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President Trump throws shade on child activist named TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump had a cool reaction when a child climate activist was named TIME’s 2019 Person of the Year, calling her a “marketing gimmick” and chiding her to “chill”.

Outspoken Swedish kid Greta Thunberg, just 16-years-old, captivated the planet in 2019 with her passionate speech and laser-like glare in her many appearances round the world (including Iowa) as she begged leaders of nations to work together to address so-called “climate change” that she says could be stopped or reversed if man-made activities changed.

U.S. President Donald Trump has been a skeptic of man-made climate change and been at odds with Thunberg, who once glared menacingly at him as he walked near her.  When he learned she was the “Person of the Year”, Trump called her a “marketing gimmick … So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”

Also on Wednesday, the official Trump War Room obtained and posted their own front page of Time Magazine with an Trump’s head on Thunberg.

Thunberg updated her Twitter status after Trump’s advice, saying she is “Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend.”


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With friends like Greta, Earth don’t need any enemies. The problem is not that Climate Change is made up. It is very real and the greatest existential threat to mankind since the end of the cold war. The problem is that the left has hijacked the issue and are using it to promote their own “social justice” policies, which in the best case have no bearing at all, but just as often are outright counter productive to dealing with it.

Greta is the perfect poster child of this movement. Besides being mentally ill, she is the spawn of two sick individuals with close ties to the violent revolutionary (aka terrorist) left and true to her heritage, her message is not one of constructive collaboration on this gargantuan common problem, but rather one of of blame an hatred towards the free world and with world socialism as the only solution.

Isn’t Barron a retard?

Bla ba bla ba bla, a year from now people will say, Greta who?

TIME magazine is a joke. This is a little girl only knows what her parents have told her. Meanwhile, there are actually smart children who have actually helped make the world a better place are overlooked.

Ms Greta maybe young, but her willingness to put herself on the world stage is the opening for criticism. If she can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Her platform is very controversial, and will be debated on for many more years.

Telling someone to “chill” is a LONG way from bullying! Good Lord, if these people grew up in the ’60’s like I did, they would NEVER have survived!

Sir you as a Democrat needs to clean up your own backyard before you criticize someone else’s!!!!!

There go those bleeding hearts again! Instead, we should be giving her kudos for skipping school, or has she dropped out to make speeches at the U.N. in support of that organization that wishes to impose their globalist agenda on us.

She is a messenger for the Democrats, she’s not a scientist.
Reading a script does not make you a scientist.

*Thunberg is a naive tool of the UN and Soros. Those people who are controlling her think we are going to let a child what to do are sadly mistaken. Her carbon footprint traveling around the world is pretty big so how the heck is she stopping global warming.

*Enough of this already. I don’t need to be told what to think by a 16 year old who proclaims to know it all about the climate. She is a communist tool.

You are the tool. Thunberg came to the US on a ship that used solar panels and underwater turbines. She returned to Europe on a catamaran. Your mouth flapping creates more of a footprint than her travels to the US and home.

Greta, just yesterday called for those who disagree with her climate views to be “Put against the wall.”
Isn’t she wonderful.

“Yesterday I said we must hold our leaders accountable and unfortunately said ‘put them against the wall,'” the 16-year-old climate activist tweeted on Saturday. “That’s Swenglish: ‘att ställa någon mot väggen’ (to put someone against the wall) means to hold someone accountable.”

“That’s what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language,” the Swede continued. “But of course I apologize if anyone misunderstood this. I can not enough express the fact that I — as well as the entire school strike movement — are against any possible form of violence. It goes without saying but I say it anyway.”

The only people who needs put against the wall are the ones preaching Climate Change from their Mansions, Luxury Yachts and private Jets

The older generation is not responsible for the damage to the world. We used paper bags, not plastic. We used reusable glass bottles. Not cans that end up in the trash pile. We walked instead of driving around the bloc k. We took better care of the environment than this childhood ever will.

Depends on who you mean by “older”. Silent generation – sure, but the boomers are definitely complicit in getting us here. Then again, we can only make our choices based on the information we have at the time. Climate change is a scientific reality (really – it is) today, but it certainly was not 40 years ago and its not productive to point fingers over decisions that were made back then.

The controlers are using little kids now to spew propaganda so the American working folk can feel good about paying more in taxes to keep the elite creeps around thinking up more lies. Thanks for nothing al Gouge.

“The controlers”?!

*the speling Nazi is at it again!

His golden hair comes from Golden Showers. Hes a perv!

Pussy piss is great hair dye

I’m not certain she would be my choice, but I am certainly mature enough to not disparage someone else. I worry about the President’s temperament.

Yah, impeach him for being a bully….

what is ‘sad’ is your lack of brain

That’s the best comeback you have????

He said the media was using her, get a life dems

only thing left for the Dems is to twist and lie.

I see what someone else has been talking about. I gave a reply to a comment. I wasn’t bashing Republicans, I did point out several FACTS, so was deleted.
Point out the FACT that when you put yourself on the world stage, you open yourself up for criticism and ridicule.
FACT that she has “selective mutism”(in quotes because that is what she said) and does not answer questions.
There is more, but since this disagrees with the libratard agenda, it is enough to be deleted.

Do you know what selective mutism is? It is a diagnosable, genuine disorder. The great thing about Greta is that she doesn’t let her disorder stop her from exercising her rights. The bad thing about it is people like you who ridicule and demean people who do have disorders that you can’t understand.

We’re so lucky to have you here to talk down and explain things to us ignorants. Does it matter to you that Greta is wrong about the science?

