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Mason City man escapes BeJe Clark and is captured

by Kelly Elbert –

MASON CITY – Charges have been filed against a Mason City man after he escaped from BeJe Clark residential facility and was captured in the same day.

Jamie Alan Roggeman, 39, of Mason City was arrested Wednesday, January 25th and charged with voluntary absence for escaping BeJe Clark.

Roggeman’s charges stem from an incident in 2011 in which an intoxicated Roggeman reported a dead body floating in the Winnebago River in East Park in the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 26th. Upon investigating, police and fireman did not discover  a body, but only a scattering of cans and a basketball floating in the dam with an intoxicated Roggeman still on the scene.

Roggeman was arrested for public intoxication third offense and interference with official acts.

On August 8th, 2011, Judge Gerald Magee sentenced Roggeman to 365 days probation and a suspended prison sentence of 2 years for the two counts. He was also sentenced to 7 days in jail and a suspended fine of $625 on the condition of no new criminal activity for one year.

On August 28th, just 17 days after his sentencing, he was found to be in violation of his probation and was sentenced to attend the Beje Clark Residential Facility by Judge Carlynn Grupp.


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Really wasn’t that big of deal I was there for walking home from the bar .public intox wow!!! I was on furlough and was a couple days away from
Completing flawlessly there program.3.5 mos. Didn’t get back to be intime

the sad thing is his children dont stand a chance with him as their dad and their loser mother.

I remember him as a punk kid whose parents thought he could do no wrong. They should be in with him.

beje is making the news daily it seems for escapees. do we have actual people that are staff members there? if so, what are they doing? oh wait- i’ve seen some sitting on their asses when i drive by, smoking cigarettes outside. hmmmmm. reall gets old reading this stuff after a while. not to mention it doesnt make me feel very safe to live in Mason City.

Where did you find 50% walk away? Or is that just a guess? Beje does great work for those who use it to help themselves transition back into society. We just read about the ones who abuse the system, not the successes.

Patriot said “Most of them just walk away from the place.” That means greater than 50 percent. I assume he has done all the proper research to back up that fact right?

I am currently on title 19 and visit hospital for the most part regular visits (yearly exams, etc) and i am treated with respect; however it seems to me that they seem to run a lot of tests on me. Are they necessary? I don’t know. Are they taking advantage of our state government?? I don’t know. But I can tell u th is; after a hysterectomy, I went to er due to constipation and they ran quite a few tests and I was in there at 6 am. And it was nearing 12 noon and still my prob lem was not solved. So i got up cut my iv off and headed towards door when a nurse noticed. I mentioned something to the effect of ” I urge been here since 6 and because i am on title 19 u are going to put me on the bottom of list and run all these tests. Come on. All I needed was an uncomfortable enema. So i believe that,that particular day, I was a disrespected costumer.

Sorry wrong site I don’t know how shot changes on me. Stupid computers.

I wondered if you were on the correct link or not. That would have been quite and accomplishment to walk away from BeJe Clark and an enema in the same day! Hope you are feeling better. As far as your computer….contact Pat Palmer at the Computer Guy. NIT just did a story on him not to long ago. Sounds like he can fix things and is reasonably priced.

Why do they bother to send anybody there? Most of them just walk away from the place. When recaptured, they get very little additional time and are sent back to BeJe.

As of lately, this program is not working very well! Maybe time to rethink this system before someone gets hurt or worse.

BeJe is becoming the laughing stock of the area.

Over 50% just walk away? That’s incredible!

he has that duh look!

When will they stop calling it an “escape”? Its not escape if they will let you walk out an unlocked door. Its a simple case of absence from custody.

I guess when the legislature changes the law the specific code reads absence from custody (escape).

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