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Op-ed: Voter registration is racist (by Peter Children)

There are several stains on this country that will never wash off, and now in this year of 2012 another indelible stain creeps across some thirty-four mostly Southern states.  I am not going to delve into what caused the other stains because each of you who will respond know exactly what they are.

This morning as I read the paper and watched the morning news on television, I saw hundreds of people marching peacefully to voice their opposition to voter registration. For a moment I though I might be in a third world country.  We witnessed an Arab Spring, now here in America for all the world to see, we are seeing our own Southern Spring.

Voter registration is racist to the core and is meant to be a tool to curb votes that might otherwise go to Obama.  Its not about Obama…other than his color, if not Obama then whatever other person of color who stands for high office in America is at peril.

How would you like to be born in this country, go through the school system, perhaps fight on foreign soil to defend the freedoms of this country, be a good law abiding citizen…then have some redneck schmuck tell you are not qualified to cast a vote?  If you want to buy into some cooked up rhetoric, some made up story used to sell this pig to the public that it is pertinent to prevent voter fraud, then you’re wearing a white sheet with a pillow case over your head.

It has been proven without a doubt that voter fraud in this country is so negligible that it might as well not exist.  If you believe in what is right, what is honorable, and what you were taught in Sunday school and never lie to yourself…then you just might agree with me that it is a horrible act.  You notice I did not refer to what you night have been taught at home…because its under that roof where the seeds of racism are first planted right along side of the tomatoes and onions.

We’ve been down this path before, you and I, and as a result I bore the brunt of your venom spewed no differently than if it were off the tongue of Satan’s very own serpent.  I am also mindful that I live in a state that is 96% white…but still launched Obama into the “White” house.  How excruciating that must have been for some of you, how you must have twisted and withered in your bed at night knowing this bright highly intelligent young man with his family was actually going to sleep in that house that was built by slaves.  Well I got more bad news for you, he’s not moving out….

I am ready to receive your unadulterated venom, but as you rush to chastise me, keep in mind that none of you have the balls between your legs to write your real name at the end of your manifesto.

Peter Children

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