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Op-ed by Carl Grover: Lucky Devil

I’ve been a vocal opponent of drug testing for more than 20 years. Not surprisingly, these objections have fallen on deaf ears.

The bottom line is, our bodies are sacred and we’ve allowed that sanctity to be violated.

Since nobody cares anyway, let’s say the hell with our dying Constitution and our Bill of Rights for a moment and address a darker side of this burning issue.

While many people lazily accepted drug testing as the greatest weapon in the war on drugs, one of my earliest concerns was that it would push people in to more dangerous behavior.

Sadly, this particular prediction has proven to be deadly accurate.

Certainly it isn’t always the case but to ignore the side effects of drug testing and dismiss the role it has played in the rising tide of risky behavior is socially irresponsible.

The legal and employable risks have forced many people to search out other forms of riskier highs, preferably, by experimenting with substances that can’t be detected through a drug test.

To be blunt, marijuana users are punished more harshly and more often for one simple scientific fact.

Marijuana use can be detected in your system for several weeks, whereas harsher drugs such as meth and cocaine can only be detected within 2 or 3 days of use.

Arguably the mildest of illicit drugs with proven medical benefits, responsible marijuana users are among the casualties of this misguided and over-reaching war.

Many of you have read about the horrifying consequences related to the use of products such as bath salts or incense.

They’ve been used by celebrities, employees, our military personnel and most troubling the youth of our nation.

Most importantly, and regardless of your views on drug testing, this story should serve as a warning about another poison infecting our heartland.

The following ironic truth in advertising should erase any doubt about this growing phenomenon.

One product sold at a local store that the public should be aware of is called Lucky Devil. Like many similar products, it’s designed to mimic the effects of marijuana and not show up in a drug test.

Although I like the art work, the unprofessional packaging calls in to question the legitimacy of this product.

Nowhere on this package does it mention its purpose although the implications are somewhat less bedeviling.

Besides a lack of ingredients, the first red flag is the word “certified” is spelled wrong. How comforting to know that someone in some lab approved this product but doesn’t know how to spell.

“NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION” is a simple disclaimer followed by “100% CANNIBINOID FREE” and “DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY BANNED SUBSTANCES” which implies it’s legal and you can pass a drug test.

Another red flag is the ironic misspelling of “DEA COMPLAINT” which was probably meant to read “compliant”.

Tell tale signs of this drugs use are slow and slurred speech, impaired judgment, incoherence and turning the whites of your eyes a devil red.

Some of the side effects of these products are shortness of breath, nausea, severe vomiting, chest pains, disorientation and even death.

Folks, I cannot impress upon you enough to be aware of these products and avoid them. They are incredibly dangerous with unpredictable and sometimes deadly consequences.

These products must be tracked back to their maker so we know exactly what poisons we are dealing with.

I didn’t mention the name of the store that sells this particular product for two reasons.

First and foremost, I wanted to avoid an inadvertent advertisement for something that may appeal to those who can’t “just say no”.

Secondly, I know of a concerned citizen in direct talks with the business owners in an attempt to dissuade them from selling this and other “like” products.

Hopefully that compassionate appeal for common sense is successful.

Until then, I’ll use “words as weapons, sharper than knives” and claim the devil made me do it.


The Devil Inside–INXS


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I’m ecstatic that President Obama was elected to a second term. I will be writing him a letter shortly to ask that he seriously consider legalizing MEDICAL marijuana for the entire country before this second term is up. It’s time, and I believe he’s the president who can get this done.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been so optimistic for our great country!!

Matt, where’s my most recent comment? I said nothing in my comments that needed to be censored. You also “lost” a comment of mine from yesterday.

Funny “pot makes you dumb”, yes when your high mabe. When I went to trade school every one that knew I was a stoner told me how dumb it makes you. Right up untill my grades were just above all theirs. Not saying it makes you smarter. If you people that look down on us only knew how many people really enjoy pot, hmm……………….

Evidently they do not factor spelling into your grade in trade school.

My great speling skills are all thanks to my great education at MCHS before any of this. I pay to send my kids elswere. Thx for noticin

Good to know that it wasn’t your fault they didn’t “teach you good enough”. Were you sick the day they taught students how to use a dictionary?

Two words for Katie & LVS to Google: Choom Gang. Read all about it and then tell me that cannabis fries your brain.

