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Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Deputies nab Mason City drug dealer

A Mason City man who was out on bond for felony 3rd or subsequent offense domestic abuse assault and riot charges is now behind bars once again on drug dealing charges.

Shortly after 5:30pm on Wednesday police conducted a sting operation at 116 5th Street South West in Mason City. 26-year-old Demetrius Armadera Johnson who uses the street name “Slick” allegedly sold marijuana to a Cerro Gordo County Sheriff Deputy.

As a result of the undercover operation Johnson was charged with delivery of marijuana and failure to affix tax stamp both class D felonies. 39-year-old Jewell Christy Ressler who lives with Johnson at 1407 North Hampshire Ave in Mason City and drove him to the location was also arrested for possession of hydrocodone at the scene.

Johnson also had warrants served on him for two counts of delivery of marijuana and one count of delivery of MDMA/ecstasy all felonies. Johnson has also been charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver marijuana and failure to affix tax stamp from a prior incidence.

Iowa Court records show Johnson to have an extensive violent criminal record. In 2005 Mason City police arrested him for delivery of crack cocaine; he was sentenced to a five year suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of conspiracy in the case.

Ressler has posted bond and Johnson remains in the Cerro Gordo County Jail on a $40,000 cash only bond. Johnson’s next court date is slated for January 13th at 8:30am.

The case is ongoing and anyone with information about Johnson or Ressler should contact the Cerro Gordo County Sheriff’s Department at (641)421-3000 or 1-877-671-0052.

Demetrius Armadera Johnson

Jewell Christy Ressler


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plain fact–if to stupid to deal drugs in city where REAL money is made—-you deserve to get busted -stupid

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does that phrase /italics mean anything to YOU?

racist mf jus cause blacks come to ia dont mean we want welfare some people dont wana live in bullshit forever an besides welfare is free money and i see plenty white people that love that shit!

No, They come here because the waiting list for section 8 houseing is only 6 to 8 months here and it is 2 to 3 years in other areas. You can thank the Hardy’s for your free house and every one else for you food.

Well why they wait for all there free shit from the government they can go burn down something!!! Heres an idea DONT GIVE THEM SHIT!! And take away all there benefits and put that money into rebuilding all the shit they keep destroying!! Oh and GET JOBS like the rest of us LOSERS


Ecstasy??? Didn’t Chris Grover just get busted with that? Can we say snitch? There’s been quite a few meth/ecstasy busts since he went in & snitched.

The reason they come to Iowa is as soon as they have a residence address they can get on our welfare, (title19, food stamp, HUD housing) programs which pay much more than Michigan or Illinois. Also, they think because it is a rural are it is wide open for the drug trade. Then you have the churches that bring in the poor from other area’s. It’s B.S. but our chicken state crybaby government is the one who does this.

Don’t forget, pretty soon they will be getting FREE cell phones too. It is B.S. and people need to contact their legislators and tell them to stop all the give away crap.

People with dubious backgrounds would not be coming to Mason City unless there are benefits to them in some sort of way. Follow that trail. I wish someone would do a story on why we seem to be attracting so many people with the free benefits we must have available. We have few jobs yet seem to have plenty of homeless shelters and free food programs. That seems to be becoming quite an industry in our local area. I am all for helping local people in need but not so much for drawing in others from elsewhere to burden our social services programs and police force. When people make donations to places like the homeless shelter they are encouraging that facility to bring more and more people from elsewhere. Again we need to always help our local people who have fallen on hard times because it is tough out there. We do not need to let certain non-profits grow and be successful by bringing in outside recruits.

This guy is nothing but a THUG. They have had him in jail many times and our milksop judges let him back on the street. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Let’s see a show of hands. How many made it out of the second grade?

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That cryptic message may mean something, but even code breakers would find it near impossible to crack. At first glance, I thought perhaps it was a foreign language, but none of it fits with anything European or Sub-Saharan.

It’s too bad we are cutting Defense contractors who’s expertise is translating this sort of thing into English.

I just hope whoever wrote this cryptic message, doesn’t walk around with their pants on the ground. Such an intelligent observation, such a great mind of thoughts, to be wasted looking like a fool.

54% of Iowans believe that the dept. of education should be terminated. Hmmmmmmmm

Keep yo head up

Not so “slick” selling to a cop idiot.

I have information about this case. Jewell went to school with my sister and used to play at our home when she was young. How sad.

Just another outstanding young man that came to Mason City from where? OOOOO but you have the Park Inn and all them fancy places for the Rich. And you want folks to move to Mason? Why?????

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