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Trend continues: Enrollment numbers steady or falling in Mason City (VIDEO)

Hal Minear explains MCCSD enrollment numbers for 2012-2013 school year.
Hal Minear explains MCCSD enrollment numbers for 2012-2013 school year.

MASON CITY – The number of students in school in the Mason City School District during the 2012-2013 school year held steady or declined as the school year progressed, according to school district officials at Monday’s School Board meeting.

Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services Hal Minear said Monday that elementary school numbers throughout the school year “have stayed fairly consistent.”   The district started the year with 2,o69 elementary students and ended the year with 2,070 students.

Four year old preschool numbers started at 146 and ended at 148, Minear said.

The numbers declined from there.

Middle school students dropped from 561 students to 549 students.

High School students showed the “largest decline,” Minear said.  The number of students dropped from 1,047 at the beginning of the school year to 986.  Including the Alternative School, the numbers went from 1,138 to 1,068.

Total enrollment was 3,835 at the end of the 2012-2013 school year.   The district started with 3,914 students.

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When I finally accepted that The Chamber of Commerce and City Government was working hand in had to keep Mason City a bedroom community I moved my family to Texas and am I ever glad I did. We are way better off, financially and educationally.

Mason City is way to negative. Until control of Mason City is wrestled away from the control freaks that run the city nothing good is going to happen.

When I read about your current crop of elected officials the negativism comes through loud and clear. Also, reading the Globe online, John Skipper and the publisher are a couple of nutcases that lie constantly to the people of Mason City. People in Mason City are uninformed and misinformed.

You have a real mess on your hands. Schools are going to continue to shrink.

I know, we should hire more teachers now! And administrators, that way we will eventually reach PAR with student /teacher ratio! Then we will finally get to the top of the education rankings I’ll bet!

You can’t use the number of homes for sale as an indication of the number of people leaving the area. They can be relocating to other parts of the city for upgrading houses. You also don’t have the rental occupancy rate. The number of houses for sale are low compared to other years.

Ever look at the garage sale ads that also include the words “Moving Sale”? A lot of those people are not just moving across town. The reasons for moving out of town can vary greatly of course, but one certainly has to wonder just what all is behind the numbers in this story. Unfortunately, many of those who have left are probably testament to what is, and has been, going on in Mason City.

The numbers can also be seen on the North Iowa Realty site. More than 290 homes are for sale, just in Mason City with only eight of them sold, and many more listed as reduced. This city has caught a plague from its local governemnt and its casuing many residents to leave. I in fact know of five more individuals that will be leaving this town this summer, and I pray I can do the same.

The school year is way too long. For years, Mason City has applied for an exception to start school before Labor Day and end school after Memorial Day. Elemetnary school kids are to young to care and middle school and high school students are better educated to complete school online with home school services. Thankfuly, if the bill gets passed, starting in 2014, Mason City will not be able to begin the year before Labor day and end the year after Memeorial Day. But, if State school enrollment is up and Mason City is down, what else are they doing wrong? I have my own answers but noone will listen.

Less and less kids? That means we need to spend more and more!

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