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My Kind of Councilperson

This news story was published on January 4, 2011.
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(Submitted to by Bill Okerstrom of Mason City)

Max Weaver: My Kind of Councilperson Many citizens of Mason City have voiced the opinion that Councilman Max Weaver is not the kind of person that should be representing the community. Being a citizen of this town for most of my 43 years, I’ve seen many come and go from the council, and I say he IS the kind of person I want on the council. Some have said he looks like a vagrant with his beard and stocking cap. I say he is comfortable. Council should come as they are from whatever it is they are doing at the time. I have not heard of any dress code for council meetings. Some say that many of his ideas are off the wall. I say he is being creative. He’s thinking outside the box. Part of government is coming up with ideas and comparing them to find the best way to resolve a problem. I have also heard many times that Max is a disruption at meetings. I will admit he pushes the limit of conduct at times, but I believe that with this council, one has to push sometimes to get the point across. There are rules of order in meetings. The problem seems to be that other council members bring them up only when it benefits them. Other members don’t seem to want to hear what Max is saying and just want to shut him up. Have you heard of the First Amendment? It guarantees us the right to freedom of speech. We all have our own opinions and a right to voice them. Many have said that he voted to allow adult entertainment to be located downtown. WRONG. He voted to proceed with the rezoning issue so that the city could further limit the areas that could be used for these establishments. One of the most important traits that a councilperson should have, in my mind, is commitment to his or her constituents. Some former and current council members, I believe, are not that committed to their citizens, but rather looking out for their own interests. Max is not like that. He is always willing to stop and listen to the concerns of the public. And he voices those concerns at council meetings. I have known Mr. Weaver for quite a few years. I like Max. Our sons played little league. I run into him at various stores around town, and we chat about current issues for a bit. Don’t get me wrong. There are times that I do not agree with him on issues. That’s life. However, I do respect his right to his opinion, and I am willing to hear it. I think Max has done more to get the people of Mason City active in the community. I believe more people turn out to meetings and watch them on television even if it is just to hear what he will say next. People are more aware of the issues being dealt with in this town. Say what you will. You are entitled to your opinion. The fact is I think Max is an asset to this community, and I support him 100 percent. I have voted for him in the past, and will do it again as long as he runs for council. Max has a big heart, and cares about what happens in this community. He will fight for what he believes the people want, and won’t back down because someone else has differing ideas. That is the kind of councilperson I want representing me.||

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