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How Can Businesses in Iowa Ensure That They are Safe from Cybercrime?

According to the Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022, cybercrime is the number one threat to businesses. Indeed, 1,300 business leaders were surveyed and more than half of them reported security breaches.

With many businesses in Iowa shifting to the internet or expanding their presence online, business owners need to be aware of the risks and how to prevent cybercrime. There are various ways to do this, such as offering more secure log-in options and raising customers’ awareness of risks.

Many Users Choose Weak Passwords

As technology has improved across the web, it’s surprising that many websites are still using outdated security measures. Passwords have existed since the early days of computers and, until recently, there hasn’t been a better solution for logging on to sites.

One of the major problems with passwords is that users value convenience over security. More than 60 percent of internet users have the same password for different sites, and research from ExpressVPN shows how simple they can be for many users. In the USA, one of the most common passwords is “iloveyou.” Even without the advanced tools that hackers have available to them nowadays, many people’s passwords would be easy to decipher.

Online business owners can put measures in place to ensure that users select stronger passwords. Experts recommend that they should be at least 12 characters long and consist of a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols. When asking users to choose a password, you can specify that it needs to include these aspects. You can even recommend that customers use a password manager to help them remember it.

Business Owners Should Ensure Websites are Secure

Aside from encouraging people to use stronger passwords, business owners can incorporate two-factor authentication. There are also alternatives to passwords now, such as security keys or questions. Biometrics are becoming more common on internet-ready devices, and when this can be integrated to the log-in process online, it will be a great step forward for businesses.

Business owners have a responsibility to ensure that their web pages are secure in other ways. This includes having SSL encryption to allow for a strong and safe connection between users’ computers and the server. If you’re unsure about how to put these protocols in place, it’s wise to hire an expert web designer to do it for you.

Remind Customers to be Vigilant

Reminding customers to be vigilant online is another way to make sure there are no data breaches on your site. Phishing scams are still the most prevalent form of cyberattack, and around 30 percent of people open these harmful emails.

You can use banners and articles on your page that serve to prompt people to browse safely. Showing them what an official email from your company looks like is crucial as well, so they don’t fall for a scam where the cybercriminals try to impersonate your brand.

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe space for your customers. By taking a few simple steps and putting the right systems in place, you can reduce the risk of cybercrime at your site.

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