allow bowhunting as a very safe and viable way to control urban deer populations. Thanks to the Park Board for making this decision, for the benefit of all.

Id be willing to live on the wild side and promote a bowling for deer season here in Mason City.

“Sorry about Little Billy, I thought he was deer.”

Attention all hunters…I saw some deer at East Park!

This is a BAD IDEA!!! And once again it is a “Done Deal” WITHOUT any public input. Just another example of our terrible city government.

You have got to be kidding me… This will be a great excuse for people to whack someone and say it was an accident. With all the nut jobs we have in this town, this ought to be a hoot!!

And, the first time a child gets hurt or killed in the parks, who will be to blame??

This is absolutely insane..

Have you seen how many car deer accidents there have been in and around town lately?

I see an accident waiting to happen. Why on earth would you allow this while so many people are around?

Dahhhh. If so many people are around the deer won’t be!! Da.

I live in town and I have had deer in my yard, they get used to humans being around but just cautious enough to not let them near.

I have seen deer running down 14th st. N.W. several times and we see them every week on 12th N.E. and Carolina. We have even seen them by Good Shepard several times and of course, always at Elmwood Cemetery. Lot’s of Deer around town. My nephew lives by Highland and he has them in his backyard all the time.

So just because you see deer you want to kill them? You’d rather see no life around because you’re scared of motion and creatures different than yourself. What a strange type of mind that wants to kill everything it sees.

Your ignorance shows no bounds. Anybody that is a hunter or even law enforcement or DNR knows that overpopulation will destroy the ecosystem plus cause more accidents putting people in danger. The only way around that is hunting.

A Liberal mind that is too ignorant to see what maybe just said and understand that he is EXACTLY right is a strange one indeed.

@Philamena-You really do work at being stupid.

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