I’m not talking down to you. You just seem to have a problem with others who don’t walk the same line as you do. You calling your political opponents “libratards” isn’t talking down to people? By the way, I didn’t delete your posts.

My comment mentioning libratards was intended to be tacked on to “My 2 Cents” comment. I screwed up and hit the wrong button. Sorry about that.

Ten four

The ~ science ~ part of it, is just about the only thing this mentally ill little girl is NOT wrong about.

The reason selective mutism was in quotes was that is what she called it. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I DO NOT KNOW PROPER NAMES FOR ALL THE DIFFERENT DISORDERS. Therefore as explained in my comment it was in quotes because that is what she called it.
I don’t buy into conspiracy theories/coincidences, but, she can get her point across just fine. Nobody can ask questions or counter dict her because she can’t answer. Not saying that is her fault, but it sure is convenient for her handlers in the media.

I have seen her interviewed. She answers questions. She might not be as quick on the uptake as the President, but that is probably because she actually thinks about what she says before talking.

Someone should take her over their knee and spank her butt until she learns respect.

Same with trump but im sure he has had that done numerous times and he likes it.

and he loves his Russian showers

If you still believe that document is true after it has been proven as false time and time again, you really are stupid.

My name is not Joe Biden

Trump would love to that!

Boohoo, Boohoo, Boohoo cry me a river.

FAKE republican

Hey, libratard, I am not a Republican nor a Democrat.
I have the ability to think for myself, something you may want to try.
As for poor Greta, when someone puts themselves on the world stage, they are saying, “It’s OK to criticize/joke about me.”
The media got what they wanted, a figurehead that is hard to say anything about(because of age,sex, having Asperger).
My favorite quote from her is, “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means I only speak when I think it’s necessary.”
In other words, don’t ask questions, she probably can’t answer them(wasn’t coached enough).

Tell us, what are your thoughts on Nick Sandman?

Well I don’t see any change in the environment, so what’s the point?

Trump is correct. The left is exploiting this child to promote their wacko ideas and incorrect statistics about this planet. I think we missed Al Gores deadlines.

Nice. You ignore the point and try to justify that man’s behavior. Your mother is very ashamed of you.

1. The ideas are neither wacko nor incorrect.
2. The (allegedly) adult President of the United States immediately started trash-talking a kid.
3. She didn’t ask to be the Person Of The Year, and in fact seemed a bit dismayed by it.


Trump and the American Taliban/Evangelical Christian Right are the ones doing their very best to emulate Hitler and Nazis. They’re following the the playbook step by meticulous step.

Apparently not good enough can’t make it to cover of the Time magazine

Sure, they are the ones trying to tax everyone into oblivion. Register(take )our guns(like the NAZIs did). Centralizing banking in the hands of a few(easier for the government to control).
They are also the one, according to you, that won’t stand for people to disagree with them(freedom of speech).
Well, sorry to tell you they are not Democrats. These are all things that the liberals have been trying to do.

Jeez, wasn’t it about a week ago that the right wing wackos, Melania and DJ went bonkers over a remark by an impeachment witness that had Barron’s name in it. Guess bullying isn’t as important as Melania claims it is.

Especially after the truly horrible things Republicowards said about Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls when they were just kids.

Just like that.

You shouldn’t respond when it makes these kinds of comments because that just encourages it. He is probably talking about his mom and daughters.

He’s talking about your wife and daughters. Even as ugly as they are, they still ride the pony good.

I was hoping to get a ride on your daughters but I gave up because the line was too long.

Especially after the things conservative Republicans said about Chelsea Clinton and the Obama girls when they were kids. Apparently it’s okay to call the girl children of Democrats “ugly whores” and “apes” but it’s not okay to make a passing reference to the name of a male child of a Republican.

Trump is right. Live with it.

A grown man attacking a child. There’s nothing right about that.

That is what is wrong with you republiCONS cult followers. You think it’s funny that a supposely grown man ATTACKS and BULLLIES a little girl! WTF is wrong with you trumpTARDS???!!!

The little girl agreed to be their puppet, exploited, a tool so to speak, to promote the Libtards propaganda. Her parents should have put a stop to this long ago, if they were doing their jobs and wanting to protect her. She put herself out there, she can only expect backlash.

Maybe she does expect backlash but the President of the United States is not where it should come from, is it? He says he only attacks those who attack him, how does TIme Magazine naming her Person of the Year attack him? The only thing attacked is his ego. He can’t stand being upstaged…and by a child no less. You guys who support him and his bullshit are ridiculous.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on Nick Sandman?

Don’t no him

Nicholas Sandman, Covington Catholic school kid that was destroyed in the media because he stood still with a smirk on his face while an Native American man approached him and rattled his drum in his face just because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Or how did you react to the Karlan woman that made a crappy joke about Baron Trump the other day on TV during her time testifying in this impeachment mess?

Was it ok to attack those children? Will you defend the actions of people and media attacking these children, or will you slam them for their actions? Are they bullies? Were they wrong to attack these children, or do you give them a pass because they are children of the right?

Is this the right’s go to line now….someone else had this happen to them so…or ..someone else had this done to them…. or they did before we did it? Is this what everything is about now? It is ok if I wasn’t the first. That is sad, man, sad.

What is wrong with us Trump supporters is that we have common sense, just like Trump has.

That is very funny. Common sense? Just like Trump? Where’s his common sense when tweeting something like this? He just shows how immature he is. “You won so I am mad at you. even tho you didn’t have anything to do with the selection except being born and having me as your competition. (at least in my mind)”

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