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Governor Reynolds calls for greater federal flexibility in workforce development efforts

Kim Reynolds
DES MOINES – Governor Kim Reynolds testified today at a field hearing of the U.S. Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, chaired by U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA). Reynolds outlined Iowa’s efforts on workforce development through the Future Ready Iowa Initiative, and called for greater federal government flexibility in programs aimed at self-sufficiency.

“What struck me from my very first days as Lt. Governor, and now as Governor, is how common — and universal — the concerns of Iowans are about workforce development,” said Gov. Reynolds. “By closing the skills gap, we can help Iowans pursue a career they love that will provide for their future. This isn’t just an economic issue; it is also a vital quality of life issue.”

Gov. Reynolds said Iowa’s innovative Future Ready Iowa initiative would also benefit from Sen. Ernst’s EMPOWERS Act, which would give states greater flexibility in integrating and reforming two or more federal means-tested programs aimed at reducing poverty, promoting employment, financial literacy, family stability, and self-sufficiency.

“Rather than pursuing a new federal program for every problem, we need people in Congress who, like Sen. Ernst, understand that more flexibility to the states to effectively and creatively implement solutions is a good thing,” Gov. Reynolds said.

Gov. Reynolds also expressed support for Sen. Ernst’s Wind Workforce Modernization and Training Act, which would address an immediate critical workforce need in helping Iowa community colleges, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa expand their wind turbine technician training programs.

“We all know that Iowa is the tip of the spear in the wind revolution,” said Gov. Reynolds. “That has created an enormous demand for workers skilled to maintain the more than 4,100 wind turbines in Iowa today.”

Future Ready Iowa is Gov. Reynolds’ signature workforce development initiative aimed at connecting Iowans to the training and education opportunities they need for good-paying jobs and fulfilling careers. In 2019, the Legislature appropriated $16 million to fund Future Ready Iowa.

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The hate is strong in this one.

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It seems to me that we should be focusing less on spending tax money, and focusing more on instilling a better work ethic.

Today, we accept slothfulness, reward substance abuse, and turn a blind eye to poor attitudes alongside excuses not to support ourselves.

What would have happened if the generations before us, shrugged their shoulders, demanded handouts, or dwelled on self-pity? We would not have the highways, buildings, railroads we depend on.

Our country was built in part by labour, men and women providing for their families and supplying the goods and services we have. They did not sit at home, the did not wallow in entitlement, they did not wait for someone to show them how. They went to work, learning as they went along.

There were no Government programs to teach the steel worker how to make steel. The road workers started digging ditches before they got to operate those big machines. The railroad worker, the airline mechanic, the auto worker, all started out at the bottom and worked their way up.

Now, this generation wants, no, demands to start at the top. They ignore the lessons of their parents and their grandparents. Let me know when 30 years how far that’s gotten you.

all the hard work the previous generation put in…. it all ushered in the last three spoiled messed up genertions. thank your grandparents for working hard and fighting nazis ect so their heirs could realize the american dream of rotting in front of netflix. I get your point but the culture slipped on the old guards watch truly our grandfathers failed us when they didnt get out their and really beat hippies into submission and nonexistence. the 1960’s culture is still poisoning this country and its half wit college students.

Not necessarily true. There were government subsidized education programs back in the 60’s that helped people go to trade schools such as printing, machining, tool and die training, nursing schools and so on. It helped a lot of people get into the trades that otherwise would not have been able to. Programs like that do work and are very helpful.

There is a huge difference between helping someone pick up a trade and the pointless college scam of today. in one you WILL make money in the other you will never work enough to pay off your debt also its not comparable to other “social” programs as it isnt a life long handout that gets manipulated and turned into a lifestyle.

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