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Is a Senior Community Right for You?

This news story was published on August 27, 2020.
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As years go by, many seniors move out of their homes into a living community. There are different types of senior communities including assisted living, independent living and nursing homes among many others. The key reason these communities exist is to provide services and advantages that a senior may not have if they chose to stay in their homes. Thus, a senior living community can be a good option for you if you can benefit from these advantages and services. Some of the questions to ask when making your decision include the following.

Are You Lonely?

Some people believe the myth that senior communities are just for people who are unwell. This is not true. You can move into a community if you feel lonely in your own home. This can give you an opportunity to continue living your independent life but with an option to interact with other seniors. Living communities are designed in such a way that you can meet up at the dining areas or at amenities such as gyms, swimming pools and shopping malls. You can make friends, start book clubs, engage in activities you wouldn’t do alone, such as games, and just age gracefully without boredom. 

Do You Need Assistance with Daily Activities?

Do you need help with day to day activities such as taking medication, dressing, bathing, or going to the doctor? If you do, you could benefit from an assisted living community. There are living options where you get help with most daily activities. The communities have staff who check up on the residents regularly and ensure they get the care they need. You can call the staff any time you need help with your daily activities. 

Are You Critically Ill?

Seniors who are seriously ill can opt to move into a senior community with 24 hour medical care. These are normally called nursing homes. Here you get nursing services plus assistance with other tasks such as bathing, cooking and toileting. It can be a good alternative to hiring nurses or having family members act as caregivers

Are You Tired of the Homeownership Responsibilities?

Owning a home is a nice achievement, but it comes with some responsibilities that can be tough for a senior. You have to think about housekeeping, mowing the lawn, paying the insurance, emergency repairs and so much more. If you are tired of such responsibilities and just need a smaller space to live, you can consider a senior living community. However, before you sell your home and move into a community, you should weigh the benefits, access the cost of independent living, and ask your loved ones for advice. Once you are sure that it is the right decision, look up and compare a number of communities with the help of your loved ones to ensure you choose the most suitable one. Resource libraries such as can be helpful for finding a living community fast. 

Once you have found a community that meets your needs and budget, research them well, checking their reputation, accreditations and quality of services. Don’t be in a rush to move out until you find a place to call home. 

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