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Despite enhanced penalties signed into Iowa law, alleged domestic abuser charged only with misdemeanor

Cerro Gordo county courthouse

MASON CITY – Cerro Gordo county prosecutors may not be bringing the full force of Iowa laws against perpetrators of domestic assault.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed into law Senate File 93 on February 15th, 2012, which enhances the penalty for certain domestic abuse assault cases, most notably cases that involve strangulation.

The new law states that “For a domestic abuse assault committed by knowingly impeding the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of another by applying pressure to the throat or neck of the other person or by obstructing the nose or mouth of the other person, and causing bodily injury, the person commits a class “D” felony.”

Despite this new law, it has been brought to the attention of that one of the latest cases of domestic assault in Mason City that fits the criteria of this law brought only a misdemeanor charge against the accused person.

Bryon Michael Sletten, 46, was arrested at a location in the 600 block of South Connecticut Avenue by Mason City police at about 1:20 AM Sunday, December 9th.  Records show that the description of Sletten’s alleged crime as “domestic abuse assault impeding flow of air/blood.”

According to records and sources close to the victim, despite the fact that strangulation was involved in the alleged crime, Sletten was charged only with an aggravated misdemeanor (Iowa code 708.2A(2)(d)).

These sources also said that “(Sletten) was just released on $300 cash and already attempted contact (with the victim) within 5 (minutes) of release.”

A phone call to Cerro Gordo County Attorney Carlyle Dalen for comment was not immediately returned.  NIT will update this story when and if Mr. Dalen offers any new information.

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If the Mr. Dalen finds time to awnser, can you ask him why he plea bargained case FECR021331 (CERRO GORDO) MANNING, BRANDON C (RV). Police originally charged him with this CLASS D FELONY 708.2A(4A) DOMESTIC ABUSE ASSAULT IMPEDING AIR/BLOOD FLOW CAUSING BODILY INJURY. According to court records on Dec 4th the Judge Davenport approved a plea bargain outlined by our CA’s office, APP/ORDER TO AMEND TO LESSER OFFENSE;ANENDED TO DOMESTIC ASSAULT IMPEDING AIR FLOW (AGMS).

In addition to this look up setnencing guidelines for 3rd offense domestic in Iowa. They call for a 5 year prison term with no less then 1 year served before parole. At least 10 men have been arrested for this in the last year, guess how many the county attrney has given a plea bargain deal for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th plea of guilt to 2nd offense in order to avoid that 3rd strike.

Mr Dalen you truely are a poorly skilled prosicuter. You have forgotten the 1st rule. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT THE VICTIM, NOW DAYS IT SEEMS YOU REPRESENT THE CRIMINAL.

when you meddle in anothers relationship..karma returns to also ruin yours

There are two levels of strangulation it is a felony if the victim required medical care if not he was charged correctly. My question is why was they victim with somebody with a long record already?

Don’t hold your breath or cross your fingers on Dalen returning ANY phone calls you make to him. He views domestic abuse and sexual assaults as a nuisance to him and his valuable time. His specialty is revolving door low level drug users and abusers. Arrest, release, repeat. Wonder what year it was he actually TRIED a case and won? Or lost for that matter. Get off your lazy, scared, plead everything down ass and give some of these female victims some justice.

What’s the point of the police arresting anyone if they get away with everything at court? Disgusting.

Sletton is a LOSER. Not sure who’s worse tho, him or his little retarded son.

Damn Trailer Park!

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