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Upgrading Your Business Premises? 6 Cool Decor Ideas You Should Try

Nearly two-thirds of people surveyed said that the appearance of a business would impact whether they chose to enter a business and become a customer. As a business, you can’t get back that first impression your location makes on a potential client or customer. 

Once inside the door, the appearance continues to matter. You want customers to not only make a purchase but also come back based on their impressions from a previous visit. 

You also know that happy and engaged employees are more productive and more likely to be loyal to you as a business. 

So, what can you do to ensure your business looks appealing and feels inviting? Keep reading for six inspired decor ideas to add to your business space. 

1.  Add Big Art

One way to show your business personality is with some artistic statements. There are several ways to make a big and bold statement with art. 

You could start by adding some color. Nothing says notice me like an office wall painted in a vibrant color. 

Want to show you’re community-minded as a business while adding office decor too? Consider connecting with some local artists to create big art for your office space. Visit some local galleries to find up-and-coming artists looking for ways to showcase their craft. 

You might find an artist who’s a muralist. Have them take a wall of your office to create a mural that works with your office aesthetic. 

Want to make sure you have name recognition? How about having one of those artists work on adding your business name or business logo to a wall in your office? 

Even if you don’t want to commit to a whole wall of color and art, adding some large-scale art pieces can take a boring wall to high interest.

2. Integrate Your Brand

Another great decor opportunity is to integrate your brand logo into your business decor. This helps to improve brand recognition and promote your business at the same time. A decor option of water walls with a custom logo is one unique option. You can have a custom wall fountain made for your office space. Fountains can be completely custom, where you select both the surface materials for the fountain and the trim materials. 

Some surface material options include:

  • Silver mirror
  • Black feather stone
  • Piano travertine
  • Black spider marble
  • Multi-color slate
  • Blue Patagonia

Trim materials include:

  • Antique bronze
  • Blackened copper
  • Rustic copper
  • Shimmer gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Woodland brown

The fountain can hang right on the wall and also include your brand’s logo. You get a sophisticated look and calming sound while also showcasing your brand’s logo in a unique way.

3. Use Your Branding Colors Throughout

As long as we’re on the topic, branding goes well beyond just a logo. Many companies use very specific branding colors. It becomes another way for customers to recognize the company by the colors they use. 

Consider ways to integrate your branding colors throughout your business space. Start with outdoor curb appeal and continue to work those colors through your office and business space. 

On the outside of your business, consider your brand colors. You could add a canopy, rugs, flowers, or even a welcome sign using your brand colors. 

Once inside, look for ways to keep that colorway going. You can add custom rugs using the colors. Consider purchasing office furniture that uses some of your brand colors. Don’t forget that art already mentioned. 

4. Designate Spaces With Decor

Many busy office spaces have multiple work areas. You may have an office where your employees work at desks on their own. You may also have places in your office for community work.

As you consider decor for your office, also consider the specific spaces and how they’re used in your office. Some offices choose custom dividers to create boundaries for the different work areas. This can also act as part of your decor. 

You might have office areas that include:

  • Individual work areas
  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchen or galley area
  • Research and materials spaces
  • Gathering spaces for meetings and work downtime

Use your decor choice in furniture and accessories to create designated spaces for each of these areas in your office.

5.  Feature Your Team

Another unique option for decor is to look for ways to integrate and customize your spaces by featuring the work you do and your team that does it. 

It was already suggested to use your work logo. You could go a step further and integrate your business mission statement into art for the walls. 

Consider large-scale custom posters that feature your team. You can showcase the work they do for your business. Not only is this unique decor, but it also acts as potential marketing when clients enter your workspace. 

If your business has been involved with big projects that help to show what you do, why not make that a part of your decor? You could create a gallery wall of photos showing the projects and your team at work creating. 

6. Add Living Features

Many business office spaces are filled with metal and hard surfaces. They can feel cold and even noisy. Adding plants to your business space can provide a wealth of benefits for your business and its decor. 

It’s widely touted that plants reduce stress in the workplace. They help create a feeling of calm and can reduce workplace anxiety. 

You can use plants to make a big statement instead of something like a large piece of art. Some businesses even hire out plant care. Companies will bring in plants and then routinely visit for plant maintenance. 

Plants also act as good noise buffers. This can help when you have many people working in one area.

Let Your Decor Make a Statement for Your Business

Business decor doesn’t need to be bland or boring. You can add color and personality to your business while also promoting your brand through your decor. 

If you appreciate learning how other businesses are working to be a success, then visit our business page often for more articles like this one.

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