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Trends in E-Commerce Web Development 

This news story was published on August 27, 2020.
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Sell me the pen so that I want to buy it online. 

Nope, don’t just create a website with a listing of the chancellery. It’s not enough to place a “purchase” button below the product photo. What? Interactive content, videos, and bonuses? Been there, done that. For you to sell pens online in 2020-2021, and be competitive in the world where Amazon is new E-Commerce religion, you need to at least follow trends, and at most create them. 

It is what drives your audience to reload the page, waiting for that limited-edition-something to be finally available. Trends make you competitive, by providing the customers with the feeling they are a step ahead of everyone else. People engage, remember you, and come back for more.

So, I am the customer. Sell me the pen and be sure to use the following tactics. 


This will help me reach you (and buy your product) faster. Why calling customer support and searching for relevant information on the page? I can download the bot and ask it about colors and sizes, deliveries and taxes, bonuses and discounts. Basically, with chatbots, you don’t have to sell. This digital guy will tell me about everything and even advise a better pen that would last longer and “cost only a dollar extra”


With mobile apps, you will be able to reach me even when I’m shopping or partying. That means we’ll have more points of convergence. You’ll have more excuses to offer me a pen. Also, I’ll just have to open the app and tap on the button and make an order as easy as that.. Mostly, brands provide their audience with bonuses and discounts, if customers download the app. If you give me that one as well, who knows, maybe I’ll order 10 pens instead of 1? 

Social Media

The more time I spend on social media, the more efforts you have to make to leak into my newsfeed with engaging content so that I get familiar with what you sell. In the marketing world, they call it brand recognition. There are two ways I’ll act after subscribing to your social media page. 1) You will post boring info so often that I’ll unsubscribe. 2) You’ll engage me with content I can relate to, and sooner or later, I’ll make a purchase. Or two. 


What has emerged among current trends is the all-consuming care about nature. We become eco-friendly, conscious of the results our consumerism habits have on what’s around. We take care not only about what’s our clothes made of but also who makes it and if the manufacturers are fairly paid. That’s the reason you sell me a pen, not fur. So, if you make your chancellery out of recycles plastic, I might be more interested in it. 

I say nothing of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or the internet of things – these are top-notch trends we all look forward to. However, the ones I’ve mentioned are what EACH E-COMMERCE SHOP can follow, no matter the budget or scale, and the SapientPro development company can help you with that. 

And by the way, thank you for the pen. Now, let’s sell thousands of them together.

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