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Candidate Jay Urdahl, long-time Democrat, seeks campaign funds from Republicans

Jay Urdahl

by Matt Marquardt –

MASON CITY – Jay Urdahl, a long-time Democrat serving his 24th year as a Cerro Gordo County Supervisor, recently approached prominent Republican Dr. Gary Blodgett for help in raising funds for his re-election campaign, has learned.

Dr. Blodgett obliged and wrote a fundraising letter which was mailed out to several dozen potential donors.

Gary Blodgett endorses Gov. Mitt Romney, 2012
Gary Blodgett endorses Gov. Mitt Romney, 2012

This despite the fact that the Urdahl campaign has over $15,000 already on hand.

In the letter, which sources tell is the second letter that Blodgett has sent out on behalf of Urdahl since last fall, Blodgett says that Urdahl “is a superb watchdog of OUR tax dollars.”

“Mason City is loaded with liberals,” Blodgett states in the letter, ” who’ve got their eyes on YOUR tax dollars.”

When reached for comment, Dr. Blodgett confirmed that the letter was authored by him, and added that “I believe Jay Urdahl is a good man who has done a great job as a supervisor.  He’s non-partisan, very able, and deserves to be re-elected.  That’s all I have to say.”

Read the letter:

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What I find hard to believe is that Urdahl claims to be a die hard democrate yet he is in bed with a right winged ultra conservative such as Blodgett. Which one is the hypocrite?

To answer your question; only one of them is asking or your moneny….and your vote. Do you want to put this guy back at the public buffet for another four years? I don’t think so.

Bookmeyer and Urdahl are now sleeping together.

Anyone who wants the truth should check out Bookie’s comments. I went in and checked. Amazing who these people are that donated to his FUND !
He hits the mucky mucks!

Urdahl has flown under the rader all these years; if he’d stayed home no one would have known he was alive. He has to go, what he is doing is grand theft.

Totally wrong!
Why do we allow this to continue on?
Talk about ‘birds of a flock’!!
Vote him out

Nice picture choice Matt- show the people you don’t like in the most unflattering way you possibly can. The hallmark of professionalism… smh.

I like Jay just fine. What’s wrong with the picture?

It’s a terrible picture. Are you that obtuse?

Suppose the Globe will write about this?
If this would have had Max’s name connected to it-IT would have been front page material!
But once again–The Good Old Boys are Untouchable!!
Vote Jay out people!
24 years!!! Quarter of a century!!
Look at our Fairgrounds!!

Word has it that Gary Blodgett is slipping fast, this letter proves that.

I would guess thats because he is a county supervisor, not a Mason City supervisor.
I would guess he also writes a rather large check to MCHS, its called property taxes, and that one is getting bigger everyday

Jay never has taken Mason City into account when he votes. He is all for Cerro Gordo County no matter how it effects Mason City. His District is Mason City and he should take that into account when he votes but never has.

Must be one of Jay’s buddies here!!
Really think he needs to ask for more money?
I just looked on line at Iowa
Look for yourself people. He has $15,432.00 already.
Than I looked at what Doughtery and Watts spent and that is only about $3000. for their election. Why does Jay need to bilk more money?
Tell us all!

Jay Urdahl give new meaning to being cheap. He should be arrested for nothing nothing for the past 24 years and still drawing his pay. It really is the public’s fault for not paying attention; hopefully that will now change

Can someone confirm I believe supervisors also get health insurance and IPERS for retirement right? So it is a good job someone would want to make a career with. But are career politicians a good idea?

Like he doesnt already have enough money. He can fund his own campaign. He gives a pretty big check to Newman Schools every year.

I wouldnt give him a dime. Hes been receiving a check from the county for years and hasnt done diddly squat to earn it. Thanks for nothing Jay

24 years? No wonder he keeps winning, he is playing both sides!

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