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How to Plan a Memorable Vacation Itinerary 

This news story was published on March 26, 2020.
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The destination that you select for your hard-earned vacation is of great importance. However, it does not matter how beautiful the location is if the activities in which you engage are below par. Therefore, it is imperative that you dedicate plenty of time, thought, and energy into planning your vacation itinerary the moment you have made your decision regarding the ‘where’ and the ‘when’. Here is a guide to planning a memorable vacation itinerary regardless of who you will be traveling with. 

Put together a list of your must-sees 

There will be lots of opportunities to research and investigate various hidden gems leading up to your trip. An excellent place to begin the planning stage is by putting together a list of all the main attractions and activities that you don’t want to miss out on. These must-sees can form the base of your itinerary, and you can continue to build on and embellish it from there. 

Keep it balanced

It is recommended that you ensure balance when it comes to your vacation. This means including equal parts relaxation and equal parts adventure in your itinerary. While you will undoubtedly want to spend a decent amount of time lying poolside with a great book in one hand and a delicious cocktail in the other, you will also want to explore the different sights and adventures that the destination has to offer. In doing so, you can ensure a vacation well spent! 

Throw in plenty of experiential activities

Great vacations are about replenishing the mind, body, and soul – but they are also about making special memories that everyone can look back on fondly. The best way to do this is through experiential activities. A fantastic idea aside from the run of the mill adventures, like water sports and hiking, is to book a film location tour. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can even select your vacation destination based on the film location that you would most like to see, such as Croatia for Game of Thrones and Tunisia for Star Wars. 

Plan and book ahead

Considering that numerous landmarks and activities may be popular throughout the year, it is crucial to plan and book ahead to avoid disappointment when you are unable to secure your spot closer to the time. 

Get input from everyone in your travel party 

This is especially important if you are planning a family vacation. Getting the children to research the various possibilities regarding your chosen destination can help to get them excited about the trip. The more say that they have in terms of choosing a specific portion of what you all do while you’re there, the less chance they are likely to complain of boredom. 

Planning a memorable vacation itinerary is all about involving as many from within your travel party as possible, as well as giving yourself enough time to perfect it. Here’s to a wonderful getaway that nobody will be quick to forget. 


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