I know exactly what the Choom Gang was and it’s the best evidence that cannabis fries brains AND leads people to experiment with cocaine. The man couldn’t even hang on to his law degree.

Katie, you’re either the most stubborn person I’ve ever come across or the most, shall we say, unintelligent. The man is the most powerful person in the world right now! What don’t you understand about that? Talk about a closed mind! It must be hell to live in your world!

WoW-look at all the pot heads trying to defend their illegal past time. It’s a good thing there are no names here or the police and employers of these brain dead people would have a field day. Who would want to risk their jobs and lives over something as stupid as frying their brains for the fun of it. And they call Katie unintelligent? No matter what you say, it is still ILLEGAL in the state of Iowa. If you want to fry your brains move to California with the rest of the dummy’s.

LVS so if something is illegal and then it BECOMES legal, was the behavior of people prior to it being legal still evil? E.G. Prohibition of alcohol? These days over 1/2 the american public believes in the decriminalization of marijuana. That fraction translates to “most”. You and yours are a dying breed that have been lied to most of their life. I hope you find the truth one day.

@JMO: You left yourself wide open for that one. Being in the “Choom Gang” is nothing anyone should want on his resume. You have GOT to be kidding. Everyone had a fit when there was a hint of a rumor that GW Bush had used cocaine and were going to crucify him over it, but you think it’s wonderful that Obama smoked marijuana and used cocaine? OMG is all I have to say. His admissions should have disqualified him for the presidency. It’s too bad the statute of limitations had run out.

@Anonymous-If they ever make it legal it will be fine with me. Who says I have not tried the stuff. I never said that. It does wonders for someone with eye problems like mine. My problem is I don’t know what it does to the rest of my body. I know when I started smoking cigarettes over 50years ago everyone smoked. The doctors smoked, the senators smoked, hell even the president smoked and it was legal. Does that mean it was good for me? I quit smoking after 50 years and have not smoked for over 3 years now and wish I had quit 50 years ago. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is good for you and there is enough bad stuff in pot to tell me it is not good for you.

What “bad stuff” is in pot? What makes it bad? Careful with your answer. You may be putting “bad stuff” in your body every day.

@anonymous-are you trying to say THC is good for you. Not to mention all of the other stuff they spray on it and then you smoke it.

LVS: THC is not good for you in large quantities. Neither is every medication that I can think of. Neither is cigarette smoke. Alcohol is on that list too. Lets not forget plain old salt. What DO they spray on marijuana? And I ask AGAIN, why is it “bad”?

@anonymous-last I heard they are spraying pestisides on pot and as there is not a licensed process for cleaning the stuff I would guess that is part of what you are smoking. You are correct about cigarette smoke. I didn’t realize it until I quit smoking and now can not stand the smell. I guess I would say anything that hurts when when you breath it is bad for it is bad for you. Just a thought.

@LVS Good thing those pesticides are ONLY used on pot plants huh?

How is pot “bad”?

Pestisides sparyed on any produce is a concern but at least with legal food products there are controls for handling and washing it. Apples are supposed to be the worse ones but at least they are healthy after you wash them. Do you wash your pot? I inderstand that two states have voted in pot use for recreational use and that is OK if that is what you want. Just remember, tobacco is still legal and was voted in and taxed and look what that does to people. Also, now the Feds say they will withold federal road funds for any state that makes pot legal. It could end up costing states a lot of money. Not saying I agree with that but I heard on the news that is what is happening. That was CBS news as well.

No pesticides applied, nothing to wash. Just like some certified organic produce. Your argument only makes sense in 48 states now, more will follow.

@anonymous-48 out of 50 ain’t bad. Maybe the legal suppliers don’t spray pestisides but I would be willing to bet the illegal ones do. Without controls you don’t know what you are getting or where it came from.

@anonymous-we have beat this subject to death. Why don’t we just agree to disagree.

Katie reminds me of the girl in the allstate commercial the way she puts up internet links to prove she is right like everything on the internet is true because they can’t lie on the internet. LVS is her french model boyfriend Bonjour!

Katie & LVS, now that you’re “in bed together”, please have a wonderful life full of blissful ignorance.

