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How to Convert Your Home into a Business Office

This news story was published on February 1, 2020.
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There are so many professions that can easily and comfortably be managed right at home, even if you see clients come to your door. From a small clinic or doctor’s office, to a law firm, and anything else that comes to mind. If you believe that with a few small changes you can easily transform your home into a stunning office conversion, then do it. You’ll save a lot of money on office rent and wow your clients the second they pull up in your driveway. 


  • Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal 


The exterior of your home needs to be impressive, so go through the effort of fixing up the exterior. This means having a good, long look at the exterior walls, and using this guide to help determine if your roof’s shingles need to be replaced.  

Bring in professionals to repair or deep clean your exterior. From power washing to replacing sliding, to even repainting. For extra oomph consider adding additional decorative features. The value of having an office at home is that is allows you to wow your clients with your property’s design, so ensure that design is perfect. 


  • Create a Separate Entrance for Clients 


For the sake of your clients and your family you will want to choose a designated entrance for each. This could mean that the front entrance is for clients and the side entrance is for your family. In both cases you will want to ensure that the entrances are fully equipped to deal with guests and muddy shoes. 


  • Install a Professional Sign Outside your Property 


Get a great looking sign to place at the edge of your property so that clients can find you easily when driving. 


  • Create a Well-Maintained Parking Lot 


Create a beautiful parking lot that is easy to drive on and easy to walk. Don’t skimp out and opt for the gravel option, as this could be dangers for those in heels or for those who have difficulty walking. You will also want to ensure a step-free experience from the parking lot to your office. This will typically mean installing a ramp or a lift while upgrading your parking lot. 


  • Section Off Your Home Without Losing Out on Design 


Adding doors in the main hallway so that you can keep your home life private from clients (and vice versa) is a great option. If there is a staircase leading upstairs this is often unavoidable, but the kitchen, dining room, or other family spaces should have an easy way to add privacy. Adding doors with frosted glass features can keep the space bright and airy while still giving everyone privacy. 

If you have a large, beautiful home then converting a portion of it into an office is a great idea. You can work from home, your clients will enjoy the cozy and stunning environment, and you can save every single month on lease fees. 

Just remember, you will need to change the lot type of your property and pay the relevant taxes, but overall, it’s a great way to save money and improve your business.

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