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Op-ed: On sale of fairground land: Why now? (by Peter Children)

And now the purple shades of twilight fall, or so the song goes. Or; and now the county board of supervisors look into the possibility of selling the Fairground.  As much as I personally want to see it sold, this stinks to high hell of ….lets cover our ass and gain public sentiment.

For years, not months, but years the board has claimed immunity from obligation on all matters concerning that hotbed of aleadged corruption.  They did this by claiming to have no jurisdiction over that operation….now that a lawsuit has been filed, and the shit is going to hit the fan, these three guys want to get in the shower to make sure none of what is coming sticks to them. That is what I think.  I am not saying they backed their truck up to the back door as others are aleadged to have, but rather to become disinfected beyond question.

Why now? Two supervisors are up for reelection, do they now want to show concern all of a sudden, now after the bingo money is gone and the beer has all been sold.

This is what I think; once the suit is filed they have 20 days to respond, that window will close on Sunday meaning response needs to be delivered by Friday.  I predict a settlement is on the horizon.  A settlement out of court will keep the public from knowing what was….and still is taking place behind that barb wire fence.  Ask yourself this question; at what point does the public, (that’s you & I) have a say in this? When do we get to speak on this matter?

I have spoken to anonymous sources on the inside who trust I will not revel their names and I won’t. They tell me the majority of fair board members all have or had something to sell the fair, one thing or another….they personally benefitted in a montenary fashion.

And now we have this same group asking permission to sell a portion of the land to improve the fair so they can take in more money, maybe sell more beer and have even bigger bingo games. Listen! It’s the same people who drove this bus into the ditch, now they want a new bus.  What do you think of that? I think they should all resign…now! Get out. Not all are selling or benefitting, I am not going to paint all these people with the same brush because some certainly do not deserve it.  Understand something here; as it currently stands…these people have no boss, no supervisory person to whom they have to account to.  Read it again, understand what I said.  No accountability what so ever.  This group has repeadtly failed to show a profit or even break even, but they want to unload land to get more money to keep their dog and pony show running as long as possible.

And now as of 3:16 pm I have learned that a “proposal” has been signed by a county representative in “blank” with the listing agent, EXIT REALITY to sell s specific section of land. The broker is Brian Carlson a former fair board member.  Why was this business handed over to one specific agency? This is not a tough question; it should have been listed in the realestate section of the paper with the legal description and a  open invitation all licensed to submit bids. What the hell is going on here?  This is public property, not private, the public has a say in this. The State Attorney General’s Office needs to look at this.  Is this a Court House or a bordello?

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