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Key Leadership Skills: Clear Definitions and Important Explanations


When people talk about leadership, emotions and opinions usually take over, and a more or less clear definition of leadership or skills it requires is usually lost in the heat of discussion. Associations that accompany the idea of a leader may include all spectrum of character traits and subjective descriptors, from charisma and classiness to the ‘It’ factor (borrowed from fashion) and divine blessing. At the end of the day, however, one remains as unsure about the nature of leadership as they were before engaging in the debates. 

However, leadership is a focus of many studies, and there are some clear-cut ideas and definitions about what is required to be a leader – and what is not.

Defining The Seemingly Unidentifiable

Let’s start from the beginning. Leadership skills are rather measurable concepts that can be expressed in simple words everyone can agree upon. Namely, such skills are acquired and/or inborn capacities and abilities that allow a leader to shape the goals of an organization, communicate them to the team/employees clearly and persuasively, and effectively supervise the implementation of these goals. 

From this definition, we can proceed to list exact skills. To be able to envision new routes and set goals, a leader needs the skills of creative thinking, critical thinking, and decision-making.

To be able to convey the vision and goals, a leader needs the skills of communication and rapport building.

To supervise the implementation of the plan, a leader should be able to delegate, do time management, decide over resources allocation, know the principles of risk management, and show consistency all the way through. 

Personal traits required for a leader are integrity, commitment, empathy, confidence, and the ability to admit mistakes.

Explanations And Examples Of Some Important Skills

As you see, the list of traits and skills is rather exacting, although long. Some skills are obvious, but some may require further explanation.

Decision-making and critical thinking are OK, but why would a leader need to communicate and build relationships? Because leadership is not about giving orders. Leadership is about setting the example and leading by example. A leader is not solely the person in the C-suite. A leader can be a manager, a colleague, anyone who can inspire and help you see the path to the goal. So, efficient communication, both talking and listening, is a must.

The term ‘relationships’ stands not for being pals or cronies. Relationships stand for consistent and genuine concern for the well-being of others, within the limits set by the job. Relationships are about two-way communication, where low-rank employees have a channel to voice their concerns to their leader.

Empathy looks doubtful in this list, but again, a true leader is not the one who cares about profits only. A leader is someone who cares about an organization and the people making up this organization. So basic understanding of their needs and hopes should be in the leader’s mindset.

If you think the allocation of resources is micromanagement and should not concern a ‘top’ leader, think twice. Sometimes, the whole future of a company or an organization hinges on the single decision whether to allocate funding to R&D to develop a new product or to a pilot project to deploy. It is the last word of a leader that can make it or break it for the whole entity or even industry.

The good news is that today you can learn to be a leader. There are many dedicated workshops and trainings on leadership and skills of a leader. If you need to know more about these skills and develop them for practical application, look at and pick the most suitable course and provider. All training companies listed there are verified and appreciated by people who cooperated with them. So you won’t be disappointed by your learning experience and professional progress either.

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