I wouldn’t wish a chronic or terminal illness on ANYONE, believe me, but if you would ever find yourself in that position I would do everything I could to help alleviate your suffering, whether it’s legal or not. And, hopefully, by that time it WILL be legal in Iowa.

I don’t think you fully comprehend that I’m not a pothead. I honestly would not know where to find MJ in our fair city. I’m advocating for the legalization of MEDICAL marijuana in our state, and preferably in the entire country, because I witnessed how much it helps with pain & nausea.

I’ve wasted enough energy trying to get through to you two. But if just one person who’s been reading these blogs has changed their mind about how important it is to legalize this, I’m happy.

Go Obama!

I don’t put up links unless I know they come from scientific-based sources!!!!! The CDC. The Surgeon General. The National Institutes of Health. The Mayo Clinic. If you want to question my sources, have at it, because you can only contradict them with fringe science.

I have never said I am against medical marijuana for those in constant pain. I might try vaporizing it if it were legal and if it wouldn’t interact with a drug I’m already on. I’m against normal people using it. It makes them very abby normal with long-term moderate use. I saw it first hand during my college years and could tell who the users in my classes were. I lived in a very social large apartment complex and I could get high just walking down the hallway to get to my apartment. They didn’t even bother to put wet towels under their doors to keep the smoke inside to hide their use. The problem also is that today’s marijuana is 300 times more potent than the marijuana of the 60’s and the 70’s. That’s even more destructive to motivation.

Colorado Resident, you live in a great state full of very smart people! Congratulations! I hope Iowa will follow suit sooner rather than later.

Katie-you just can’t educate some people. They are just to ignorant to understand what they read. Pot heads have no chance as their brains have been fried by the drug. Medical use is one thing. Recreational use is something else. I don’t believe they will ever be able to separate the two. We have major problems with the pot heads stealing other drugs as well and abusing them but these users can’t get that through their heads because of the fog of pot.

More information about the side effects of marijuana:

Katie, you’re not listening. You do NOT need to SMOKE marijuana. My friend never smoked it. She most often used a vaporizer but sometimes she made cookies/brownies.

Would you like me to find and post the links for about 1000 articles I can find on the Internet that dispute all the claims your article makes? You can find anything you want on the Internet. You should know that.

The person who authored the article you posted never even mentioned vaporizers. That indicates to me that she’s way behind in her knowledge about using MJ harmlessly. It was probably a paper she wrote for college. Sure hope she didn’t get an ‘A’.

Nowhere have I read that you have to smoke it for it to be dangerous. The THC can get into your bloodstream no matter how you “use” it. I think you’ve had way too much yourself since you can’t seem to understand how chemical toxicity works………

Here you go, Katie. This is just one of thousands.

But will you actually read it?

Okay, I realize my first link was from a company that sells vaporizers, so maybe not quite as convincing. Here’s a better one. Please read this. I think you’ll be convinced (if you read with an open mind).

You know, I also said I wasn’t worried about medical users in one of my posts. I was talking about pot heads who smoke it. Medical users probably aren’t going to be having children, already have a serious disease, or are dying of cancer. I’m mostly concerned about young people who start using it and never stop. I doubt they vaporize it.

Fair enough. I was also referring to medical users. It needs to be legalized for that purpose. As I’ve said before, if it happens to get into the wrong hands and is used recreationally my advice would be to vaporize or bake with it. Very important to save the lungs and throat.

Just, It wouldn’t matter if you posted all those web pages Katie doesn’t believe in any new facts. She lives in the 1950’s. She thinks “Leave It To Beaver” is a reality show. There is no point in wasting your time on debating with her.

Happyguy, I think you’re right. I think I’ll stop wasting my energy. I’ll use that energy to try to get medical marijuana legalized in Iowa. I promised my dying friend. We NEED this!

Here’s my suggestion to Katie. Go smoke a joint!!!
Maybe then you’ll figure it out. Until then, don’t wander into territory that you know nothing about. Also question for you Katie? Do you drink? Have you ever drank? Trust me, drinking is far worse on the body than marijuana. And alcohol is considered a drug also.

Here’s an article about a new drug that can kill in one dose. Parents should educate their children about how bad this drug is.

@Katie Many things that are legal cause birth defects. The CDC says that obesity causes birth defects but you think its ok to let people get fat. I bet Willie Nelson is more successful than you and all your college classmates that think your better than people that smoke pot.

