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Senate candidate Dietz tours ethanol plant

This news story was published on October 10, 2014.
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Shawn Dietz, Republican candidate for Iowa Senate

Shawn Dietz, Republican candidate for Iowa Senate

MASON CITY – Yesterday, Republican State Senate Candidate, Shawn Dietz of Hampton, enjoyed a plant tour and meeting with members of the management team at the Golden Grain Energy facility in Mason City. Following his visit, Dietz issued this statement, “It was truly and educational and eye opening experience in many ways. Chief Operations Officer, Chad Kuhlers; Commodity Manager, Curt Strong; and Chief Financial Officer, Christy Marchand all did an excellent job presenting the opportunities and challenges they see as an Ethanol producer in North Iowa.

I was pleased to hear that the Ethanol industry is growing, remains competitive, and has more room to grow, despite losing tax incentives in 2011. What I was displeased with, is the fact that ethanol is not allowed equal access to the marketplace. Many times in the course of our conversation yesterday, I heard the Golden Grain team talk about the need for fairness in the marketplace; at no point did they ever suggest that the heavy hand of government “help” them, other than to level the playing field with the oil industry, and allow the market to work.

It was also clear that we need to address burdensome regulation that has no logic. We talked at length about EPA overreach. As someone who understands the proper role of the Federal government, I do not believe in any regulation or rule that has not first passed examination by the People through their Representatives in Congress. I’m committed to reducing the heavy burden of the EPA on Iowa agriculture as a whole, including our friends who produce Ethanol. The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is intended to protect States from the gross overreach that we are seeing from Federal regulatory bodies, and the State Legislature can and must act on these issues.

I’m happy to do what I can in anyway to help level the playing field, as I discussed with Chad, Curt, and Christy, to ensure a fair marketplace. I do believe strongly that one of our biggest national security threats is our dependence on foreign oil, and so anything we can do to reduce that dependence is something that I am in support of; especially if we can do it while using a product native to Iowa.”

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2 Responses to Senate candidate Dietz tours ethanol plant

  1. Grizz Reply Report comment

    October 10, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    The ethanol debate goes on and on. Does anyone remember when ethanol was marketed as a “green” renewable fuel which would lessen our dependence on foreign oil, hence the rational for tax breaks and production mandates? Those arguments were sketchy then and are still today. Mr. Dietz seems to have been duped by the people who prosper the most from these policies . For a small government man I’m surprised to see him pimping for an industry that has made it’s fortune manipulating what he is…

    • maybe Reply Report comment

      October 10, 2014 at 10:27 pm

      If a person doesn’t like Dietz then no matter what he does people will complain.