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Op-ed: There once was no NIT (by Peter Children)

We can all relax and rest easy now. Today’s editorial in the Globe Gazette has endorsed the posture of the city council’s position regarding Eric’s wet dream. Wow,  I was really worried about what they’d think.  Does the Globe really think anyone cares what they think or do?  Those guys on Washington Avenue can’t get it through their head that the game as it once was is now over.

This is a good time to pause and reflect for a moment; travel back to 2009; there was no NIT, the only news outlet in town was the local paper.  I am not including the television station because in my opinion they do not qualify as a “news” outlet nor do the radio stations.  The Globe has been the number one drug dispenser in this city for over 100 years, backed up by a powerful collection of newspapers across the nation known as Lee Enterprises.

That was then, this is now. There is a new kid on the block now that has eclipsed the old dowager in her parasol hat and faded gown stained with prejudices too numerous to count. Think back if you would to that time when you were allowed only one submission every three weeks limited to 300 words.  And if it didn’t meet the smell test by those ominous figures who set the standard for what could or could not turn into ink…well then, save the time and effort.

Years ago we had a benign publication here called “The Shopper.” It ran ads at a lower cost than the local paper, but no real news content.  They became an irritant in the eye of the Globe….so the Globe made then go away by buying them out.  They then eventually discontinued the charade of a separate section insert and went back to business as usual.

Now we have this brash young man who stuck his neck out, put his money on the table and threw the dice.  Now you want to know if he won; well let me put it this way, he sure in the hell didn’t lose, but as to just how much he won will be in the hands of the community. What is it worth to you to be free from restraints, to vent everyday….all day if you wish; no limit or impositions on your thought process.  No prejudice no favorites, a place where truth is not a dirty word.  How much it that worth to you?  In many countries people fought and died for just that; now in Mason City for the first time in a century you have a choice; to me it’s priceless……

The number of people reading the content of this site has sky rocketed; for advertisers it is the best bang for the buck…yet there is an under ground campaign to discourage potential advertisers from buying space here because this publication is viewed as “anti-establishment” meaning they will not bow down to special interest groups who have lost their anonymity in unison with the Globe’s loss of credibility.  I only have this to say to those who have been approached to drop their advertisements; look at those who asked you to cease and desist; they already have what they want in life, while you are still trying to grab a hand full of what is out there.  My advice: spend your money where you will get the most exposure…that’s how it works, that’s how it has always worked.

Peter Children

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For some time I have had the feeling that NIT was actually helping the Glob. Could it be possible that
NIT encorages readers to think, explore how they feel about issues we didn’t know existed? There is a back and forth play between the articles of these competitors. Would a business in a bankrupcy reorganization strive to create a synnergy with a successful competitor?

Co-opetition could actually be good for our community. Sharing differing opinions, community discussion, FACTS, heavy emphysis on facts may be dangerous for our elected officials. Have they taken notice of the change in awareness and adapted their game plan? Are they still gaming the system or are they actually paying attention to constituants and representing them? There appears to be a change in attitude, but it’s an election year. VOTE!

Case in point? Wow, Color in the classified section of the Sunday Globe. Talking about JOBS, jobs, jobs, and what shows up in the Globe….colored job offerings. And….colored car dealership ads. Hmm, jobs makes it easier to buy cars, car dealers buy advertising.

Very impressive, look at All THOSE jobs! What’s the story behind the classifed ads? Were the ads subsidized or perhaps discounted for this issue of the Globe? I find it interesting.

More politics or community service?

I believe that Matt hit it right on the head months ago when he used the term “Old Media.” Lethargic, slow, old fashioned and with the Old School technology that turns their “news” into “Yesterday’s News.”

Do I like every post that’s made? NO. I think many times things get out of control and go overboard, but I do understand the concept of what Matt is trying to do with this site and the possibilities are endless.

Citizen Journalism!! Every one of us is a news reporter in some capacity!!

If you have a smartphone that can take decent pictures, then USE IT! Send the picture to Matt with a story behind it. Shoot the video and post it to YouTube and send Matt the link. This site depends as much on “We The People” as it does “Matt The Webmaster.”

We can all do our part. Thanks Matt for doing yours!

Yiou just described thevery essence of what this site is all about.

Perfect comment.

When local officials were trying to push through the CES/incineration facilty – that is when I really found out how important it was to have two newspapers here in North Iowa. What the Globe provides is not reporting but rather an attempt to control public perception/opinion. NIT reporting is excellent and often includes videos so the reader can make their own decision based on information rather than lack of it. THANKS Matt for being such a visionary.

Great job Matt. For years many of us have been tired of the censored, one sided bs from the Globe.

Peter, follow along with me. Glob versus NIT? Apples and Oranges, yet not so.

I am a news hound, there are three must read sites every day as has been mentioned before. NIT is one of them. It’s all about content. Yeah, the comments are nice too, we can vent out spleen or take issue with an item if we so choose. And there is no limit of 200 letters.

Aside from that, it is content. The ability to get that information out to readers no matter what time. No excuse here that the webmaster went home for the night, or no one was in the office to verify. And the news is as fast as one can type and format. It does not wait for the deadline.

Content? Asking questions that most common folk ponder, what is most important to them. Who decides what is important to you? You do of course, or at least that’s the way it should be. In reality, I have noticed deep differences in how editors have responded to input from it’s readers.

No need to go into specifics, one takes the time to follow through, the other, could not be bothered. NIT does consider, does take into account, does follow up.

News coverage sadly is changing. Yes, for me that is sentimental in nature. Yet you cannot deny, if someone can do something, more competitive, and better meet the needs of the customer, they win in the end.

Benjamin Franklin’s legacy lives on!!

Gtreat article Peter-It’s about time someone came out and told what the GLOB is all about. With them if you are not a liberal socialist and part of the in crowd you are nothing. Matt is doing something that is very much needed in the community.

Gobe Gazette is to North Iowa Today as Dumb is to Dumber.

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