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State trooper ticketed for speeding with Branstad in vehicle

iowa dept of public safetyDes Moines, IOWA — The Department of Public Safety has concluded the review of the allegations of both work rule violations and a traffic offense involving two on-duty state Troopers.

Regarding the complaint of a traffic offense, Trooper Steve Lawrence was cited for speeding in Hamilton County on April 26, 2013, 84 m.p.h. in a 65 m.p.h. zone. The citation was issued on Thursday, July 25, 2013.

Concerning the allegation of work rule violations, a confidential personnel investigation has been completed. The completion of the investigation resulted in appropriate discipline for Trooper Steve Lawrence. Trooper Matt Eimers did not receive discipline as a result of his compliance with Departmental policies.

Commissioner London stresses the importance of serving as an example, “The peace officers of the Department of Public Safety must lead by example and obey our traffic laws at all times. We remain committed to serving Iowans professionally and acting in accordance with the law and Departmental policies.”

A review of Department of Public Safety policy was completed by members of the State Patrol Command Staff. This review resulted in a recommendation to strengthen the policy outlining the Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Protection Unit Troopers by adding reinforcing language from the DPS policy on vehicle operations:

“While providing transportation for the Governor, First Lady, First Family, Lieutenant Governor and other dignitaries, Executive Protection Unit Troopers are subject to rules, requirements and restrictions imposed by law, and applicable Department standards, and will operate state vehicles in accordance with section IV of DPS Operating Manual 22-03.06 (General Guidelines Regarding Operation of State Vehicles).”

This policy addition has been recommended by Commissioner Brian London and Colonel David Garrison, Chief, State Patrol Division. However, the policy revision must follow departmental protocol including following our implementation protocols. The implementation protocol includes a review and comment period by several members of the Department along with the State Peace Officer’s Council.

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Almost every time i had a speeding ticket the officer was nice enough to reduce it a little to give me a break. So, cutting this officer a little slack is just fine. I love how everybody bashes on the police but who are the first ones they call when they are in trouble? That’s right, the police. Generally it’s the people on the wrong side of the law that do the complaining. Try woking with law enforcement instead of working against them.

I totally agree with you Tony, I have only had one (1) ticket, and it was speeding I was doing 7 MPH over the speed limit, and the trooper wrote me for doing 5 over, Granted I was only 17 at the time, so that was 10 years ago, BUT he did say he was impressed with me wearing my seatbelt, having insurance,and being respectful, they do this to make you feel like they did you a personal favor by saving you a little money, while also giving you a friendly reminder to obey the law, so if you get pulled over, be respectful, honest, and all should go well. so if they cut this trooper some slack for speeding and he still gets a ticket, where it comes out of his pocket book, justice has been served, now for the reporting officer getting fired, thats a different can of worms to open.

@Jeremy, you’re right. I was in my early 20’s, driving a sporty new red Mustang and got caught going 61 down a hill right after the speed limit changed from 70 to 55. The trooper gave me a reminder of the new speed limit and only gave me a warning. It wouldn’t have happened had that car had cruise control, because I normally set that at the speed limit.

And what is with cruise controls? I have a 10-year old vehicle that has never controlled the speed going down hills. My older vehicles used to keep to the speed limit going down hills. I don’t know what present cruise controls do. I hate having to brake or hit the minus sign to slow down to keep from speeding going down a big hill, let alone a little one.

I also can agree with Tony, Jeremy and Katie. basically they are saying take your punishment politely and dont complain. Weelllllll thats what the rest of us are saying also. driving the Gov, or any Government vehicle and get caught speeding. then you should get, and pay the fine like an adult. And not 3 months later because of all the bad publicity. remember those 3200 vehicles that have a license to speed? Something wrong with that.
Yes I have been given tickets. and I have paid them because I was guilty.

Who gives a shit? People speed every day. Just because it is the Governor’s driver it’s make a big deal out of. What a crock. Reducing the ticket is commonplace for everyone. This is not news or even good gossip!

If there is ANYONE in the state of IOWA that should be setting a good example of doing the right thing. it should be the Governor and his associates. this is why the story is different than others.

90mph, reduced to just under 20 over. the fix is in!

OK… Glad this happened. however why did it take so long for a ticket to be given? Could it have anything to do with public pressure?
Also by making this ruling it tells me that the dept of public safety has determined that it is against the law to speed even if you have a government license tag. (With the exception of safety vehicles and troopers on a mission). why then is it allowable for all those 3200 state vehicles with gov plates to be allowed to speed thru traffic cameras? I dont think the Dept of Public Safety is done making statements. they also need to clarify if it is legal or not for them to speed.
One last thing… wasnt it reported in the news that the Governors SUV was driving closer to 90 mph? I see the officer was ticketed for only 84mph. I WONDER IF THERE IS A DIFFERENCE IN A TICKET OVER 20 COMPARED TO UNDER 20 MPH?????????

25 mph over posted speed limit results in AUTOMATIC loss of license on the spot~ so yeah, there is a HUGE difference…

but I still dont understand why the officer only got a ticket for 84 when it was stated in the article he was driving closer to 90. could there be any favoritism going on here??? I would hate to think the governors driver would get any special treatments.

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