Marijuana use causes birth defects. What employer wants to pay higher insurance premiums because one of his employees had a baby with a birth defect caused by marijuana use by one of the parents? Also, if an employer can prohibit smoking by employees, he can prohibit marijuana use by employees. Plus, marijuana use is illegal. Whatever gave you the idea it was OK to smoke it in the first place?

Katie, you really shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about. Birth defects? Please.

@my opinion-Katie is correct. Pot can cause birth defects as well as causing the user to be brain dead. That is where the term pot head came from. Before you insult someone you should get YOUR facts correct.

LVS, speaking of “brain dead”… LOL. You must drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. It’s pretty obvious.

I’ve never promoted MJ for recreational use. But I HAVE seen what it can do for people with chronic or terminal illnesses. Have YOU??

I looked it up on the CDC before I posted. I have read this many times. There is evidence that cannabis smoke damages DNA. “However, because of its lower combustibility it contains 50% more carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including naphthalene, benzanthracene, and benzopyrene, than tobacco smoke.”

Read more at:

Katie, apparently you haven’t heard of baking with it or using a vaporizer? As I mentioned earlier, no offense but you don’t know enough about this subject. Have you been a close friend of anyone who used it to combat the effects of chemotherapy or MS? Didn’t think so. I have. You will NEVER convince me that it’s not an effective medicine. I happen to know it IS.

@my Opinion-do you want to back off your statements now. The question was can it cause birth defects and the answer is yes. You seem to be very worried about my well being. So, I can assure you I do not use tobacco or drink alcohol other than a very small glass of wine just before bed each night. I have seen the results of heavy pot users and it is not pretty. Yes, there are some medicinal uses for pot but people still overuse it. I do agree that there are uses for it such a MS and gloucoma (not sure of spelling) but you know what I mean, and also for some cancer relief. However, that is not what the discussion was about.

Not backing off anything. I’ll bet I could find a hundred other articles that state MJ does NOT cause birth defects. Let me know if you’d like me to find some for you. It’s easy to pick and choose which studies you want to believe. Did you know aspartame (Nutrasweet) could cause cancer? Oh, wait — they just reversed that previous finding. It doesn’t seem to cause cancer, after all. They did some new studies. Sheesh…

I’m not talking about medical use of it. I’m talking about potheads. You are an example of the anarchistic attitude that won’t believe the surgeon general or the CDC and just wants an illegal, mind-altering, DNA damaging drug legal. What will be next? Cigarettes would never be approved for sale had they been “invented” now. For cripes sake, they have outlawed large sugary drinks in NY.

@myopinion-I think aspartamecauses other problems other than cancer. And yes, they change as futher study’s give different findings. How many times have you heard that caffine causes cancer and now they say it is a good cancer preventative. There are many more examples of when the study’s were wrong. Aspirin is another. It has gone from almost being banned to being required for heart health. But I can tell you from personal experience that aspirin can damage your kidneys and I am talking about only 325 Mg p/day. So, Yes study’s change but the facts still are that pot in excessive amounts affects your brain.

I have worked in the medical field most of my life and have never heard of marijuana causing birth defects. Cigarettes on the other hand, yes. Studies have shown that pregnant mothers who smoke during their pregnancy have a high risk of children with ADD/ADHD. And of course most people understand drinking and pregnancy with fetal alcohol syndrome. And studies have also shown that marijuana does assist in pain with chemo patients.

Anonymous-I would certainly agree that it does help with pain relief and does help with some eye problems. There are probably other benefits as well but as I recall cokeane (not sure of spelling) also was called the the great healer around the turn of the 19th century and it worked as well. I think (I am no expert) that a lot of the chemicals in pot are in tobacco as well. I know that pot definitely affects reasoning and motor skills. I have seen that first hand and I have been told by experts that it does cause birth defects. I think any drug that is misused has the potential to cause harm.

Google marijuana and DNA changes and birth defects. It predisposes young people to schizophrenia and other mental disorders. It can cause male infertility. The marijuana of today is 300 times more potent than the marijuana of the 60’s. Here is an article from Psychology Today:

From my experience with my good friend who was dying from cancer, the biggest relief she got from marijuana was the way it totally eradicated the nausea. She lived longer because she was able to eat. It also helped immensely with the pain. It’s just a crying shame that she had to get the MJ illegally. We have some stupid laws on the books, but the one making MJ illegal (and classifying it with cocaine, heroin, etc.) is BEYOND stupid.

