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Another attack on NIT today

by Matt Marquardt –

Blogger attacks NIT. A photoshopped graphic sent from a blogger.

In the wake of the recent denial of service attack on, a new attack on NIT surfaced today.

A blogger over the weekend took it upon himself to personally attack me and with insults and false accusations, and even took time to create and send to me the graphic you see at right.  A blogger who uses the creative name “Tom” stole a picture from my Facebook page and, very amateurishly, used graphic-editing software to create this rendering of me seemingly after an arrest.

From “Tom” the blogger on the denial of service story:

“I have to wonder why a bunch of people would launch massive campaigns against you to bring you down? Perhaps you’re shady or something? Or you report crappy news? Or maybe your news is libelous? Or maybe it’s North Iowa Mugshots – and the fact that you make it out to be this great public service, but all you really do is stir up more trouble and hate?  Gosh, other than all of that – I’m not sure why anyone would be so mad at you!”

Well , Tom, let me take a few moments out of my busy day to address your attacks.

The most glaring error, outside of spelling my name wrong and the fact that Mason City police do not take jail photos, was that your connection between myself and the popular Facebook page North Iowa Mugshots is ridiculous.

Let me say again for the record, I have absolutely nothing to do with North Iowa Mugshots.  I hear it is run by three individuals, who may or may not even be local to North Iowa.  Heck, they do not need my help, they are doing just fine with their 19,000 plus followers.

Furthermore, as I have written many times, there are certain people living amongst us that cannot stand what we do here at NIT.  They hate the truth, they hate what we do, they do not want me at City Council meetings and County Supervisor meetings.  They are upping the stakes, using an means they can find to take NIT down.  This is all a part of their attack machine.

I would say to “Tom” or anyone out there, that if you believe that I am untruthful in my reporting, go to a lawyer.  Another option for you, “Tom,” would be to simply write your own op-ed and send it to to be published.  Go ahead and call me out, point out my mistakes.  I’m man enough to admit when I am wrong.  Use your real name and prepare for the debate if you think you can handle it.

The point here is that “Tom” seems to believe that I or has something to hide, an agenda, of some kind.

Neither I nor NIT have anything to hide; we tell all to the public, everyday.  Everything we got.  Our only agenda is the truth and telling the stories no one else will tell or talk about.  That’s it, end of story.

Now, let’s see what the attack machine has in store next.  I’ll keep you posted.


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