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Old Media strikes again

(Op-ed by Matt Marquardt)

The Old Media has struck again and made their endorsements for our local elections.

We are all very lucky that these Old Media people, that are so much smarter than the rest of us, have enlightened us and told us who to vote for.

I mean, the average Joe can’t make up his mind nor make an intelligent choice, right? I guess that’s what they seem to think, so they are helping us all out. We should be glad these level-headed do-gooders, stewards of our community, are acting like mommy and daddy and making their picks in these popularity contests.

The truth is, we would all be insane to take their endorsements for anything more than they are worth, which is a micro-inch past zero.

To be clearer, these “endorsements” aren’t worth the Charmin they are printed on.

These Old Media types, who are really shut-ins who only leave the office to go home or to a buffet, know way less about this town and what is best for it than they would have you think and are poorly positioned to give any advice. They don’t really get out and meet the common people, you and your neighbors. Sorry, chamber after-hours doesn’t count.

You see, the Old Media only want to rub elbows with the Red Coats of the chamber and a few people already elected or in power; it makes them feel important. They look down their noses and sneer at the regular folk, much like the typical candidates they endorse.

The Old Media’s advice over the years has proven them to be the frauds they are.

Remember, for decades the Old Media have been endorsing the very leaders that have lead Mason City to where it is today. You know, the types that stifle free speech. The types that point their finger at you when you are kicked out of your home because you are too ignorant to visit his website and look up his phone number. The types that buy plenty of ads. The types that make decisions like putting big box stores and community colleges in the middle of nowhere. The types that are obsessed with the bottom line, while the jobs and people of Mason City leave in droves. The types that have torn down countless historic buildings. The types that wear Red Coats.

Look where all that “leadership” has taken Mason City. And they are serving up a steaming pile of this leadership for us right now. Break out the Charmin.

The Old Media look at the average person as a sheep that needs guidance, and they love to pick people like themselves to win elections. It pays off when they win, and sometimes favors are returned.

Don’t be a sheep of the Old Media.

This election, use your own logic, do your own homework, and vote for the candidates that will best represent you.

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