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This news story was published on November 27, 2011.
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By Jody Spear

MASON CITY – The Koob family was in the holiday shopping spirit. They were wearing Elf hats while they shopped and even had a Head Elf to lead the way. All seven members of the family had just got done shopping at Kohl’s, “So far, we’ve found everything we wanted to get.”

Talking to a Best Buy employee early Friday morning, after working for the last ten hours said, “It was still a little chaotic, crazy at times, but still worked out well. Each department had their own register so customers could check out faster. The Home Theater Department was a little slower, with the TV’s and bigger items.”

McDonald’s was seeing their share of customers. Both lanes were full at the Drive-Thru and the inside had a line that went out the door. It was a perfect location where people could stop in between stores opening at different times.

Kmart was about to open at 5:00 am and people were ready to go in. A group of young people were having fun saying, “We’re just going to go in, run around and buy whatever we want.”

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