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Iowa woman charged with attempted murder for running down child because she is “a Mexican”

CLIVE, IOWA – An Iowa woman allegedly intentionally used her car to run down a child who was walking on a  sidewalk and told police she did it because of the girl’s race.

On December 9, shortly before 5pm, a 14 year old girl was walking on the sidewalk on her way to an activity at Indian Hills Jr. High School. A vehicle left the roadway and ran the girl over. She suffered numerous injuries. The driver and vehicle left the scene without rendering aid to the girl. Earlier, the Clive Police Department requested the public’s help in locating the driver. At that time it appeared to be a hit and run accident.

Yesterday, the Clive Police Department identified the driver of the suspect vehicle as Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, of Des Moines. Detectives interviewed her in the Polk County Jail, where she was being held on other charges. During the interview Franklin not only admitted to being the driver of the car that struck this girl, but also that she had done so intentionally. Franklin told investigators that she ran the girl over because she was, in her words, “a Mexican”. She went on to make a number of derogatory statements about Latinos to the investigators.

Franklin was charged with Attempted Murder and is currently being held in the Polk County Jail. Our detectives will continue to gather information for the Polk County Attorney’s office to assist them with their prosecution.

Clive police say the family of the victim requests privacy while dealing with this new information.  In a statement, the department also said, “in the strongest terms possible, that there is no place in our community (or any other) for this type of hatred and violence. We are committed to stand by and support this family and work diligently with them to seek justice.”

Marie Poole Franklin

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The acting just gets worse – Smith Mundt Act – in full swing – deceive the public, the need to keep the public divided, distracted hence deception works for the agenda. my view

Welcome to Civil War 2.0. Illegals are able to buy guns thanks to democrats. They shoot down attempts to close “illegal alien loophole”. Instant background check database only has names of people known to be banned from having guns. The names of illegals and the names on fake ID’s are not listed. State issued drivers licenses make it even easier. I’ve witnessed illegals shopping for guns at local stores.

There are 5+ people injured by gun fire while driving Des Moines streets. No description of victims or shooters, not even names. I’ll bet those are in retaliation for this crazy woman.

Blaming trump for inciting racism and causing this is pretty stupid. You also think video games and movies cause violence? Bs. Racism has always been and will always bem maybe you lived a sheltered life and didnt pay attention to notice or have much exposure until apparently 2016 but you’re not correct in assuming trump somehow emboldens or bolsters racists. They have always been exactly the same and will always be. You dont have to support trump but you dont have to find any excuse to hate and blame the guy either. He does shitty things to everyone but he isnt the cause if all wrong doing. Grow up.

Some of the most racist people are liberals. For example AG Eric Holder basicly said that white people can’t be victims of discrimination. He was perfect example of discrimination against whites.

I live for butterflies!!!

*We should be able to sue the democrats for this every time a illegal commits a crime because they are responsible for it starting at the top ! Pelosi and Schumer !

Well, slap the Illegal Aliens wrist, tell him he’s naughty and not to do it again. Then issue him a driver’s license and give him a wad of taxpayer’s cash, and let him go. It’s only fair.

Why is this women given so much news time? She is obviously mentally disturbed and needs placement in Cherokee.

Again, she’s not MAGA, she is just crazy. I know this will be deleted like a lot of other posts that don’t bash Trump.

Why does she have that snail on her left eyebrow?

Might be a birthing tong Mark. That would explain a lot

First, she isn’t MAGA, she is crazy. Almost far enough gone to be a liberal nutjob. Yes, someone is deleting comments, usually the ones that tell the truth about the Democrats(shows their lies).


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December 20, 2019 at 4:30 pm

You idiot. Trump would chuck this dumb bitch in jail and throw away the key.

No he wouldn’t. He would pardon her just like he pardons war criminals.

apples and oranges…..

Like Obama trading terrorists for traitors? Or do you mean like Hitlary standing down help in Benghazi?
Either way, you are an idiot.

Trump is not anti-Mexican, he is anti-Illegal.

Yeah, I know, he likes tacos

You got a problem with Mexicans you P.O.S. If so put your name on here so we can make friends with you.

This has nothing to do with Trump! This lady isn’t right in the head!! Drugs or born with brain damage!

Attacking a child of ANY nationality is insanity. I would hope you people trying to blame an agenda or President realize you sound as looney as the lady who runs this child down.

If trump hadn’t spent the better part of 3 years telling us about all the hispanics flooding our country, bringing in drugs, disease, and criminals, maybe her hate for Hispanics wouldn’t have been so strong and so out of control. You can say what you want, but this lies at the feet of trump and his supporters.

You got a problem with Mexicans you P.O.S. If so put your name on here so we can make friends with you.

Go back where you came from spik!!

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December 20, 2019 at 4:30 pm

You idiot. Trump would chuck this dumb bitch in jail and throw away the key.

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Another wonderful MAGA supporter.

You idiot. Trump would chuck this dumb bitch in jail and throw away the key.

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