Katie, it shouldn’t be available to kids unless they’re terminally ill. Can’t they control it the way they do cigarettes and alcohol? (Yeah, I know, doesn’t work too well, but at least MJ is harmless.) Open your mind, for goodness sake. You’re totally against something that you don’t know enough about. If you watched a friend die like I did you would be singing MJ’s praises. I guarantee it.

I think Katie just has way too much time on her hands.

Definitely! She’s an “expert” on anything and everything! She needs to realize that other people are entitled to their views, and maybe, just maybe, she could actually *learn* from some of them.

I’m not an expert, but I consider the CDC and the Surgeon General to be more expert than you guys! I believe in science, not anecdotes from users.

No Katie, you do think you know everything about everything. For once, just shut up.

@Anymouthy-what’s the matter?? Can’t you deal with facts?? Now you must resort to the old tried and true response by liberals, call people names and then try to insult them. You are really showing your lack of intelligence. Katie deals in facts and you just can’t handle that can you?

The “nothing to hide” argument is the kind of flawed thinking that further erodes our civil liberties. It’s used to justify warrantless searches of our cars and stop and frisk policies in New York City. I wonder if people will re-think the wisdom of that logic should it come to random home searches. And ‘a citizen’, your anonymous taunt is cowardly, but that’s your right. 😉

What I do in my free time is my own business. None of yours. If I want to smoke pot why do you care? I dont do it at work. Any one who works for me is not to be either. What one does with themself is personal. But when your on my time or someone elses its , no drugs, alcohol, ect. Just for mere safty among other reasons. Drug test do take people to pick between detectable or not. And yes that is still their choice to do it one or the other. Drug test are non efective for those of us that use responsible. Unlike alcohol pot, coke, meth, the test only say yes or no to use. If I only smoke at nite I will still be positive tomarrow at noon. How many of you drink at nite? Do you at work? So whats the differance if I smoke pot at nite and am sober at work?

What you do in your free time is not your own business when it’s breaking the law.

So when the conservatives outlaw everything except sex in the missionary position and only for the purpose of having children you will conform? Sorry you probably already have.

These products are a direct consequence of the criminalization of cannabis. We can synthesize any number of THC-like compounds for retail sale. As soon as the DEA outlaws the active ingredient in this product, there will be another (few hundred) to take its place. Chemists are always one step ahead.

What employer wants a pothead working for him? I went to college with classrooms full of them. Everything they do and think is in slow motion. No thanks.

Sure, let’s legalize drugs.

Someone has to deliver those pizzas!

HaHa! job creator

To all those who think you should be drug tested before you can receive any forms of welfare you had better check out what the costs of this are. Florida has been doing this and they are spending 100’s of thousands of dollars to save about 60 thousand. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of spending $10 to save $1. Not a very good investment.

a citizen “And the only people who are against drug testing are those who have something to worry about” is not true. I would pass a drug test anytime and anywhere and I am against drug testing.

Thank god you folks aren’t flying the plane I plan on boarding here shortly!!

“One of my earliest concerns was that it would push people into more dangerous behavior.” “Push people?” Come on, Carl, people choose, they aren’t pushed. If people wish to choose something that is illegal and harmful, we can’t stop them. But we don’t have to try to rationalize it. Or to make them seem like vicims. They’re doing something illegal. They take the chance, let them pay the price. And the only people who are against drug testing are those who have something to worry about. Remember Curries, Carl???

victims *

@Citizen-Good points. I hadn’t thought of it like that. I am in favor of people who take welfare and food stamps getting drug tested and if they fail they lose the welfare. I feel somewhat the same about cigarettes and alcohol. If they can afford that stuff they can afford to pay their bills.

Good article. Makes sense.

Sorry Grover, your saying I got to tolerate my taxes getting wasted on crack. Bull. My kids and grandkids can be tested for drugs at there jobs, why not them that waste my money buy meth with there food stamp cards?

Exactly right Carl. This crap is the bathtub gin of prohibition 2.0, except the bathtub is made in China. Prohibition is fueling gangs and their associated violence. Full legalization of marijuana for adults is the only acceptable answer.

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