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Mayor’s state of the city report

MASON CITY – Mayor Eric Bookmeyer gave his annual state of the city report.

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What type of “mayor/leader” offers an opinion basically trying to negate what a concerned citizen just said during a public comment section? Then after messing with her and she embarasses him by not taking his bullying he has to snip at her “Ms Servantez ?! Thank you kindly.” I mean is this for real? A true leader has the compassion to listen to the needs of others and not publicly try to humiliate them.

I have the right to my 5 minutes and Bookmeyer can’t even give me that without his comments! I don’t care that the city council members do not have to go to meetings other than the council meetings. As a voter I guess I was thinking Janet was telling the truth when she said, she’d work hard for her ward.

I think you all missed the most obvious as he walked to the podium chewing his gum. What a class act, chewing gum = bimbo, speaking of that noticed Solberg thanking the guy with the HUD project chewing her gum also. Class Acts all around. I did notice the guy from HUD said he drove by the project site and rolled down his window and gave it the old sniff test and smelled nothing. Indicated smell is very important!!! Well lets see it was about 5 10 degrees out??? What ya gonna smell that cold. Wait til spring and good old VICOR GETS GOING!!!! VICOR/DES+MASON CITY= ARMPIT OF IOWA

Plus not many people in the city voted. Apathy.

To add to the Mayor comments–
I find it totally amusing and fact worthy that the Globe constantly critized Max Weaver for “not having a job”, but this guy goes untouched.
Did anyone else notice how much weight he put on his body and face other than I?
Must be all the beer!!!

After listening to the mayors speech I am shocked that Mason City was able to last for over 100 years without Eric Bookmeyer here to lead us. What does this man do for a living? Oh thats right he is a stay at home dad jsut like a past city councilman that he didnt get along with. Eric this City was fine before u became mayor and it will be fine going forward u have not changed a thing here.

It seems disingenuous to imply that the “voters have spoken” by electing 3 new council members. Two incumbents chose not to run for another term and Mr. Weaver didn’t mount much of a campaign.

I found his address most interesting…it was the typical “yahoo” speech every politician gives whenever they have to give it but one thing I did find that bothers me,,,he more or less stated that now that “we” have gotten rid of those council members that held the city back, all sorts of wonderful things will be coming Mason Citys way. Mr Mayor…I await those wonderful things, and will be keeping my hand on my wallet…and the wallet in my pocket!

HOW can he be so FAKE? What does he think when he looks in the mirror? What does his wife think? She HAS to have some sort of mind. Does he even know how people laugh at him? What will he do after he kills each and every one of us with his horrendous dirty deeds? What does a guy like that do when his time is up? Ha in more ways then one. Too late for forgiveness then.

In my opinion it was a bunch of B.S.

He went over the 5 minute time limit!

The Better Business Bureau along with the Consumer Protection Agency should be looking closely at this guy.

Alot of the use of {I} in the text!

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